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Book Review, Giveaway: Remember When by Lindsay Detwiler

Title: Remember When
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2017
Cover Designer: Claire Smith

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This wasn’t how it was supposed to be….

They met at a wedding, Todd the only man wearing jeans, Jessica the beauty with a troubled background. Settled into married life after falling in love, they have so many things left to do in life. They think they have so much time… until Jessica and Todd’s average married life comes to a halt on a snowy back road. When their truck careens down an embankment, they find themselves in a life-or-death situation. With rescue seeming impossible, they cling to the only hope they have left: their love for each other.

As they fight for survival, their connection carries them through the biggest challenge of their lives. Memories and regrets swirl around the couple as they finally take a moment to reflect on what they’re doing in life.

There’s one big, icy question that haunts them, though: Is this where their story will end?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

It was an untraditional traditional wedding ceremony, but it was magical all the same. They’d learned early on that love wasn’t easy. Sometimes it meant you acted like a stupid ass. Sometimes it meant you messed up. Sometimes it was equivalent to running a marathon in what was practically a blizzard.

Everyone did it—got caught up in the routine, in the chaos, in the madness. In the midst of this crisis, though, she realized the little moments were what made them who they were… It was funny, tragic how it took something like this to show you what mattered.

Back then, they had been two people who naively thought life lasted forever, that they had so much time. They’d thought they were immortal, their lives irrevocably promised to them…. It took a devastating dance with death for Jess to realize life is lived in the seemingly small moments, the tiny memories most don’t even think about.

My Review:

This book took my breath away, squeezed my cold heart, and moved me to tears more than once, all of which are rare occurrences and rather amazing feats.  Lindsey Detwiler definitely has the word voodoo as I was immediately transported by her magical words and injected into Jess’s inner musings - I was right there with her while she was trapped in the snowdrift along with her precious Todd, who I positively adored.  Despite living in the tropics, I felt miserably cold all day as I read of their harrowing experience of being trapped for days in a vehicle during a blinding blizzard.  As they filtered through their memories, I was devastated as they recalled their periods of despair and thrilled as they exalted in their joys and triumphs.   I cherished their offbeat and unconventional lifestyle.  Ms. Detwiler’s poignant, amusing, and emotive writing tugged at my heartstrings and brought a smile to my lips as the characters reminisced about how they met, their first kiss, the first ‘I love you,’ their wedding and wedding night, as well as their trials and tribulations.  All of this is occurring while they are also battling the elements and suffering the injuries of a motor vehicle accident and dying by inches yet also desperately hoping for rescue.  I cherished their union, humor, and resolve.  Sigh.  Lindsay Detwiler has mad skills. 

Empress DJ


A high school English teacher, an author, and a fan of anything pink and/or glittery, Lindsay's the English teacher cliché; she love cats, reading, Shakespeare, and Poe.

She currently lives in her hometown with her husband, Chad (her junior high sweetheart); their cats, Arya, Amelia, Alice, and Bob; and their Mastiff, Henry.

Lindsay's goal with her writing is to show the power of love and the beauty of life while also instilling a true sense of realism in her work. Some reviewers have noted that her books are not the “typical romance.” With her novels coming from a place of honesty, Lindsay examines the difficult questions, looks at the tough emotions, and paints the pictures that are sometimes difficult to look at. She wants her fiction to resonate with readers as realistic, poetic, and powerful. Lindsay wants women readers to be able to say, “I see myself in that novel.” She wants to speak to the modern woman’s experience while also bringing a twist of something new and exciting. Her aim is for readers to say, “That could happen,” or “I feel like the characters are real.” That’s how she knows she's done her job.

Lindsay's hope is that by becoming a published author, she can inspire some of her students and other aspiring writers to pursue their own passions. She wants them to see that any dream can be attained and publishing a novel isn’t out of the realm of possibility.


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Book Review: Dazed by Maria Macdonald

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Book: Dazed
Series: The Deliverance Series
Author: Maria Macdonald


 photo Dazed-media_zpsfdijrroj.jpg

People say the heart wants what it wants and will not be denied.

