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Book Review: Bear Creek Road by L.C. Morgan


Book Title: Bear Creek Road
Author: L.C. Morgan
Genre: Romance/Erotica
Release Date: November 2014


  Sometimes losing yourself leads right to the place you were looking for … 

Secluded and quiet is exactly what Laney Walker is looking for when she decides to pack up and move across the country. It’s what she wants, what she thinks she needs—until she meets Joe Boone.

Contracted to replace the plumbing along the property, Joe is first to arrive and last to leave. And to Laney’s surprising disappointment, he never has much to say. 

But the more Joe comes around, the more she learns about him and soon finds the man is as flawed as the house he’s fixing. 

A fact that only seems to draw her closer to him.  

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“Without another word, we settled back into our routine of him ignoring me and me wishing he wouldn’t.” 

“I could sense it brewing – the crazy.  I had it in me, I knew that much.  And I knew that if he wanted to, he could bring it out.  He held the power to work me up into a frenzy if he wanted to… if I let him.”

“Wasn’t that the human condition?  Always wanting what we couldn’t have, never thinking what we did have was good enough?”

“I knew I had the makings of a horrible person, that I was too proud and compulsively angry, that I’d become blatantly selfish in the gaining of my own self-sufficiency.” 

“He was always saying sweet things, things I wasn’t expecting him to say, let alone to be thinking.”

“Pulling him closer, I encouraged him to tighten his grip – the only thing that was keeping me together, and ironically the very thing that forced me to finally fall apart.”  

My Review:

This beautiful and intensely personal book has wrecked me.  It turned me inside out and didn’t let go, even after I had finished reading.  I had to let it process and knew I needed to settle before I could write this review - and despite being busy with other things, it stayed in my head and heart all day.  Although none of the tragic events chronicled here have ever happened to me, I felt them as deeply as if I had, and I was rocked to my core.  Written in first person, the story is emotive, profoundly insightful, and deeply moving.  This is not literary prose… it is simply written, yet deeply perceptive.  In addition to being exceptionally talented, Ms. Morgan is a sneaky one, as she blindsided me several times.  I was blinking back tears and struggling to breathe while my heart was being squeezed in a vise-like grip.  Wrecked!  I am ruined!  And I totally loved it.  Excellent job.  More please.
 Empress DJ

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~Meet the Author~

L. C. Morgan resides with her husband on the outskirts of a small town in the heart of it all. A lover of many things, she puts family first and Diet Coke second. When not working she can be found spoiling her new nephew with lots of love and kisses while awaiting her own little bundle of joy or at home, face shoved in her Kindle, fingers typing away to free the words from her head. She writes them for you and hopes you enjoy them as much as she enjoys yours.

Facebook * Twitter @LCMrgan * Website * Goodreads * YouTube

Cover Reveal, Giveaway: Initiate Me by Elle Raven

Title: Initiate Me
Author: Elle Raven
Series: Barossa Series, Book 2
Release Date: December 27, 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance

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One dominant alpha male.
One innocent bewitching woman.
Equals one explosive attraction.

Mia Brunetti is far too busy with her studies to worry about having a man in her life. Growing up with three unruly and overprotective brothers has made her wary of men in general. That goes double if he's your brother’s best friend.

For years, Mia has worshipped Zane Mitchell and has avoided him and hidden her heart behind a wall. She has waited her entire life for Zane to see her as more than her brother's little sister. Now that she’s old enough to stake her claim on him, she’s pulling out all the sexual stops.

Zane has sworn off all women…until innocent Mia catches his attention. He is a devastatingly, masculine male who makes Mia's imagination go wild, but Zane has desires that would send innocent Mia running. The recently injured ex-cop is now working for the Brunetti family empire. As part of Mia's internship, Mia's brothers have placed her under Zane's wing. He is more than willing to take Mia up on her offer. The fun and games tie them both up in knots. Mia isn’t willing to settle for less than the whole package. But dominant Zane, even though the sexy country girl sets his blood ablaze, is determined to resist her efforts to protect his battered heart and her from his needs.

