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Book Review, Giveaway: A Wedding in Cornwall by Laura Briggs

A Wedding in Cornwall 
(Books 7—12)
by Laura Briggs

The last six novellas in the UK bestselling series A WEDDING IN CORNWALL are now available in one collection! Join American event planner Julianne in her final set of adventures 'across the pond' in beautiful Cornwall. From celebrity sightings to a local talent show, from a charming village fete to a secret Cornish garden, there's never a dull moment for Julianne and her Poldark-esque true love Matthew in the quaint village of Ceffylgwyn.

This collection contains A Romance in Cornwall, A Star in Cornwall, A Sewing Circle in Cornwall, A Talent Show in Cornwall, An American in Cornwall, and A Garden in Cornwall. Exclusive bonus materials include a sneak peek of the author's all-new 2019 Cornish romance series!

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Book 7 - A Romance in Cornwall

The catch in her voice gave her away. I couldn't help but smile. It was proof how far Kitty had come that we hugged goodbye, a brief one, but a warm one. She was far from the prickly girl who had stormed out of my office two years ago, when I suggested she was a diamond in the rough, who would have died rather than admit how much she wanted that job at the manor.

I was thinking it could be fun to be a writer. All that money and loads of spare time when your book is finished. No more dusting knickknacks and cleaning drapes for me.

He's a dishy one, as sweet as chocolate and as brainy as Sherlock. Many a heart was broken in the village when he finally fell in love. If I'd been ten years younger, I'd have chased him up the nearest tree in haste to catch him.

"She hasn't been out in the daylight for two days now," said Dovie, keeping her voice low in the Fisherman's Rest. "Only comes out in the evenings. Like a vampire, she is. I'd no idea writers were like that."

Book 8 - A Star in Cornwall

Edwin has the makings of an excellent actor… At least I've never seen a child so young be quite so artful at thinking up stories. Did you know that he blamed a 'piskie' for the disappearance of all my chocolate-covered marshmallow puffs in my desk drawer?

I did Shakespeare in high school a couple of times. Basically, people just expect the usual hallmarks. Two people in love, a swordfight ... like The Princess Bride with 'thee' and 'thou.'

I wish I could act… Andy has loads of fun with the society. I tried to join once, but I was so awful they would only let me help move the furniture about.

Book 9 - A Sewing Circle in Cornwall 

His glance landed on the fabric pieces in my hands, and the tangle of sewing supplies that appeared to be having a terrible brawl amongst themselves in my workbasket.

How such a stupid argument could turn into such a personal philosophical dilemma was staggering my imagination at this point.

Your own head can be your worst enemy when you've let one little mistake become a chain reaction of them, after all.

I knew Michael was wrong. Never trust the opinion of somebody whose tattoos look like a Russian prisoner's.

Book 10 - A Talent Show in Cornwall

Colin was the 'serious musician' type, who seemed in his own world while playing, as if the guitar and his body had melded together and every molecule of his being was focused on the mellow, complex riff serenading the mostly-unappreciative patrons of the bar. Excepting, of course, the female ones.

I call it shyness — but others tended to call it rudeness, since Nikki was 'different' and among the typical number of teenagers set apart by their peers to be socially ostracized and mocked.

… he didn't even have the decency to tell me first when he took the job on that drilling crew… I had to hear about it from Jenny Bryce's niece, who looked proper smug about telling me ... stupid little cow, crushing on someone like him. He's ten years older than her.

Never a 'congratulations, Kitty' or 'oh, joy, my daughter's getting married' just a 'what's all this about?" Like you caught me stealing sweets from the grocer's jar.

I felt a sudden rush of indignation and anger that the sneer in their voices could make me see her that way, bringing me back to my school days of popularity versus obscurity.

It was like a scene out of a movie — things that never happen to real people, those impetuous moments of passion that evade real life for ninety-nine percent of us. From the corner of my eye, I saw Rosie's jaw drop, as mine was doing the same.

Book 11 - An American in Cornwall

These days, anything looked like a crowd compared to my village's version of High Street, where a traffic obstruction consisted of a produce truck and a motorbike both trying for a narrow turn at once.

A rich Cornish accent with a touch of something else in it —Irish, Scottish, a Celtic brogue of another kind —that would make any woman shiver just a little. A strong voice like black coffee laced with something gentler, it matched the creases at the corners of his eyes when he smiled.

How could Aimee be immune to this? It was impossible — he was good-looking, had swoon-worthy quiet, rugged charm, and that accent was making even me fantasize about romantic Cornish sea captains and rugged, sea-salted fishermen.

You're right that some secrets — some feelings — are bigger than the two of us… But I respect that some things can't be shared, so keep them private as long as you want. Even if that happens to be forever…

Book 12 - 
A Garden in Cornwall

Mrs. Norbit's reign of terror continued... she continued to swipe fingers along the bottom of every portrait's frame and the surface of every stick of furnishing; and appear suddenly and silently, like a Gestapo agent emerging from the shadows, if you happened to be an offender with a saucerless cup of tea or a trail of crumbs on your desk.

Nothing alive is ever the same from moment to moment, I thought, remembering Matt's words about changes in a garden's life. My arms tightened around him as I reminded myself that it was true about a human's life, too.

Sometimes a place in your mind is all you have... For some people, a memory becomes a place in itself — bigger and better than just pictures or reminders.

Heavens, I've seen hens in a coop bicker less over one nesting box than the two of you over some insignificant point of conversation. It's enough to make an army general cry surrender and crawl under his bunker.

My Review:

I had mistakenly started this series with book number twelve several months ago, which only served to whet my appetite to go back to read the previous installments of this sweet and engaging series. The characters were quirky and endearing, the villains were expertly cast, and the writing was easy to follow, had a smooth and gentle flow and contained an amusingly insightful and observantly descriptive style. I gleaned several new additions to my Brit Vocabulary List with my favorite being “spit spot” – which Mr. Google informed me was frequently used by Mary Poppins to mean hurry up. I have been using and abusing it with regularity, though I am a bit concerned some uninformed person may take me literall

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Author Bio 

Laura Briggs is the author of several lighthearted romance novels and novellas, including the bestselling Amazon UK series A Wedding in Cornwall. She has a fondness for vintage-style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern-day mysteries. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family, caring for her pets, going to movies and plays, and trying new restaurants.

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