Those people are fools.

I’m a practiced hand at hiding from the world. The scars I bear are invisible to all but me, and I use them to sustain the walls I’ve built around myself.

He knocked my simple life into disarray and infiltrated my carefully constructed defenses.

The tight control I maintain is at breaking point, and ever since our eyes connected across a lunch hall, my world has been off balance.

I can’t have him, and he can’t have me.

I know it.

He knows it.

I’m just not sure that Tarrant Reigns has ever followed anyone’s rules.

Everything and everyone is against us.

Even his brother.

Caden brought us together, but now he’s standing in our way.

 photo teaser2_zpszgnfvbsl.jpg

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Early Feedback

Dazed has a hot tattooed bad boy, plenty of angst, and a sassy heroine. What more could you ask for? It's a page turner that'll have you rooting for the main characters from the get go.
~ Author Kirsty E Moseley.

In a genre so inundated with over the top heroes and heroines, Maria MacDonald's Dazed is pure magic. Her ability to create such an intricately woven love story shines through in this novel giving the reader a restored hope in true love.Don't miss out on this evocative, sweet and at times laugh out loud five star MUST read. 

~ Author A.M Johnson.

 photo Dazed Teaser 4_zpsdyf0jsb8.jpg

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

I’m not sure if this is what heart failure feels like, but I take a second to wonder as it stutters in my chest. Forget butterflies, I have bats on amphetamines flying around my stomach. Right then I want to slap my own face and give myself a stern talking to, something along the lines of never letting a guy turn me to mush.

I do the one thing I was taught after my attack. I pull my leg back and knee her in the crotch…. ‘Yeah, well you act like a dick, so I thought maybe you had one,’

I may have told him that if he carries on being a perv, I was going to kick him in his old man balls and write my name in the dust that comes out of them.

‘You’re not a plaything to be toyed with, Lemon.’ He brushes a strand of hair from my forehead then cups my cheek. ‘You’re the treasure that most of us search for our whole lives,’ he whispers, and I feel the tears gathering in the corners of my eyes. ‘You’re the good to my bad, the water to my oil and as long as you let me in there…’ he points to my heart, ‘… I promise to always treasure that gift and feel blessed.’

Say yes, baby, you have to say the word. I won’t go any further otherwise… I need you to never regret this… Never want you to regret us, Lemon.

There’s no strings with you, but I wish there were. I need to wrap up in them, tie myself to you so completely that I’ll never unravel.

My Review:

Dazed was stunning.  I was quickly pulled into the rabbit hole and was continually engaged throughout this emotive, angsty, amusing and compellingly written tale.  I was intrigued by these enticing characters and was so very curious to learn Laura’s deepest regret… it had to have been extremely horrendous, as she had never spoken it aloud.  Each character had their secrets and carried personal pain and tension, yet true to Ms. Macdonald’s crafty style, there were highly amusing comedic moments as well as sizzling sensuality.  I was gasping and clutching my wine goblet to ensure hydration.   I am more than eager to see what she does with the rest of this series.  

Empress DJ

About The Author

 photo logo_zpsfrellyij.jpg
Maria is a full time working Mum, she has two beautiful daughters, both of whom love books as much as she does.

Maria has loved to write since she was a little girl.

Reading and loving books, as well as blogging, has inspired her to write and publish.

Maria, her husband and children now reside in Wiltshire, England.

You can stalk maria here:

 photo Dazed_zpsubn6uapt.jpg

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Cover Reveal: SWEET SURRENDER by Nina Lane



Coming on May 16, 2017

Cover design: Perfect Pear Creative Covers • Cover photography: Sara Eirew Photographer

He’s an encyclopedia of sex. She’s ready to do some research.

Super-efficient Kate Darling needs lessons in love. As executive assistant to the CEO of the Sugar Rush Candy Company, Kate knows everything about organization and nothing about relationships. Then she literally falls into the arms of Tyler Stone, youngest Sugar Rush heir and notorious bad boy.