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Unworthy - Joanne Armstrong Review

Book: Unworthy
Author: Joanne Armstrong

Book Synopsis:
Nearly two hundred years after a killer disease swept the planet, an island nation continues its isolated survival due to the ruthless dedication of its military. The laws and culture of the country are based on the survival of the fittest, distrust of disease, and control of the general population.
Marked to die.
Raised to survive.
Marked at birth as “Unworthy” to be raised, a young woman questions the necessity for the cruel practice, so many years after the Isolation was declared. She embarks on a journey which will uncover truths about her past and about her society which she could never have imagined.

Book Review: 
Right from the beginning this book was different from any other dystopian books I have read. It states the obvious that the human race ended up destroying itself (come on we all know that was gonna happen sooner or later), but it's what comes after that truly hold my interest. Joanne has created a dystopian world unlike any other I have read. She crafted the characters of Arcadia and Alex whom I felt a strong connection with as the story continues. They face the unknown, they face danger and meet the hands of death. I was drawn in as I turned pages, yearning to know the story of our characters and how it all turned out. With an ending I couldn't even fathom I was left wanting more (thank goodness there's gonna be two more books). 

Series Book Review, Giveaway: Slay by Nina Levine

BOOK: Slay 
SERIES: Storm MC Series - Book Four
AUTHOR: Nina Levine
RELEASE DATE: November 21st




The ghosts of Donovan "Blade" Brookes' life are closing in on him.  

Hardened by an abusive childhood and haunted by the murder of his fiancĂ©, Blade struggles against the dark forces threatening to consume him.  When he helps Layla Reed in her hour of need, he has no idea she will be the light to his darkness.  As they spend more time together, he is powerless to fight his desire for her.  Powerless to fight his need for her.  However, as his feelings deepen, he pushes her away, reluctant to drag her into his world.  With enemies coming at him from all directions, Storm MC needing his help to fight off a rival, and his father still causing him grief, Blade needs the love of a good woman now more than ever.  Can Layla push Blade to the edge and get him to admit to both of them what he wants?  Or will the darkness pull him under once and for all?


I remained silent and waited to see how far he’d take this.  When his hand moved up the inside of my thigh and under my skirt, I parted my legs and rested my head against the seat, closing my eyes.  He kept going until he reached my panties.  A moment later, I moaned as he pushed his finger inside me and went deep, massaging me at the same time as his thumb played with my clit.  My hands gripped the car seat, and I held on tight.  The pleasure from Donovan’s fingers was intense and I knew it wouldn’t be long until he’d make me come.
“God, your fingers . . . ” My voice trailed off and he pushed harder inside me.
“Fuck, baby, you got any idea how fucking turned on I am right now?  You’re so fucking ready for my cock,” he groaned and I could hear his hunger for me.
I reached across and placed my hand on his dick.  He wasn’t joking when he said he was turned on.  My eyes flew open, and I pushed his hand away from me and sat up straight.  I looked out the window and realised we weren’t far from his place.  “Take me to your house,” I said.
He frowned.  “Why’d you stop me?  I nearly had you there.”
“Because I want you to fuck it out of me,” I answered him and prodded his arm.  “Turn here for your house.  It’s closer than mine.”
“You need to get back for work tonight.”
“Baby, what I need is your cock, so turn the damn car and get me to your place.  We can sort work out after you’ve fucked me.”
“Fuck,” he growled as he turned the car, “I hope you’re ready for this.”


