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Book Review: Better in the Morning by Fern Ronay

Better In The Morning

by Fern Ronay


Veronica Buccino has a plan: marry John DelMonico and quit her soul-sucking job as a lawyer. And when he tells her he has big news, she’s certain he’ll pop the question. But instead of proposing, John informs her that he’s moving to London.

Heartbroken, Veronica feels lost. Salvatore and Antoinette, her dead grandparents, begin to visit her dreams in an attempt to steer her in the right direction. At their suggestion, Veronica takes a news reporting class, which leads to a challenging freelance assignment covering a conspiracy trial. She also begins dating an unlikely suitor: creative Syd Blackman.

Just when her love life and career are looking up, Veronica is tossed back to square one by an event that makes her question all her new choices.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“Tears flowed.  Get out of here now, you idiot.  This can't be the way he remembers you!  Then, in true 'Hurricane Veronica' form, I tripped over the wire of a lamp that was on the floor in the hallway.  Ouch.  My knee took the brunt of that.  That'll be attractive... And now my nose was running.  A lot.  This was not the look I was going for."

"Have you made it FOB?... Facebook Official... I check it at least twenty times a day... At least.  I have to make sure the mean girls from high school are still saddled with ten kids each and never leave home.  It makes me happy."

"Diarrhea... Best excuse ever.  No one can make you stick around if that's the case... Although, knowing Beverly, she'll probably tell you to go to the store and get a butt plug and get back to work."

"A police car arrived ten minutes later.  The two cops who emerged from the vehicle were so good looking that if I hadn't known better, I would have thought they were going to fake handcuff me, play music from a boom box, and strip."

"He resembled a cartoon bug.  His eyes were two enormous globes on his narrow head.  His hair was jet black and slicked back with so much goo, it looked like the roof of a car that had been waxed to perfection."

My Review:

Better in the Morning was a fun yet relevant and perceptive read that had me smirking and snorting throughout.  The story is well plotted, smartly written, and full of clever humor and heart-squeezing moments.  Veronica is a smart yet socially and physically awkward girl that wants to please, lives in her head, hates her job as a lawyer, and has so much to say - but rarely speaks her mind.  Her inner musings and private thoughts were uproariously funny.  The best relationships she has are with her grandparents - the only problem with that being that they have passed to "the other side."

I adored this book from start to finish.  The characters are quirky, flawed, and somewhat frustrating, yet also endearing and lovable.  Ms. Ronay's writing is highly amusing, witty, and exceptionally insightful and observant.  Her comical depictions of the various characters and scenes had me barking aloud.  This has been my first Ronay experience, but I plan to add her entire listing to my TBR. 

Empress DJ

Author Bio

Fern Ronay has lived in Manhattan, Chicago and now sunny Los Angeles with her husband, but she will always consider herself a Jersey girl. She is working on her next novel.

Website: www.FernRonay.com
On Facebook www.Facebook.com/FernRonay
On Twitter @FernRonay
On Instagram @FernRonay

Book Review: Perception of Life by Shandi Boyes

Perception of Life 

by Shandi Boyes

Noah Taylor is on the cusp of stardom with his band 'Rise Up'. Noah's soul has been shattered beyond repair after a series of devastating family events. The last thing that Noah wants is a committed relationship. But Noah soon learns that life doesn't always work out the way you plan. Sometimes life can take you on a small detour.

You will never want another book boyfriend after you meet Noah Taylor.

This novel is sexy, gritty and a little bit raw.

Please note this novel contains adult content, such as swear words and sexual references.



I don't know what it is, but I keep picking out these books that leave me devastated and heart broken. The books I have been reading lately have been ripping out my heart and leaving me an empty shell. The pain I feel for these characters is almost unbearable. The love and the heartache all wrapped in one.

Perception of Life is once again one of those books that will leave you hurting, but happy with the love story. It will leave you wanting to cry and to throw the book aside to wallow in your own pain.

I loved your book Shandi Boyes, but you have left my heart bleeding.

About the Author

Author of the 'Perception' series. A modern new adult rockstar romance series that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. You should consider starting these books first thing in the morning, or you may not sleep.

Book Titles:
Perception of Life
Reality of Life
Fight of Life
The Player & the Princess

You will laugh and you will cry, but my characters will stay with you forever!

I love writing and reading. They are both my passion. My genre is generally set to new adult, but with a few twists thrown in.


