Saturday, May 7, 2016

Book Review: Beautiful Ruin by Amy Olle

 Beautiful Ruin

by Amy Olle

A good archaeologist always finds what he’s digging for…

When Mina Winslow buys her ancestral home with plans to restore it to the beautiful sanctuary it once was, she discovers more than she bargained for. Soon, she's face-to-face with a man from her past. The one man she never stopped longing for.

Renowned archaeologist, Noah Nolan, swore he’d never return to the small, remote island in Lake Michigan. After agreeing to complete a short-term excavation project, he realizes the site belongs to the woman who inexplicably rejected him years before. A woman he’s never forgotten – or forgiven.

When Noah’s affinity for uncovering all things lost, forgotten, and buried stirs Mina’s repressed memories of a terrifying secret, she must find the courage to unearth the past, or risk losing the treasure of her heart forever.

My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:

“It's shocking, I know. A Winslow without money. It's like a Kardashian without a TV camera.”

“He'd seen the sunrise over Jerusalem, touched the walls of the Hagia Sophia, and smelled the air inside the Sistine Chapel, but none of it compared to Mina in that moment of trust and freedom. She broke his heart.”

“He'd had his lifetime full of being expendable to people, and just once, he wanted someone to want him to stay.”

“Her heart contracted. That he worried so made her feel cherished. Loved. The fear vanished like the stars at dawn.”

My Review:

This review could be complete with once sentence. Beautiful Ruin was beautifully written. I could stop right there but I have a great need and desire to expound and tell you more – this marvelous book wrecked me. In addition to the sweet and sensual love story – that was not supposed to happen, the plot is embedded with long-repressed secrets and the personal pain and traumas for both characters, and I desperately wanted to know what they were. It was peeling the onion as this crafty writer played it close to the vest. I was fascinated, frustrated, transfixed, exasperated, enthralled, and on edge. The storyline was intriguing, sensual, heart rendering, and highly addictive. The emotive writing stung my eyes, burned my throat, and tightened my chest. I had to stop reading to sob more than once. The ending was satisfying and all I hoped for. I adored this book and want to read everything this author ever writes, so no surprise - I have her second book already loaded.

Empress DJ

Amy Olle writes sexy contemporary romances filled with hope, heart, and humor. She is delighted to put her Psychology degrees to good use writing romance.

Her debut novel, BEAUTIFUL RUIN, is the first book in a series about the five Irish-born Nolan brothers sent as children to live with family on a remote island in northern Michigan.

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