Donovan pretty much yanked me from his car and into his house.  I’d fallen in love with his home the first time I’d visited.  It was very masculine, in grey and black tones.  Very Donovan.  Today I hardly had a chance to notice it as he dragged me through it and into his bedroom.  Fuck, I loved it when he was like this: demanding and bossy as hell.
And intense. 
Donovan’s intensity attracted me to him even before he’d rescued me that night.  I’d watched him for a long time, and while I found him a little scary, I’d wanted to know how that intensity would translate in the bedroom.  And now I knew – it was hot, and it made me crave his touch like I’d never craved a man’s touch before.
He got me into his bedroom, pushed me up against the wall, and shoved his hand straight up my skirt, and into my panties. 
His eyes blazed with desire as he growled, “I know you want my dick, but I need to feel you first.”
I grabbed his face with both hands.  “Make it quick,” I demanded before pulling his lips to mine.
His fingers pushed inside, and he grunted something unintelligible into my mouth as he kissed and fingered me.  I let his face go so I could reach down and hike my skirt up around my waist.  Then I wrapped one of my legs around him, and tilted my pussy forward so his fingers could go deeper.
“Oh, fuck,” I moaned as his fingers brought me so much pleasure.  It was too much.  I needed his cock now, so I pushed him away. 
He knew what I wanted and began tearing off my clothes.  Once he had me naked, he stripped himself while I stood and enjoyed the show.  Then he picked me up and deposited me on the bed before moving on top of me.
“One day soon, I’m gonna get fucking creative with you, but for the moment, I just need to get inside you and fuck you,” he said as his cock entered me.
I wrapped my arms and legs around him and moved with him.  “I don’t need creative, Donovan.  I just need you.”
He pulled out and thrust in again.  Over and over, he repeated this and kept up a slow, torturous pace. 
His eyes were focused on mine. 
As if this was his way of communicating with me. 
And I felt that; I felt what he wasn’t saying.
It seemed like he fucked me for an eternity.  He brought me close, then backed off, then repeated this over and over.  By the time I came, I was in a delirious state of bliss.  My body was not my own anymore, it was Donovan’s, and I simply moved with him while he skilfully controlled me.
My eyes were shut, and my mind and body lit up with the pleasure from my orgasm.  I screamed out Donovan’s name at almost the same time that his body tensed and he roared with his release.
I clung to him tightly as the last drops of pleasure rushed through me, until I eventually let go, and murmured, “You sure know what you’re doing, don’t you?”
He stared at me for a couple of beats before saying, “It’s you, baby.”
“What’s me?”  I was still half delirious from the orgasm, but I sensed something in his words and struggled to fight through the haze to grasp what he was saying.
“You bring it out of me.  I’ve fucked a lot of women, but I’ve never felt it like this before.”  He paused for a second before adding, quite firmly, “Never.”


My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:

Storm:  #1

“Two hours ago we’d never met and less than two hours from now would be the last he’s ever see of me.  This was perhaps a shame because he was one hot guy; built with muscles that screamed to be touched, ink that begged to be traced and a face that any woman would kill to kiss.  But I didn’t do relationships, not anymore.”

“By the end of it, I was ready to stab myself in the eyes and cut my ears off; anything not to have to see or hear either of them.”

“Some people showed their love with gentle and tender moments; Madison and I only knew one speed in everything we did in life.  And doing it together, we fit together perfectly in our imperfect love.”

Fierce #2

“This was one complex man.  He smiled back, and oh my freaking god, when that dimple popped, I swear my panties almost caught on fire.”

‘“You say that like I should be thankful for your apology; like I should worship at your feet for it.’  I knew I was perhaps being a little snarky but, bloody hell, I’d had enough of men who thought I owed them something just for them being nice to me.  From now on, I would be an equal in a relationship or I wouldn’t be in the relationship at all.”
‘If J ever cheated on me, I wouldn’t hesitate to cut his balls off; the jail time would be so worth it.”

Blaze #2.5

I’d never had a guy like J before, but standing there, listening to him claim me like a caveman, I knew I was ruined for all men.  J was going to ruin me and consume me, and I was going to let him.”
“You might be a dirty mouthed, moody asshole, but you love with all your heart and that’s all a woman can ask for.”

Revive #3:

“That voice could charm a habit off a nun.”

Slay #4

“I craved someone with a genuine kindness to them, someone who cared about other people as much as they cared about themselves, and I’d rather end up alone than settle for less than that.”

“He was danger in all its glory, and yet he was safety and shelter at the same time.”

“Donovan, sometimes you have to shatter to find strength, and sometimes you have to let someone in to help you put the pieces back together.”

“I could get lost in his kisses.  Rough to show his passion and need.  Soft to show his tenderness and care.  And the way he injected rough and soft into the one kiss made my knees weak.”

“We’re still breathing, but we’re not living.  We need to stop blaming ourselves and get on with life.”

