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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Giving In - M.R. Joseph

Giving In 
(The Sandy Cover Series Book 1)
by M.R. Joseph
Releases end February
Raphael Cruz doesn't do it. He just doesn't. Cruz doesn't fall in love. He's a "get in and get out" kind of guy. Ladies love him and fall all over him for his swoon worthy good looks and overwhelming sex appeal. He knows how to talk to them and tells them exactly what they want to hear. When he's done making them scream his name, he shows them straight to the door. The meaning of the word love doesn't exist in his world. But that could all change with a wink of a girl's eye... And one hot-as-hell romp in a bar bathroom.
Harlow Hannum is your typical girl-next-door. She has the brains, the beauty, and the money. What she doesn't have is the luxury of being someone's first choice in the game of love. She always comes in a distant second place, leaving her guarded with her feelings. Lies, betrayal, and secrets of her past follow her wherever she goes, no matter how hard she tries to hide them.  That is until she's reunited with the one guy who can ignite the spark in her heart that's been extinguished for so long.
With sunny days, heated nights, and love lingering in the air in the beach town of Sandy Cove anything can happen. Especially when fate steps in for Harlow and Cruz. Will their blossoming friendship turn into unexpected love or will the collision of their opposing worlds be the end of what could have been?
I'm a book enthusiast, turned author, who loves all things "Happily Ever After". 
My first book, 'Reunion' debuted in November, 2012. Meant only to be a Christmas gift to my family and closest friends, word got out, and here I am. The second in the series, 'You Belong With Me', released in March, 2013, and the final installment in the series, 'Letters to Luca', released August 2013.
Mom and wife by day, writer of contemporary romance by night, I believe in soul mates, true love, and all that mushy stuff.

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Giveaway & Book Blitz: Carnelian - B. Kristin McMichael

Series: Chalcedony Chronicles #1
Author: B. Kristin McMichael
Publication date: January 10th 2014
Genres: Time-Travel, Young Adult

Book Synopsis:
Everyone has a past, but for most it isn’t so far in the past as Seth Sangre. His past is literally from thousands of years ago. Seth’s past led him to the present seeking something that might help him save his country from destruction. He has been in the present for over three years now and just found exactly what he has been looking for.

Mari had dreams of college being a fresh start, one where she would start over and not fall for the good looking player like high school. Unfortunately for her that’s exactly what ends up falling into her lap on the first day she moves into the dorms. Now she has to hold to her promise to herself and not fall for the handsome Seth. But he doesn’t plan to make it easy for her. Seth has already marked her as his next conquest. As the semester progresses, Mari learns that Seth might just have a past of his own that’s literally in the past. Suddenly Mari finds her future along with her past put into question. She’s connected to Seth far more than she ever wanted to be and maybe the player isn’t who she thought he was. If Mari can trust her heart enough to follow him, Seth will lead Mari on an adventure of a lifetime and reveal family secrets she never knew existed.
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Meet Kirstin
Originally from Wisconsin, B. Kristin currently resides in Ohio with her husband, two small children, and three cats. When not doing the mom thing of chasing kids, baking cookies, and playing outside, she is using her PhD in biology as a scientist. In her free time she is currently hard at work on multiple novels. Every day is a new writing adventure. She is a fan of all YA/NA fantasy and science fiction.

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Book Blitz: The Hardest Part - Heather London

Book: The Hardest Part
Author: Heather London 
Publication date:
January 5th 2014 
 Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Book Synopsis:
Emily Anderson and Reed Alexander are living with pasts they cannot escape.

Emily moved to New York City seeking a fresh start, intending to focus on her career and to keep a low profile.

Reed returns home to New York City after two years, haunted by the same things that pushed him away years ago.

When Reed and Emily meet, their connection is undeniable, but Emily keeps her feelings hidden. Falling in love is the last thing on her mind and she knows the danger it may bring not only to her, but to Reed as well. Reed isn’t as reluctant, but he knows that the demons he’s fighting could destroy Emily.

The harder they try to resist one another, the deeper they fall in love, and the more complicated their lives become.