Facebook page:

Amazon Author Page:

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Book Review, Giveaway: Savage Sacrifice by Kathleen Kelly

Title: Savage Sacrifice
Series: Savage Angels MC #5
Author: Kathleen Kelly
Genre: MC/Contemporary/Erotic Romance
 Release Date: May 31, 2016


Rockstar Princess Kat Saunders is enjoying her world tour with the band, RockPlay a little too much. Captured on camera kissing bad boy rocker, Will Van Ryken, her world is about to get turned upside down.

When Dane Reynolds, President of Savage Angels MC tries to confront his wife, another kind of hell descends upon him.

Guilty, ashamed and disgusted in his own behavior, Dane skips town and heads home to Tourmaline knowing what he must sacrifice for his wife.

Will he give up the club, his family, to save his marriage?

It seems Will Van Ryken is harboring some dirty secrets of his own and when the Savage Angels receive a tip about his associations with a known drug lord, they instantly fear Kat may be slipping back into old habits.

Dane has no intention of giving up on his woman. Can The Grinders and the Savage Angels work together to keep their princess safe from the clutches of this devil in disguise?

What will it take for Kat to go running back into the arms of the only man she's ever loved?

**Disclaimer: Please note, things are not always as they seem and you will not find cheaters in my books

My Rating:

Favorite Quote:

“No darlin', this shouldn't be work.  I wake up every day, and I make a choice.  I choose to love you, every day. Loving you isn't work."

My Review:

This MC is a kinder, gentler, sweeter version of alpha male, but more swoon-worthy by far.  Ms. Kelly has definitely mastered this genre.  Her stories are packed with romantic steam and emotion, as well as intrigue and angsty drama.  Dane and Kat fussed and argued, and just could not seem to get out of their own way - but once they finally connected, they steamed up my glasses and my kindle. 

Empress DJ

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Also Available

The entire series is on SALE... this week only!








Author Bio

Kathleen Kelly was born in Penrith, NSW, Australia. When she was four her family moved to Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Although born in NSW she considers herself a QUEENSLANDER!!

She married her childhood sweetheart and they live in Brisbane with their two furry kids. A British Short Hair called Grace and a Burmese called Jack.

Kathleen enjoys writing contemporary, romance novels with a little bit of erotica. She draws her inspiration from family, friends and the people around her. She can often be found in cafes writing and observing the locals.

If you have any questions about her novels or would like to ask Kathleen a question she can be contacted via e-mail: kathleenkellyauthor@gmail.com or she can be found on Facebook.

Author Links

Book Review: Evitable Destiny by Izabela Monick

Evitable Destiny

by Izabela Monick


Since Chris's mother died when he was sixteen years old, he has lived for only one goal: seeking revenge on his mother’s ex-lover, Kevin. Determined not to repeat his mother’s mistake, Chris vows never to fall into love’s seductive, deceptive clutches.

With Kevin’s business teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, Chris senses his chance. He kidnaps Kevin’s stepdaughter, Julia, and sets a ransom—if Kevin cancels a company-saving business deal, then Julia will be returned. The scheme seems perfect—until Chris’s long-suppressed feelings for Julia bubble to the surface. Julia, meanwhile, proves a resilient captive with a knack for pushing Chris’s buttons, even as her own feelings for her kidnapper become increasingly conflicted.

As the passion between Chris and Julia heats up, other forces come into play. Chris isn’t the only one who wants Julia, nor is he the only one willing to abduct her to satisfy his needs. Julia’s life—and perhaps Chris’s only chance at love—are in danger. Will Chris fight for his happily ever after—or will he let destiny take its own path?

A steamy tale of revenge, passion, and forgiveness, Evitable Destiny is author Izabela Monick’s powerful debut novel.

Disclaimer: This book contains graphic scenes with elements of rape and violence. Evitable Destiny is not intended for readers who are under 18 or are sensitive to those subjects.



Have you ever heard the saying "When it rains, it pours"? Well, that is the case when it comes to this book. In fact, this book gives that saying a whole new meaning. It was a constant storm that seemed like it would never end.

This book is not for everyone, especially not of tose who hate when the girl falls for her kidnapper. If you like an easy plot, then this book is not for you. This plot has a lot of twists and turns and kept me guessing the entire time.

I would have to say that all the drama in this book made me rate it lower. I liked the characters and the idea. It would have been better if it had been divided into a series.