After a colossal screw-up involving a pretty girl and a stolen speedboat, Tyler is facing the punishment of an actual job. His father has sentenced him to organize the company library, which is Tyler’s definition of cruel and unusual punishment. But if he can convince industrious, resourceful Kate to help him, he’ll earn his release in no time.

Kate is no fool. Tyler is an authority on sex, and she wants to learn. She’ll help him with the library—if he’ll teach her about the erotic side of romance.

Cataloging, alphabetizing, and metadata collide in a storm of lust, sweat, and dirty talk as Kate and Tyler get to work on both the library and each other. But when he starts falling for her, their hot affair will be one for the books.


Amazon • iBooks • Kobo

Nook will be available on release day

 Meet the hot men of the Sugar Rush Candy Company...

Check out a new standalone sexy contemporary romance by New York Times bestselling author Nina Lane!


New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances about professors, bad boys, candy makers, and protective alpha males who find themselves consumed with love for one woman alone. Originally from California, Nina holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and Information Studies, which means she loves both research and organization. She also enjoys traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once. Although Nina would go back to college for another degree because she's that much of a bookworm and a perpetual student, she now lives the happy life of a full-time writer. She lives in snowy Wisconsin with her atmospheric scientist husband, their two children, and an overly energetic dog named Dasher.


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Book Review, Giveaway: Redeeming Ryker by Kelly Collins

Redeeming Ryker 
by Kelly Collins

(Boys Of Fury #1)

Publication date: April 24th 2017

Genres: New Adult, Romance

Imagine finding out that everything about your life is a lie.

Imagine falling for the man who thinks he killed you.

Imagine having to remain dead so you can keep him.

Twenty-four-year-old Ana Barrett knows who she is. She’s a struggling artist, a loyal friend, an orphan raised by loving grandparents. After a string of unlucky events leaves her homeless, broke, and alone, she receives a timely gift from her deceased grandmother—a house in Fury, Colorado. It’s a gift guaranteed to change her life in ways she can’t imagine.
Ryker Savage has always known who he is. He’s a brother, a friend, an orphan, and a murderer. One decision made twenty years ago altered the future of an entire town. At twenty-eight, he’s done his time, paid his dues, and wants to be left to his misery.
When Ana arrives in Fury, she changes everything he thought he knew. His light becomes dark, his dark becomes light, and his truth becomes the lie he’s lived forever.
Ana’s future hangs in the balance. Ryker’s future is carved from his past. Destined to have the two collide, can there be a chance for a future together?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Next to them was that pesky little girl, Sparrow.  She always looked up at me like I was a movie star.  She was like a sticky booger I couldn’t get off my finger.

People were pairing up now.  All it took was a few drinks for a two on the sexy scale to turn into a ten.

Oh Lord, don’t tell me you’re one of those I’m going to wait until I get married types… Take it from me.  Try them all out.  You don’t want to open a bag of Skittles and only eat the green ones.

My Review:

I adore Kelly Collins, she has a snarky sense of humor and a clever wit, both of which shine like polished brass in Redeeming Ryker, but don’t expect this emotive tale to be a romantic comedy.  Ryker has the outer shell of a bad ass, but he is a wounded little boy inside and the man was truly an altruistic and tender-hearted teddy bear under his scars and tats.  The storyline was well-paced and cleverly constructed while the writing was thoughtful, sensual, and unfailingly engaging.  I cherished these flawed and fractured characters and will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ryker’s brothers. 