In the end, they realize that truly loving someone may mean letting them go… and that’s the hardest part.
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Meet Heather:

Heather London is a young adult author who loves to write stories full of fantasy, romance, and science fiction. She is a lover of only the finest of coffee and premium craft beer, but will settle for anything chocolate, regardless of its quality. Heather lives with her husband in Dallas, TX where she is currently working hard on her next project.

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Forbidden Forest Review (Nikki)

Book: Forbidden Forest (The Legacy of Regia)

Author: Tenaya Jayne

Genre: fantasy

Book Synopsis: Born in shame. Cast from society. Shape Shifter/Elf hybrid, Forest must fight for any respect she can get. Targeted in her youth by a vampire noble who placed an illegal slave mark on her, she is forced to obey him, no matter what.

Slipping the grip of her master and abandoning the prejudice of Regia, her native world, Forest takes a job on Earth, guarding the portal, using her skills as a warrior to enforce Regia's laws. Now, called home for a black ops mission, Forest must put aside her own prejudice to transport the vampire prince, Syrus, through enemy territory in a time of war.

Prince Syrus, mage and master of the Blood Kata, wants Forest more than he's ever wanted anything. In spite of their mutual mistrust, their attraction cannot be denied. Through the danger of their mission, and the secrets they both keep, it doesn't matter what they feel. Forest is forbidden.

Book Review: I finished this book at two o’clock in the morning one night, completely and totally upset with the ending. Why, you ask? Cliffhangers. I hate cliffhangers. I love them, because that means there will be more to the story, but I hate having to wait. But that was the only thing I could find that I disliked about the book. Main character Forest is a feisty mix of elf and shifter who’s had to fight all her life to earn the respect she was never given. Her hatred of vampires is so fresh compared to the views of the creatures today and made for a very entertaining read. Even when dealing with a vampire prince, Forest manages to be sassy. Her past manages to weave its way into the story, and learning about why she hates vampires is nearly as much fun as finding out if she and Syrus will survive.

Jayne created a fantastic world here. The idea of having portals between the realms, with guardians, at that, make it unique. You can even see the beauty of Regia through Forest’s eyes. My favorite aspect of the world she created, however, was the fact that each person is given a true mate, like a soul mate, but you find out who your true mate is when your eyes meet. The idea sounds so beautifully simple and magical, all at the same time.

Full of danger, action, backtalk, and a werewolf obsessed with France, Forbidden Forest is a great read that will keep you torn between laughing and crying at all points in time.

Favorite Quotes: “Here are the rules: Don’t go in my room. Don’t touch my weapons, and don’t eat the cookies in the pantry.”

“Just because you’re blind doesn’t mean I am! Change your clothes in your room.”

“No one thought I would pull through. But then, as you said earlier, I’m a narcissist. I love myself too much to let myself die.”

“Rabid puppy.”

“’Maybe we’ll find ol’ maxi tonight’… ‘I dare you to call him that to his face when we find him’”

“Oh how sweet. The two of you joined forever as sisters in your mutual hatred of vampires”

“’What?’ He demanded. The irony had broken through forest’s tension. “You’re wearing a team Jacob sweatshirt.’”

“Her intellect drew straight, harsh boundary lines, while instinct crept behind, blurring them”

Overall: 5/5 stars. It’s a really fun read, as long as you don’t hate cliffhangers.

Giveaway, Review & Book Tour: Divine Moves - Ellyn Oaksmith

Book: Divine Moves
Author: Ellyn Oaksmith

Book Synopsis:
Seventeen years of loving is a hard habit to break…
Meryl thought things couldn’t get any worse. She’s caught her husband in bed with the neighbor. She just found out she’s broke. Then her outrageous mother, Faye, shows up.
Faye wants to be a grandmother and has money to loan so it’s hard to say no. But what Meryl doesn’t know is that Faye, a former stripper and born again Christian, plans on opening an exotic dance and women's fitness studio in Meryl’s affluent suburban community.
When Meryl’s book club gets roped into promoting the studio by dancing at a charity tea, they discover that their laced up ‘burb isn’t as proper as they think. As her husband fights to win her back, Meryl grows increasingly attracted to a handsome sheriff, recovering from his own loss. As a crisis looms, Meryl must face her demons from the past. But first she has to get through Christmas.
Funny, sad and sweet, Divine Moves reveals the forces that derail our lives and the sometimes divine intervention that keeps us on track.