About The Author

Izabela has always loved both math and writing, but even though she picked an accounting career to pay her bills, she still dreamed of one day becoming an author. Finally, she found the courage to sit down and write her own novel. Izabela lives in New York with her family and sun conure, Waddles, who imitates kissing sounds all day long. When she’s not riding roller coasters or climbing trees with her children, she’s dreaming up new stories to share with her readers. Izabela’s unusual characters, shocking twists, and unexpected turns will pull you in right away but it’s the plot, brimming with passion and romance, that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final page. Evitable Destiny is her debut novel.



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Book Review: 30 Days by J A Heron

☆• 30 Days by J A Heron •☆ 

This is a standalone, erotic thriller by J A Heron

#darkthriller #eroticthriller #gangsters #ebook #goodreads #bookstagram #amreading


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☆• Synopsis •☆

Dariana Walsh is the daughter of a ruthless gangster and heir to his empire. Not only does she feel trapped, but she has many questions about numerous incidents that have happened in her life so far. Particularly, what happened to her mother? Her father sees her as his little girl, but she longs to be treated like an adult. He wants to shape her, to become more like him, but she resists, the only way she knows how…

One of Wilson Walsh’s men – Chas – is not who he seems. He was sent to infiltrate, earn trust and walk away with Wilson’s most treasured possession, his daughter. He has a plan to take down the most unrelenting man to walk the streets of East London.

Over the next thirty days, blood is shed, friendships are formed and amongst all of the pain and suffering, surprisingly, love blossoms.



Have you ever read a book that pulled out your heart and crushed it? And you are so devastated by it you can't read another book? And you can't pull yourself out of the world the author created?

30 Days was that kind of book for me. I was not expecting the ending of this book and was so upset and distraught I needed to stop reading for the day and watch TV in order to cope with my feelings. I loved and hated this book... but in the end, it left me speechless. When I finally started talking - it wasn't calmly, in fact, I was yelling at my fiance. However, by now, he is pretty used to my rantings and random shouting at or about my books/kindle.

It has taken a day to finally be calm enough to write this review. Of course, I had to rate it 5 stars after having my heart ripped out. I guess I am just a sucker for pain.

☆• About the author •

Jane Is a self-confessed coffee addict and chocoholic. Like most women, she enjoys nothing more than snuggling with a good book, a steaming cup of coffee with a few munchies on hand.
Jane lives in a small town called Burton on Trent, Staffordshire in the heart of England. This little town where she resides is famous for making beer, the home of Coors Brewery. She has called this industrial town home, all her life.

Jane is a mother, a fiancée and loves to write books of all genres. She believes in variety and loves nothing more than to try her hand at anything her mind conjures up.

Her back catalogue includes:
Erotic romance ~ ‘Belleza’
Erotic romance ~ ‘Alias’
Erotic thriller ~ ‘30 Days’
Women’s comedy drama ~ ‘GirlsQuad – A Best of Friends series: Book one’

She is currently working on a dark horror, collaborating with another author, amongst other projects.

Jane believes in her work, she believes in her stories and she hopes you will too, she will be bringing you lots more tales from the heart. 

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Book Review: Set Aside by Kelly Collins

Set Aside

by Kelly Collins

A cowboy, a nurse, a disaster, a chance at love.

When Holly McGrath walked into prison, she had a mother, a fiancĂ©, and a career. When she walked out she had nothing. Solely focused on the one thing she thought she could recover, she set her sights on getting her nursing license back. There would be no distractions—or so she believed, then she met Keagan McKinley, he was tall, handsome, and necessary.

Keagan McKinley moved to M and M ranch as a favor to his brother. It was up to him to turn a failed cattle ranch into a thriving horse breeding and boarding facility. Always living in the shadow as a middle child, it was the perfect opportunity to prove his worth. There would be no distractions—or so he thought, then he met Holly McGrath, she was tall, beautiful, and inescapable.

Set Aside is a story about conquest, courage, and conviction. Sometimes, love is found in the softness of blue-green eyes, sometimes in a wounded soul.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“His excuse was like Kool-Aid poured into a wine bottle.  The color pleasing but the taste failed."

"Lord if she thought three beers could pickle her liver then I was well on my way to being completely preserved."

"Looking between the two men, I watched to see if fists would fly.  No fists, just look that could curl toenails.  The tension was as thick as motor oil."

"I sounded as bitchy as a retail worker on Black Friday."

"A kiss said a lot about a person.  A quick peck said, 'Hi, you're okay.'  A French kiss showed intense interest.  When your lips were attracted to each other like a magnet to metal, was when you knew you shared more than raw passion or simple attraction."