Empress DJ


I opened the door and stepped onto the porch. A soft wind swirled around me, bringing the scent of him. That was Ryker, clean and fresh and strong. A tinge of smoke wafted in on the breeze, and I scrunched my nose. That wasn’t Ryker, or at least I didn’t think it was. “You smoke?”
He pushed off the trunk of the enormous oak tree and tossed his cigarette to the ground, smashing it with the toe of his boot. Out of the shadows, he stepped in front of me. “Generally no. But when I’m stressed, yes.” He dropped his head as if shamed.
I don’t know what compelled me to touch him, but I couldn’t resist laying my hand on his chest. I felt his heart thumping under my fingertips. “What stresses you?”
“Everything stresses me. Sheriff Stuart. This damn house. This damn town. It all stresses me the fuck out.” He kicked at the dead grass under his boot. “You stress me out.”
“Me?” I gripped the edge of his jacket. “Me? Why?”
His gaze lasered into me. “When you dropped me off, I went upstairs and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I’m fighting with myself.” He reached for my cheek. His fingers sure and able. His touch soft. “I want you.” He threaded his hand through my hair. “I know if I have you, I’ll destroy you. I destroy everything I touch.”
He leaned closer and then stepped back, but didn’t drop his gaze. Didn’t drop his hold.
I leaned in. I wanted him closer. I wanted the kiss he was denying me.
“Fuck it, I’m weak when it comes to you.” He pulled me into his arms, and his lips crushed mine with a ferocity I’d never experienced. I tried to throttle back the dizzying current that raced through me, but it was no use. If Ryker was intent on destroying me, I was a willing victim.

Author Bio:

Kelly Collins writes with the intention of keeping the love alive. Always a romantic, she is inspired by real-time events mixed with a dose of fiction. She encourages her readers to reach the happily ever after but bask in the afterglow of the perfectly imperfect love.
Kelly lives in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains with her husband of twenty-five years, their two dogs, and a bird that hates her.
In her spare time, she enjoys walking the trails and visiting the mining towns like Cripple Creek. She likes to think it's the ambience that brings her there and not the amazing slot machine in the back of the casino.
In the winter, you'll find her tucked into herseat at The World Arena cheering her beloved Colorado College Tigers Hockey Team. After several losing seasons she knows there's a win coming soon. Kelly is no fair weather fan.
She has three amazing children, and she wonders how they all turned out to be engineers when only the creative side of her brain seems to work. She just chalks it up to the engineering genes her husband contributed to the mix.
Creative minds need an outlet and writing books is where she focuses her excess energy.


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Book Review, Giveaway: Hidden in The Vines by Gemma Brocato

Romancing the Vine Book 1.5

by Gemma Brocato



FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Growing up in the supersized shadow of a famous mother led Jules Capelli to retreat far from the glamorous lifestyle. She owns and runs Team Vino, a team-building operation based in a working vineyard. In the midst of a seminar, her high-profile, high-maintenance mother insists Jules shelter her among the vines after recent plastic surgery. Keeping the woman hidden will require a monumental effort, especially with two reporters from an entertainment magazine in the attendance.

Alex Dixon has known from the minute he checked into Team Vino for employer-mandated team training, that Jules is hiding something. Learning her secret is key, but he’s more interested in getting to know the appealing woman. Jules’s secret is a great distraction, but once discovered, making sure it remains hidden from his bottom-feeding co-worker is even more of a challenge.

Working together as a team, Jules and Alex discover a mutual attraction and a common goal . . . keep the secret, build a team, and uncover love among the vines.

My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:

Peyton swooped in for an air kiss, lips pursed in a smile as fake as her boobs, Botoxed brow frozen in place.

A shake of the head sent Peyton’s hair into motion. About the only thing on her head capable of moving.

My Review:

I am not sure how she does it, but Gemma Brocato consistently performs a magic act in providing the perfect balance of clever details, keen observations, amusing levity, and steamy love scenes folded perfectly into an engaging story. I ardently enjoy her brand of wordplay and entertaining snarky wit. Hidden in the Vines utilizes the same vineyard environment and staff as the first delightful book in this series, Romancing The Vine, with each book in the series featuring a different couple and capable to stand-alone. I have relished all the main and secondary characters in this series, as well as their colorful descriptions and inner musings. Jules was previously known as “The Ugly Duckling” teenage daughter of a vain and self-involved actress, ten years later she was using a different name and running a successful business, but remained as leery of the hateful press as she was of her demanding and narcissistic mother. Alex was an anomaly among the entertainment journalism industry as he had managed to retain a bit of integrity and empathy for the potential victims and collateral damage caused by the sensational exposés of the industry.   What were the chances of retaining her secret with a reporter attending her vineyard program at the same time as her mother?