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Book Review:
Well, I can honestly say I don't think I have ever quite a book quite like this, and I loved every second of it! The characters were great, lovable, and the best part very realistic for me. I feel as though I connected with them all on some level, feeling their joy and pain, the spectrum of emotions that flashed through me
corresponding to theirs. The plot was something I don't think I have ever read before, which is interesting considering this stuff probably happens somewhere everyday. The plot twists kept me up on my toes, one thing leading up to the next seamlessly without me even thinking the story could possibly head that way. I laughed, almost cried, and fell in love with this book as my companion. There's romance, rekindling of old relationships, hopeful new ones, trouble kids, sexy dancing and just an all around good time. Ellyn had done a fantastic job of melding comedy into a story of love, heartbreak, pain, and rediscovering who you are by making amends with the past to hopefully pave the way for a better kick ass tomorrow.

Favorite Quotes:

"He said: this isn't what I looks like. I mean honestly, what did he think it looked like? Charades?"

"'Don't throw anything else at your husband.'
'I can't promise you that'
His laugher came out as a snort. He should have been long gone. 'Okay, fair enough, but no witnesses.'"

"'Jesus Christ is right here in his store and he doesn't even know it. Oh I bet he'd just die if he knew.'
Jesus winked. 'Thats now how he dies.'"

"Nathalie wishes for a sink hole. Girl vanishes in parking lot, story at eleven."

"'Thats the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a hundred years.'
'Oh, come on. You don't look a day over eighty-eight.'"

"'They oughta put bars on these windows. Lock 'em up at night. I'm telling you Sammy, this place is a robbery waiting to happen.'
'Dad you're on the fifth floor. Unless Spider Man goes to the dark side, you're safe.'"

"Do you know where normal exists? On TV."

"The thing you learn as a cop is that most people aren't dangerous until they are."

"I decided to be perfect. Because if I did everything right, no one could hurt me."

"But we're all damaged goods. It's how we play the hand we're dealt that determines our worth."

"That is, Faye thought, the price of life. No one gets out alive."

"'Whatever happens, I love you all to death.'
Sandy Chen tripped in her heels. 'Good, because it might come to that.'"

"You are going to finish this dance not for you and not for me but for every girl who has ever had a man take away her shining light and make her feel less than beautiful."

All in all:
I don't think I will be able to find the appropriate words to express this book and how it made me fall in love with it and how it skyrocketed to my favorites list. I can only tell you that it's fantastic and i am HIGHLY recommending it, it's a mix of everything with a dash of like. Sweet bliss baby.

Meet Ellyn
I've been hooked on writing since 4th grade when my story of an alley cat was read in class as an example of a good scene setting. I just about fell off the chair in utter joy. I was a total goner when a film I'd written while at the American Film Institute was screened and people laughed. At the right places!
At Smith College I gave my professor a heart attack when I compared Tess of the D'Urbervilles, the book, to the movie.  
I write every day from 10-2 although while editing, it's much longer. I live in Seattle Washington with my family and my shelter dog who is my workout partner. I love to interact with readers on and http://ellynoaksmith.tumblr

Author Links

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Book Review & Blog Tour: Eternally Alex (Alexandra Drake Series) - Sarah Elizabeth Ashley

Series: Alexandra Drake (#3)
Book: Eternally Alex
Author: Sarah Elizabeth Ashley

Book Synopsis:
The story concludes.
Love knows no bounds… Love is limitless… Love can overcome all odds. 
Alex, now being totally free from the clutches of her abusive ex-husband starts out on married life with the super sexy James. The man who continues to dote on her completely, taking his marriage vows to the limit as he worships her in every way imaginable. Life could not get any better, could it?

Their bliss is stalled as part of James’ past emerges. Someone that he believed did not exist, a part of his life locked firmly away in the back of his mind.

New evil, hungry for revenge on behalf of another and feeling shunned by rejection brings misery and anguish to the duo. But, in true Alex and James style they battle together to protect the perfect life. Their journey is not without sorrow and pain as their encounter with those of a heinous nature proves more than they can handle.

An attack they suffer threatens their very existence together but love will win, leaving them free to fulfil their lives dreams together surrounding by their family they can only grow stronger and stronger.