"I carried a tune like a blind man with a spear.  I stabbed at it but rarely hit my mark."

My Review:

I am thoroughly enjoying Kelly Collin's Second Chance series.  Book two, Set Aside, provides an active, intriguing, and amusing yet heart squeezing love story between a female ex-con and a cowboy who likes to watch Hallmark movies and the Food Channel.  Smirk.  Ms. Collin's brings clever humor, angst, steamy sensuality, and a sweet love story to this entertaining plot.  I am already looking forward to book three, Set In Stone.  

Empress DJ

About The Author:

Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping the love alive.

Always a romantic, she is inspired by real-time events mixed with a dose of fiction. She encourages her readers to reach the happily ever after but bask in the afterglow of the perfectly imperfect love.

Kelly lives in Colorado with her husband of twenty-five years. She loves hockey, shiny objects and has a new found appreciation for green smoothies.




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Book Reviews: Knights of the Tarot by Nina Mason

Nina Mason has just re-released significantly revised editions of the books previously published as Starry Knight and Dark and Stormy Knight. If you've read them in the original version, you might want to do so again because they're very different now. If you haven't yet checked out Nina's excellent books, you don't know what you're missing!

Knights of the Tarot, a four-part series, was born of a relatively simple concept. Nina wanted to write a paranormal/fantasy series incorporating different forms of divination. Tarot cards, astrology, runes, numerology, and the like. From that kernel grew the overarching storyline. The heroes of this contemporary paranormal series are Scottish noblemen of times past who were taken by the faeries into Avalon to serve as breeding drones to the queen, the legendary Morgan le Fay. Each of the books tells the story of a particular knight and the heroine whose love saves him from his unhappy existence.

Each hero grapples with a different relationship with their cruel and selfish queen. Callum Lyon, the knight of book one (Knight of Wands), is free of Morgan’s influence, having escaped Avalon after faking his death. Leith MacQuill, the knight of book two (Knight of Cups), was expelled from Avalon after the queen discovered his affair with one of the ladies of her court. To punish Leith, Morgan cursed him so any women he should fall in love with in the future would die.

In book three (Knight of Pentacles, which releases on June 13), Axel Lochlann, a rune-casting Highlander of Viking descent, is still enslaved to the queen, who he serves as a guardian of the portal between the mortal and immortal realms.

The Knight of Swords (book four) is Finn MacKnight does not yet know he is destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy telling of the queen’s overthrow by a natural-born drone.

The knights are blood-drinking shape-shifters who can assume the form of any creature, real or mythical, but generally take the form of their alter ego. Callum’s preferred form is a lion, Leith’s is a Kellas Cat, Axel’s is a gyrfalcon, and Finn’s is a jaguar.

* * * *

Title: Knight of Wands
Author: Nina Mason
Series: Knights of the Tarot (book one)
Genre: PNR/UF
Heat Level: Erotic
Formats: Kindle, Paperback, Kindle Unlimited
Release Date: May 24

Here's the blurb for Knight of Wands:

Paranormal Investigator Vanessa Meadows believes in every kind of magic except love. When her new boss sends her on an assignment to remote Caithness, Scotland, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to prove the Vampire of Barrogill is more than a legend. First, however, she must get inside the castle where the entity is believed to dwell.

Castle Barrogill belongs to Callum Lyon, a handsome baron and reclusive political astrologer. Their strong mutual attraction proves a boon to Vanessa’s plans, but, once inside his castle, she encounters more paranormal activity than she bargained for. There’s no vampire, but there is a blood-drinking faery knight—and a ghost who will stop at nothing to keep her there. Will freedom-loving Vanessa’s feelings for Callum, coupled with nudges from the other side, be enough to persuade her to give him a chance? Or will the dark secrets of Castle Barrogill only reinforce her unwillingness to put her faith in the power of love?

Here's an excerpt from Knight of Wands:

“Have a look at your adoring fan over there,” Duncan said, leaning in. “I do believe she’s visually undressing you.”

Callum looked up from the book he’d been signing Political Astrology through the Ages, his latest in a series on the subject. The fan in question stood by the refreshment table, clutching the book to her chest. Was she undressing him with her gaze? A smile stole across his mouth as interest deepened its hook. Judging by the heat of her stare, he was already naked in her mind.

While delivering his lecture on the same topic, he’d seen her in the third row, giving him equally heated looks. All through his talk, her presence, not to mention her seductive stare, had made it difficult to concentrate on his notes. Luckily, he knew the topic well enough to wing it.