My Review:

I read all five books to complete this review – nearly 1200 pages according to Amazon.  My eyes have nearly burned a hole in my head – but I have loved this series and would gladly do it again!  I was slow to discover the MC genre, and have to admit, seeing a grouping of Hells Angels barreling down the freeway has yet to provide a thrill - as the ones I generally see in real life tend to have massive beer bellies, deeply textured faces, and appear to have been rode hard and put away wet.   Not at all like the sex god hotties detailed in this book.  But then, I’ve never met a Christian Grey type to have offered me an interesting contract in real life either.  This is my first time reading Nina Levine's work and I loved it – a lot!  Each book focuses on a different couple of strong willed and difficult personalities, each with lots of sexual chemistry, pain and history behind and between them; yet they find each other and try to make it work.  Given that all the couples can't seem to keep their hands off each other, I don't know how they have the time or energy to fight with anyone else, must less run their businesses or walk... I am chartreuse with envy!  There was a considerable amount of delicious steam and a steady diet of plot twists.  Each book is darker and hotter than the one before, but I adore how Ms. Levine shows the humanity, broken and tender hearts, and protective traits to the otherwise tough bikers.  Her characters are tough, likable, complicated, complex, and fully fleshed out.  I thought I was reading the entire series but see there are more to come – count me in!

Empress DJ



 Storm 4 - Slay (Blade)




AVAILABLE NOW: Storm MC Collection Book 1-3 - $4.99



USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love.
When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.


Blitz, Giveaway: A League of Her Own by Karen Rock

He was attractive, talented…and way off limits. 

Heather Gadway may have been a world-class college pitcher and a top university coach, but she's a rank amateur when it comes to managing the Falcons, her father's struggling minor league team. And when it comes to managing her aggravating attraction to Garrett Wolf, their talented new pitcher. It's going to be difficult enough to make it as the first female manager in the league and prove to her overly critical father she's worthy. No distractions. No missteps. And certainly no romances with players. Everything stands between them—including their troubled pasts—even as Heather's world falls apart and Garrett's the one who's there to catch her…


“What else do you want?” The question came from a part of her she didn’t recognize. Asking a man like Garrett a flirtatious question was playing with fire.

Garrett groaned, longing sharpening his features. “You.”

Without waiting for her response, his lips captured hers. She knew she should push him away, but instead her head fell back, her pulse leaping in her throat. The pressure was exquisite as he nibbled and explored. Soft. Warm. Gentle. His lips moved slowly, gradually exerting more pressure.

This felt incredible. Better than the last time. She had to stop this, but need seized her, shoving aside her good intentions.

Her body hummed and a fuzzy sensation filled her head, making it hard to focus on anything but the feel of him, the evergreen scent of the forest and his aftershave heightening her senses.

His hands gripped her waist as she swayed against him, holding her as his mouth sampled her lower lip, then put pressure on the top. Nerves sent small shock waves through her chest, and her hand rose to stroke the back of his neck, making him tremble against her.

Suddenly his kiss intensified, growing fierce and demanding. His lips moved fast against hers, their tongues tangling, causing warmth to explode in her body, melting every piece of her.

She moaned and Garrett’s arms tightened, bringing her closer still. Her lips maneuvered against his in response, loving his sweet taste. Garrett shuddered, curling his fist into her hair with a groan. She loved how her touch affected him, how it affected her.

At last his lips let her go, and he looked down at her tenderly, pleasure in his eyes, his chest rising and falling hard.

“I wasn’t getting involved with anyone. Planned to focus only on baseball,” he said when his breath came easier. “But I can’t stay away from you. You follow me, even in my sleep. Your eyes.” He kissed each lid. “Your smile.” He pressed his lips to each corner. “These freckles.” His warm mouth brushed her cheeks.

Her chest expanded, taking in his beautiful words. This incredible moment. And then it hit her, reality a cold shower.

She opened her eyes and scooted away. “Garrett. I don’t know.”

His eyes moved out over the falls, tracking the sprays of water as they hit the jutting rocks and tumbled to earth. “You don’t trust me.”

Her mouth opened and closed. He was right. While he touched a chord inside that’d never sounded for anyone else, she still couldn’t put her heart in harm’s way again. And she knew without a doubt that if Garrett let her down, he’d devastate her as much as her mother had. Even more. She’d loved and lost too many times to try again, especially with her father gone so recently.

“I’m sorry,” she said inadequately as he stood and helped her to her feet.

His blank expression gave little away. She wondered if, deep down, a part of him was relieved they weren’t taking things further. He’d said he hadn’t wanted distractions. And now she wouldn’t be one.