Book Review:
I would like to start this out by saying how disappointed I am, I myself, for not reading these books sooner! The Alexandra Drake series has quickly wiggled its way into my heart from early on into book one and I honestly don't think I will find another series like this one.
First off, the characters were fantastic. I loved Alex from the beginning, my heart went out to her, I watched her grow becoming a strong woman and I felt like it had become a part of her family. James, on hot damn James! It's clear to me that I will be kidnapping him and feeing him strawberries because oh lord, James! He's a hottie with a heart of gold, strong love for those close to him and just an all around Mr. Perfect. Plus, he loves strawberries (way more than I do but it's okay he's too yummy to not forgive). I felt like I was watching all the characters grow, becoming fantastic people, as though I had been with them the whole time. From Gia and Roberto to Anna, you will fall in love with this cast of characters like none other. The plot was fantastic, I have never read a book quite like this and I doubt I ever will. Every twists and turn sent my heart fluttering and tied my stomach into knots, I couldn't put down any of the books, especially the third one as I desperately hoped for a happy ending. Book 3 took me for such a ride, I laughed, I freaking cried like an emotional basket case, I was all over the place and I adored every single second of it. 

Favorite Quotes:
Book 1 -

"Well, it is my belief, and call me old fashioned if you want, but I believe that a man should be there to look after his lady, to protect her and to honor her. You know, the old vows... Well I believe they should be stuck to . But don't tell Gia I said so, she never obeys me anyway!"

"'Do you want me to bring you any fresh clothes?' I ask. He raises his arm and sniffs his armpit. 'Charming.'"

"You don't know how much you mean to me and I mean every damn word of what I say. Something tells me that I'm here to protect you, to make sure that you're loved and cared for... I don't know, like it's my purpose."

Book 2-

"I think if I asked for the Hope Diamond right now he'd make efforts to get it."

"He stinks of spirits, badly. I'm sure if I lit a match the place would explode!"

"Rachel looks like she's stepped out of some shop window, God she's even got new over inflated breasts!"

"What's with all the cases, you went with one - there's four there! Have they bred or something?"

"Bloody strawberries! I tell you, there's a problem there! Does he need therapy for his strawberry addiction? Can you be addicted to fruit?"

"The inscription on the inside of each ring is the same, Forever Begins Today."

Book 3 - 

"You are my world blossom, you are the start and the end and everything in between."

"She's a bitch Alex, a bitch of the first order with some evil bastards as friends."

"There's only one problem with having a super-sexy- husband - other women!"

"When I come out Roger's standing there with a cup of tea and a little pre-pack of Rich Tea biscuits. 'Missus swore by them when she was pregnant,' he tells me.
'Lucy preferred arrowroot' Benito chips in as the three of them start talking about how they supported their wives and partners through pregnancy. Lord, it's like the National  Childbirth Trust for men!"

Meet Sarah:
Sarah Elizabeth Ashley is a first time British writer born and raised in the Midlands county of Staffordshire where she still lives today with her family.
Forbidden to use her 'real' name by her children Sarah has said for years that she had a book "in her" But, finally finding the time, she quite literally let the words flow as her first novel, Freeing Alex, was created, the characters coming to life on her laptop, followed by Loving Alex, Eternally Alex, and more to come with fourth novel currently being written.
She describes herself as a true Piscean with an over-active imagination and says that it took a great deal of courage to release 'Freeing Alex' however, motivated by her husband and family she finally took the plunge and self published in August 2013.

"It started as a hobby, now it's a passion."

Friday, January 24, 2014

Giveaway & Book Blitz: The Life & Death of Jorja Graham - Brynn Myers

Book: The Life & Death of Jorja Graham
Author: Brynn Myers 
Publication dateJanuary 21st 2014
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance

A dark paranormal romance.

Jorja Graham was the quintessential southern bell: blonde, stunningly beautiful, and overtly enchanting. That was the face she shared with the world and no one would ever know the hell she had endured.

After returning to Savannah, Jorja had everything she’d ever wanted: a new home, a handsome suitor, and the job of her dreams as an antique dealer. Little did she know that the choice to move on with her life would be the last decision she’d ever make.