Licking his lips, he traced the long, smooth contours of flesh and muscle beneath the posh black pantsuit she wore. She was tall and slender—willowy—with an angular face and a wide, full mouth that stretched into an inviting smile as his gaze met hers with an electrical charge he felt in his groin. Her eyes were as blue and deep as a loch. Mesmerized, he returned the smile. How easily he could get lost in those eyes, forget how to swim, and realize too late he was drowning.

He lowered his gaze to her breasts, which were large, firm, and unharnessed. Did she have an aversion to undergarments? He hoped not, given his penchant for naughty lingerie. He dressed her in a lacy black corset and thigh-high stockings. Oh, aye. She definitely had the figure to indulge his weakness. Swallowing his rising lust, he shifted in his chair to ease the tightening in his trousers.

Turning to Duncan, he asked, “Who is she? Do you know?”

“I’m afraid I don’t,” his friend replied.

Swallowing, Callum shifted his focus to the woman directly in front of him. She was fiftyish, plump, and squat with curly dishwater hair. “What was the name again?”


“That’s lovely.” He grinned through the qualm inflicted by the name. “I once had a wife called Sorcha.”

His statement clearly aroused her interest. “Would you be looking for a new wife by any chance, your lordship? Because, if you are, I ken a bonny lass who’d be just perfect for you.”

“Oh, aye?” Still smiling falsely, he arched an eyebrow. “What sign would she be then?”

“She’s a Gemini.” The woman beamed at him in a manner suggesting the lady in question was probably her daughter.

“Ah. I see.” He cleared his throat. “Well, Sorcha, that’s too bad. Because, you see, I make it a strict policy never to get tangled up with anyone born under the sign of the twins. They’re far too changeable for me, I’m afraid.”

He signed her book and handed it back. He made more or less the same claim whatever the answer. Well-meaning women were forever trying to set him up—usually with themselves. He sought out the dark-haired lass again, wondering what sign she might be. Not that it mattered, since what he had in mind would be brief and involve very little talking.

Buy Knight of Wands now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Knight-Wands-Knights-Tarot-Book-ebook/dp/B01CYH38IC

Read more of Knight of Wands for free on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/68103579-knight-of-wands

My Rating:

My Review:

I seldom read paranormal and was initially hesitant to sign on for this book, but given that I have only had rave reviews for the author’s previous works - I wanted to give it a go. I am ever so glad I did. Nina Mason has never failed to entertain AND educate me. I always feel as if I’ve gained IQ points after reading her work as I typically walk away with at least five new words to add to my vocabulary. Her writing is richly detailed, marvelously descriptive, and is a tasteful and luxurious feast of words. She creates highly sensual scenes that are well finessed and leave me breathless, I want to call it elegant smut… can we lobby for that to become a trend? She has taken folklore and mythology, created a unique cast of characters, and woven a delightful modern-day tale that I did not want to quit. The story was highly creative, flowed smoothly, and felt lavishly textured and posh. I adored it and see it as one of those series that can go on and on into infinity… just saying…

Empress DJ

* * * *

Title: Knight of Cups
Author: Nina Mason
Series: Knights of the Tarot (book two)
Genre: PNR/UF
Heat Level: Erotic
Formats: Kindle, Paperback, Kindle Unlimited
Release Date: May 24

Here's the blurb for Knight of Cups:

When Gwyndolen Darling, a sexual abuse survivor who lives in a fantasy world, travels to Scotland to meet her obsession, she soon finds herself in a dark faery tale of epic proportions. Sir Leith MacQuill, the object of her quest, isn't just a reclusive author who's into BDSM, he also is a shapeshifting faery knight who carries a curse that will kill any woman who captures his heart.

When his usual methods fail to protect Gwyn, a dead ringer for the wife he tragically lost back in 1746, Sir Leith must find a way to break the curse or lose his One True Love a second time. Unfortunately, the article he needs to reverse the hex is in the otherworld land he was banished from by the ruthless faery queen who cursed him.

Gwyn must, therefore, undertake the dangerous mission alone. Will she find the courage to fight for herself and her knight? Or will she choose to stay inside the imaginary tower she's built to keep herself safe from the world?

Here's an excerpt from Knight of Cups:

Leith slipped into the garden shed, stripped off his clothes, and contemplated what lay ahead. Shifting was a self-abandoning experience much the way orgasm was. La petite mort, the French called it. The little death. Orgasm, not shifting. The absolute dissolution of mind and body brought about by shifting was closer to a near-death experience.