“I can’t make you believe in me, Heather.” His voice was steady and strong. “I need someone who’ll give me a chance to earn her trust.”

Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and adult contemporary author. She holds a master’s degree in English and worked as an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time author.  With her co-author, Joanne Rock, she’s penned the CAMP BOYFRIEND series with Spencer Hill Press under the pseudonym J.K. Rock. She also writes contemporary romance for Harlequin Enterprises. Her wholesome romance, Heartwarming novels have won the 2014 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the 2014 Golden Quill Contest. When she's not writing, Karen loves scouring estate sales for vintage books, cooking her grandmother's family recipes and hiking. She lives in the Adirondack Mountain region with her husband, daughter, and two Cavalier King cocker spaniels who have yet to understand the concept of "fetch" though they know a lot about love. To find out about her upcoming releases, appearance and latest news, visit or follow her on Facebook at or Twitter at!
She’d love to connect with you!

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Book Review, Giveaway: More Than Words by Lilly Avalon

More Than Words
by Lilly Avalon
Publication Date: October 24, 2014 


Barnes & Noble:


All of her friends know her as Dana Darling, the clean romance writer. She's never written a steamy novel, not even in her head, but now her publisher needs her to write one. It doesn't appear too difficult at first, but then Dana's lack of sexual knowledge creates writer's block.
That's where her friend Landon comes in. She needs pointers on positions and dirty talk, and he owes her a favor. They agree that it's strictly business and clothes are mandatory, but once they get to work, it's another story entirely... one that's being written between the sheets and not on paper.

*More Than Words is a standalone erotica novella*

Purchase Links

Here All Along (Here All Along #1)

Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Barnes & Noble 

Resist (Resist #1) 
Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Barnes & Noble 

More Than Words (More Than Words #1) 
Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Barnes & Noble


“This story calls for several scenes involving varying positions.”
I close my eyes and let out a breath. I whisper, “I've only ever position.”
Her jaw drops and a choked sound comes from her throat. “Get out! haven't even been on top?”
I give a shy shrug. “Never had the opportunity.”
“What do you mean 'opportunity'? You just climb on top.”
“Oh good God.” Sometimes I forget how bold Ivy is until she comes right out and states it so plainly. “Are you blushing?” I shake my head no, but touch my cheek to cover it. She tsks me and says, “Honey, you shouldn't be afraid of stepping outside the box.” 
“I'm not. I just never had a guy willing to.”  
“Then you need to find one and get to work.” “You did not just suggest I start hooking up with a guy for research.”
“I didn't, but now that you mention it...”
I smack her arm and laugh. “That'll be the day.” “I'm serious.”
My smile fades away. “Wait, you are?”
“Yeah, why not? Could be good for you,” she says with a shrug. “I don't do sex with no strings.” Not just don't—I can't. I'm not good at separating the two. Sex happens when I feel love, not because I want to have fun. “I don't misbehave.”
“You should. Playing it safe is why you're so scared of writing this book. Being 'good' is boring. Predictable.”
“I don't want to be boring and predictable.”
“Then misbehave,” she says with a grin.

My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:

“Landon is the iconic boy from next door. The one that you rode your bike around the neighborhood with.  Stopping periodically for the ice cream truck and scrounging up all the change in your pockets to split a Popsicle.” 

“So you’re asking me to be your pretend sex partner with clothes on.”

“My eyes close, and a sound I’ve never heard before comes out of my mouth.  It’s like a cross between a squeal and a moan.  It’s very primal and unlike me.” 

“Everything I’m feeling unravels like a ribbon from a spool when I realize he left without saying goodbye.”

My Review:

 A quick and saucy little diversion.  A tasty treat to read and enjoy while indulging yourself with a free afternoon.  This author has an easy way with words and brings a smile to my face and a smirk to my mouth.  Well written, entertaining, believable, and humorous. 
 Empress DJ

 About the Author

Lilly Avalon is the author of the erotic romances Here All Along and Resist, and the upcoming novella More Than Words. She's somewhere in the midst of her twenties and lives mostly in the stories in her head.  When she's not enveloped in the worlds she creates, she's out in the real world making stories happen. That or reading other romances. It's a toss-up.

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