THE LIFE & DEATH OF JORJA GRAHAM. Not every romance has a happy ending.

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Take A Gander At The Dream Cast

Meet Brynn
Brynn Myers is an adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy author. After considering writing a hobby for years, she's finally decided to turn her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal book genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. She uses that love to create her own charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover. Brynn lives with her family in the Brevard County, Florida area. 

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Giveaway & Book Blitz: The Skinwalker's Apprentice - Claribel Ortega

The Skinwalker's Apprentice
Release Date: 02/24/14

Summary from Goodreads:
“Welcome to The Empire State, where banshees, witches, and skinwalkers wait…”

Margo Pennyfeather is being hunted. The 16-year-old witch has always been an outcast, in her home back in England, and now in the village of East Hampton New York where her family has settled. No one but her family has ever cared for Margo, but now the most important witch in the magic world wants her as an apprentice, giving her a chance to bring her family out of poverty.
Before long, Margo realizes things aren't what they seem, least of all, what kind of witch she really is. Now, the young witch must face a terrifying monster on her own, and the reverberations will reach farther than she could have ever imagined.

More than three hundred years later, in 1984 Emerald Kipp is a high school senior in New York City. A troubled teen with a rebellious streak, Emerald can't seem to figure out what to do with her life, and unfortunately for her, “witch” isn’t one of the available career choices in her guidance counselor’s office. As she struggles to figure herself out, Emerald is faced with the threat of being stuck in school and missing her final summer with her three best friends. Her last year of high school is turning out to be the worst yet, and Emerald thinks it can’t possibly get any worse. Unfortunately for her, she’s dead wrong.
And there’s something else, something far more sinister stirring in Emerald’s world, and she’ll have to believe in herself if she wants to get through it alive.

Two witches, three hundred years apart, one inescapable fate.

The Skinwalker's Apprentice is a prequel to the upcoming novel, Emerald Kipp and The Riddle of The Timekeeper, a terrifying magical scavenger hunt through the gritty streets of 1980’s New York City,set to a killer soundtrack, and perfect for fans of Harry Potter and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Part of The Empire Witches series.

*Available February 24th, 2014 on Smashwords,iBook, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and more!
(Pre orders available Jan. 20th)

About the Author
Claribel Ortega is a graduate of the SUNY Purchase journalism program, and got her start writing for the school’s Independent Newspaper. There, she quickly rose the ranks from editing the student’s often times hilarious ads and ramblings on the back page of the paper to staff and feature writer.
After graduation, Claribel worked as a reporter for The Rivertowns Enterprise, a local paper in lower Westchester County, New York. As a reporter, she enjoyed going to board of education meetings and texting the town mayors about the line at Starbucks.
Today, Claribel works for The Combined Book Exhibit, a book marketing company in Westchester NY.
She lives in New York with her really awesome boyfriend, her suspiciously intelligent yorkie Pancho Villa and is surrounded by an impenetrable fort of books she gets from her job.

“The Skinwalker’s Apprentice” is her first book, and cheese is her favorite food.

Excerpt 1
Jackson Darcantel was on his skateboard, heading towards the front entrance of Upperten High School, when he spotted a blue head of hair crawling out of the bushes.
She looked up as if it was perfectly normal to be crawling out of the shrubbery and smiled.
“Hey, Jackson, how’s it going?” Emerald popped up and wiped her jeans clean, patting the Walkman on the inside of her oversized army jacket for good measure.
“Are you sneaking out of Principal Grossman’s office already? Sheesh, Emerald, it’s only been THREE weeks.”
“Technically, I wasn’t sneaking out since I was never really inside,” she rationalized, squinting as she said the word “really.” “I was only sort of inside.”
“I’m not even gonna ask what that means. I just know it was something illegal and probably dangerous.”

Emerald smiled. Jackson was one of her oldest friends, and he was used to her getting into trouble at every turn. He was a smooth talker, which came in handy when she was trying to weasel her way out of something. Jackson picked his skateboard up and carried it under his arm, and the two friends walked together. He was much taller than Emerald, almost six feet to her barely five and a half. He wore a cap turned towards the side and a black windbreaker jacket over his dark blue tee shirt and jeans. He looked like a younger version of Denzel Washington. Even Emerald, who thought of him as brother, had to admit he was pretty good looking. She had no idea why Jackson hung around her. Aside from being nice to look at, Jackson was also incredibly smart. He was everybody’s favorite high school senior, and she was on a fast track towards juvie. But they had been friends since first grade, and Jackson saw a side of Emerald that her classmates never got to see. There was more to her than just being the school troublemaker. 