Peace followed the quieting of conscious thought, especially the grief and regret that seemed always to be squirming inside his heart like worms boring their way through an apple.

The hush of animal instinct was heavenly—or would be if his human self didn’t squat in the background making a nuisance of itself. Conversely, the cat was always there, too, living inside him like a restless embryo, constantly striving to make more room for itself inside his subconscious womb.

Sometimes it was a wildcat, big and blood-hungry. Other times it was a kitten, docile and contented. Often, it woke him in the night, needing to stretch its restricted limbs. Occasionally, its swiping claws would tear at his insides, drawing blood.

The change was nothing to him now (the whole process only took a minute), but it wasn’t always so. Like sex or roleplaying, like everything, really, shifting got easier with practice.

In the early days, the transformation took place from the inside out. He would sit for a spell meditating upon the picture of himself as the cat before speaking the incantation. He would imagine himself growing fur, a snout, and a tail; envision his hands and feet becoming paws and his ears rising to the top of his head to form points. It took a considerable amount of effort and concentration back then.

Now, he simply called the sleeping cat forth.

Here, kitty, kitty.

Well, no, it wasn’t quite that simple. He still had to recite the ancient spell Belphoebe taught him before he turned her over to the druids and imagine himself covered in black fur with a long tail and slanted green eyes.

Taking a deep breath, he got down on all fours on the shed’s dirty floor. Grit dug into his knees and palms as he called the image of a Kellas Cat into his mind and spoke the magic words.


His hands and feet changed first. The feeling was like the chills one gets with a fever. His toes and fingers retracted as their nailbeds sprouted claws. He dug their sharp points into the rough wood of the floor as a symphony of smells waltzed up his elongating snout. The sharply pungent steer manure behind him led the way, followed by the garden’s roses, lavender, and honeysuckle. The sea come next with his bracing primordial pong. Then, the woods joined in with the soft notes of soil, grass, pine, and decaying leaves. Finally, he caught the scent of that earthy perfume Mother Nature dabbed on after the first few drops of rain.

Inside him, the cat purred like a lawnmower.

His shoulders, back, and haunches changed next. The hands of an invisible sculptor pushed, pulled, and reshaped the cellular clay of his form. Flesh, blood, and bone magically and painlessly reconfigured in a matter of moments.

Buy Knight of Cups now on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Knight-Cups-Knights-Tarot-Book-ebook/dp/B01CYV21BS

Read more of Knight of Cups for free on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/69275123-knight-of-cups-knights-of-the-tarot-2

My Rating:

My Review:

Nina Mason continues to dazzle me with her highly imaginative and creative hybrid genre blending paranormal/erotic/historical/romance. While I tend to avoid anything historical and am rather selective in the paranormal I read, I will gladly put my personal preferences aside and read anything penned by the talented Ms. Mason. In her second installment of the Knights of the Tarot series, Knight of Cups, she has penned yet another steamy book of elegant smut with hits of humor, while teaching us about the Hitherworld and Thitherworld and that fairy tales and mythology are based on truth - which is at once an exciting and scary thought. Ms. Mason’s lush and richly descriptive style paints vivid pictures as well as maintains an active movie reel in my head - while reading and long after I have put my kindle down.

Empress DJ

* * * *

Knight of Pentacles Coming Soon!

Title: Knight of Pentacles
Author: Nina Mason
Series: Knights of the Tarot (book three)
Genre: PNR/UF
Heat Level: Erotic
Formats: Kindle, paperback, Kindle Unlimited
Release Date: June 13

Pre-order now! https://www.amazon.com/Knight-Pentacles-Knights-Tarot-Book-ebook/dp/B01CYT94R4

* * * *

About the author:

Nina Mason is an incurable romantic who strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten. She has one other series out at present, Royal Pains, which follows a Scottish duke and duchess through the events of the Restoration period.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ms. Mason currently lives with her family in Woodstock, Georgia. When she isn't writing, she works as a consultant for Pure Romance, a line of relationship-enhancement products.

Nina combines author readings with in-home Pure Romance parties. For more information, email her at ninamasonauthor@gmail.com.

Visit Nina's website: http://ninamasonauthor.com
Follow Nina on Facebook: http://facebook.com/ninamasonromance
Follow Nina on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ninamasonauthor
Subscribe to Nina's newsletter: https://vr2.verticalresponse.com/s/authorninamasonsnewsletter