Empress DJ

Romancing The Vine Series

Risking the Vine (Book 1)

Jacqui Bishop’s dating life is dead in the water, but her professional prospects look outstanding. Promised a management position, she embarks on a team building course at a northern California winery. Shocked when her boss promotes a less qualified rival, Jac opts to chuck her job and revive the family farm. Luscious Luke Rossi has been banished to Team Vino to learn how to be the team player his boss wants. Once there, he finds he’d rather play on Jac Bishop’s team. But a labor dispute and a boss who only wants a yes-man forces him to leave Jac’s side.
As the daytime exercises give way to nighttime passions, Jac learns there’s more to life than a nine-to-five existence. But resigning her job and moving to a farm hundreds of miles from Luke could spell doom for the couple. Their affair will require teamwork of a different kind. For Jac, the looming question is whether her budding relationship with Luke will thrive or die on the vine.

Available August 31 from Soul Mate Publishing
AmazonRead FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Chaos Among The Vines (Book 2)

Through a fortunate series of events, Will Bradford’s winery hits the map in a huge way, with demand far outpacing production. After months of chaos and unmanageable growth he decides to bring in a specialist to help him get organized.
Queen of organization Avalon Reece is a closet chaotic. She’s rebelled against a childhood of wanderlust with a hippie mother by striving to maintain order in her life. Everything has a place and she means to see it there. For her, love is messy and she avoids it at all costs. Until she accepts a consulting job with Will to put his life in order.
Will sees beyond the straight-laced, orderly woman to the free-spirit Avalon tries hard to hide. That’s the woman he wants, in spite of how it might impact his business.

Available April 26 from Soul Mate Publishing

Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited

About the Author   


Gemma’s favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a ’round tuit,’ and a fortune from a fortune cookie proclaiming her a lover of words; someday she’d write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss even the rejections, addressed to ‘Dear Author’, were gratifying.

After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue an avocation as a romance author.
Her gamble paid off when she was a 2012 Finalist in the prestigious Golden Pen contest for Romantic Suspense and she received contracts for her first and second book.

Weaving Adventure and Romance Together
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To celebrate the release of Hidden In The Vines this week, and Chaos Among The Vines next Wednesday, I’m giving away a Kindle Fire to one grand prize winner via Rafflecopter. One other lucky reader will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Click the button below to enter.

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New Release: Beer Goggles - Anthology




Publisher  Limitless Publishing 
Designer  MG Book Covers and Designs
Photographer  Shauna Kruse
Model  Matthew Hosea

14 AUTHORS with 14 WTF moments after a night of drinking....

ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to ST. JUDE

The List by Alyson Santos
Not With You by D.Nichole King
Toasted by Shantel Tessier
Ten Too Many by A. m Hargrove
Oh Tequila by C.A. Harms
Shenanigans by Chelsea Camaron
Beauty and the Brown Noser by Evan Grace
Test Me by Molly Mclain
Sex, Alcohol and My Neighbor by Terri E. Laine
Oh Shit by Lacey Black
Strike Out by Jennifer Miller
Tattooed Redemption Alicia Rae
Have you ever had too much to drink?
The Guy in 3C by Cheryl McIntyre
Vikings by Sunniva Dee

Have you ever had too much to drink? 

Everyone knows hooking up with someone while under the influence is a bad idea. But…sh*t happens.

What did I do?

Who did I do?

Where are my keys…and my underwear?

Welcome to nights of not-so-innocent drinking gone awry. Find out where it all went wrong…so terribly wrong…

From sexy neighbors to embarrassing advances—and that person who you know for a fact wouldn’t be there in the first place had it not been for the alcohol. Remember or forget? It doesn’t matter—because either way, those nights can still follow you forever.

Truth be told, when the night is over and the beer goggles are off, some things can never be unseen.