Author Links:
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Prize pack: (US only)
Forever 21 Mint green Handbag 
Forever 21 Emerald glitter nail polish 
Forever 21 Cat charm bracelet 
Forever 21 Pink heart gold necklace 
iTunes Playlist of all the songs in "The Riddle of The Timekeeper" (Playlist attached) 

Bookmarks and ebook of The Skinwalker’s Apprentice

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Giveaway & Book Blitz: Weak for Him - Lyra Parish

Series: Weakness #1
Book: Weak for Him
Author: Lyra Parish 
Publication date: January 15th 2014 
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Weak for him is a New Adult read with sexual content.

“Have you heard the saying, ‘sex sells’? Well, I’m the supplier.”

Finnley Felton sells sex.
Jennifer Downs is a virgin.
With the help of lady luck, the two meet.

Money. Bright lights. Sex.

Jennifer is made an offer: sell her virginity to the highest bidder and transform into one of Finnley’s girls. But she finds herself weak for him, and doesn’t fully realize what she’s agreed to until it’s too late.

Will she rise to the challenge and play by the rules in a land where money is king and love is prohibited? Or will she lose herself and values in the attempt?

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Meey Lyra
Lyra Parish loves to write, travel, and sing obnoxiously loud at the top of her lungs in the shower. Sweet love stories (along with the dirty ones) make her gush.
She is a firm believer that a person can never have too many cats, cups of coffee, or read to many happily ever after's. When she isn't busy writing, she can be found sipping various beverages from her non-alcoholic drink buffet, pimp slapping excel spreadsheets, or riding her bike.

Weak for Him (Weakness #1) is Lyra's debut novel. Weak Without Him (Weakness #2) will release Spring 2014. Lyra currently resides in Texas with her husband and black cat.

Connect With Her On:
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Giveaway & Book Blitz: Taut: The Ford Book - JA Huss

Book: TAUT: The Ford Book
Author: JA Huss
Rook and Ronin Spin-off
Published January 20, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, New-ish Adult

TAUT IS A STANDALONE NOVEL - you do NOT have to read any of the Rook and Ronin books first.

Ford Aston is known for many things. Being an emotionless, messed up bastard, a freakishly smart social outcast, and a cold, domineering master who keeps "pets" instead of girlfriends.

And after Rook broke his heart, he plans to keep it that way.

Ashleigh is known for nothing, and that's exactly what she's got going for her. She's broke, stranded in the mountains with a three month old baby, and Ford Aston is screwing with her head.

Big. Time.

And she plans to mess with his right back.

It's a coy game at first, filled with flirting, and innuendo--but Ford soon realizes something is not quite right with Ashleigh. In fact, something is seriously, seriously wrong and the closer they get to their final destination, the closer Ford gets to the truth.

One night of devastation, self-loathing, and emptiness turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ford Aston. But one day of in-your-face reality threatens Ashleigh's whole existence.

Since A LOT of people have been asking here is the scoop on how this book fits in with my Rook & Ronin series: 

Ford first appears in Rook and Ronin #2, Manic. He has a bigger role in Panic, R&R #3, and then he has a novella, called SLACK. This TAUT book is only FORD. It's not really part of the R&R series, as that plot has all been sidelined for this one romance book.

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Amazon I B&N


Meet J. A, Huss
J. A. Huss likes to write new adult books that make you think and keep you guessing. Her favorite genre to read is space opera, but since practically no one reads those books, she writes new adult science fiction, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, urban fantasy, and books about Junco (who refuses to be saddled with a label).

She has an undergraduate degree in horses, (yes, really–Thank you, Colorado State University) and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology from the University of Florida. She used to have a job driving around Colorado doing pretty much nothing but shooting the breeze with farmers, but now she just writes, runs the New Adult Addiction and Clean Teen Reads Book Blogs, and runs an online science classroom for homeschoolers.

Author Links:

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