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Book Review: Love Walks In (Bliss Cove #1) by Nina Lindsey

Bliss Cove LWI - BT banner

Follow your heart to Bliss Cove. . .

Love Walks In, the first sweet and steamy standalone in the Bliss Cove series from Nina Lindsey is available now!


Bus ticket to hometown of Bliss Cove – $24.50

Purchase of old building and business license – $35,250

Twelve orphaned cats – free

Finally proving to her family that she can be successful – priceless.

Shaking off her past mistakes and fickle reputation, Aria Prescott is determined to start a new life with her latest venture, the “Meow and Then Cat Café.” Though the café is in the town’s most rundown neighborhood, Aria will let nothing stop her from success.

Then property developer Hunter Armstrong shocks the Mariposa Street shop owners with a buyout offer that threatens to destroy the old district. Aria refuses to let the ruthless businessman intimidate her into selling her beloved café, even if Hunter’s dark, glowering sexiness secretly makes her want to purr.

Hunter needs to close the deal and secure his promotion to CEO of Imperial Properties. He would be victorious in no time if it weren’t for a stubborn, beautiful cat rescuer who believes in things like healing crystals and forever homes.

Aria and Hunter are soon locked in a fiery, tense war over the fate of Mariposa Street. But when Hunter starts falling for this sexy town sweetheart, he discovers that winning the battle might mean losing his heart.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

We went on a couple of dates years ago, but it ended up being just two old friends hanging out. Besides, it’s tough to feel romantic about a man who ate paste in kindergarten and who knows that you once considered getting a Justin Bieber tattoo.

Ominous music filtered through the uplifting movie trailer in her head.

My Review:

This was a slowly developing yet thoughtfully written and relatable story that could easily happen in any small-town. The book was the first of a series and written in the third person omniscient point of view while mainly featuring the inner musings and encounters of the two main characters of Hunter and Aria, who couldn’t have been more different and quickly find themselves embroiled in conflict over a development scheme for Aria’s small hometown.

I enjoyed the gradual transformation and evolution of Hunter who began as a tightly wrapped, controlled, ambitious, driven and humorless corporate development executive who was devoid of emotion and chanted his Borg directive of “Focus. Discipline. Plan.” He finds himself being a bit distracted from his assigned easy takeover plans by Aria, an alluring yet stubborn business owner with a unique Cat Café that she was unreasonably unwilling to part with. Being a card-carrying Crazy Cat Lady myself, I instantly adored her.

The storylines were easy to follow and rife with lushly descriptive and vivid visuals, family tensions, sexual attraction, wry humor, quirky characters, and a few sizzling sensual scenes and heart squeezes and sweet touches tossed in along the way. This is the first of a new series with a new name author who appears strikingly familiar - I was instantly tipped off with the inclusion of Bliss in the title. I’m on to you Nina, but I’ll keep it in my own lane for now. ;) And by the way - Sugar Joy is a brilliant name for a bakery.

Bliss Cove LWI - AN

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And I Love Her

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About Nina

Nina Lindsey writes romances filled with heart, heat, and happy endings. She is delighted to introduce readers to Bliss Cove, California, a coastal town with an abundance of warm cookies, ocean breezes, and the ever-present possibility of love.

Nina loves all things spicy and sweet, with chili chocolates being at the top of the list. She is also a fan of glossy magazines, pop culture, Gilmore Girls, energy bites, Orangetheory, and the sound of silence.

She lives in Wisconsin with her meteorologist husband (yes, she asks him daily, "What's the weather forecast?"), their two children, a hyperactive dog, and a snail named Pipsqueak.


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Book Review: Kiss Me Tonight by Emma Hart


What do a wrong number text, a burning building, and a quirky florist have in common?

A hunky firefighter with an extra-large…hosepipe.

Kiss Me Tonight, an all-new hilarious standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart is available now!


In hindsight, I never should have opened that text message. The last thing I needed first thing on a Monday was a picture of some stranger’s, um, eggplant, in my inbox.
I also should have replaced the batteries in my fire alarm, because my Friday night did not need to end with my apartment building going up in flames.
But it’s fine. It’s fine. Everything is fine.
I’m only lying in a hospital bed with more split ends than I’ve ever had, almost all my Earthly possessions have turned to ash, and apparently, they don’t serve wine to patients in this place.
But like I said, it’s fine.
Until he walks in.
The guy who saved my life. My hero. Noah Jacobs.
And the universe is amusing itself at my expense, because the dirty photo I woke up to on Monday?
It’s his.


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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“Aunt Bethel,” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose. “I am not going to stage a boudoir shoot for you to give Harry James for his birthday. He has a pacemaker and a stent. You’ll kill the poor man.”

With those muscles, the only thing sweeping you off your feet is a hurricane.

I’m in my old bedroom and there’s a poster of Justin Timberlake with noodle hair.

I would bet a hundred bucks that he’d never met anyone like me before. Not that I was tooting my own horn— I knew I was what normal people called ‘unique.’ I mean, my best friend fed raccoons, so compared to her… I was only a little strange.

Men like him were why catfights started. It was evolution. We women were biologically wired to seek out and find the strongest, most manly man we could so we could procreate and keep up the questionable strength of the human line. Noah fit that to a tee. He was definitely the kind of person I’d pop a few crotch goblins out with.

My Review:

Emma Hart is a clever minx, and I am irrevocably besotted with her.  I adore her irreverent humor and saucy wit while I jealously covet her snappy wordplay.  This is the fifth book of hers I have read and her quirky characters and amusing storylines (both full of sizzle and sass) have never failed to produce giggle-snorts in ample measure while leaving a near-permanent smirk on my face.  Kiss Me Tonight was no exception. 

Written in my favorite dual POV, Kiss Me Tonight begins with the unusual and somewhat alarming event of an errant text message with a little something extra, well, actually, a big something extra, an intimate exposure of a male’s… sacred member.  It seems the female which the drunken Noah had been corresponding with on a dating site had requested a… candid shot, but supplied a bogus or incorrect number for the private text.  The message ended up on the spunky Reagan’s phone and had her debating what course of action to take.  Reagan was such a fun and lively character, she was a self-proclaimed “drama llama” with an even quirkier family which included a feisty and highly inappropriate octogenarian, my favorite kind, of course. 

I will be anxiously awaiting the next cheeky installment to this humorous series.  

About Emma Hart

EmmaHartEmma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.
She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.
Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.
Yes, really. She's that sarcastic.

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Book Review: Bonfires & Hot Chocolate at The Little Duck Pond Cafe (Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 7) by Rosie Green

Bonfires & Hot Chocolate at The Little Duck Pond Cafe (Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 7)
by Rosie Green

Amazon  US / UK / AU / CA 

If you love all the colors of autumn, you're sure to warm to this uplifting story of love, loss and starting over.

Primrose Wilkins arrived in Sunnybrook with a burning desire to find the family she's never known. But after a heart-breaking false start, she's beginning to have second thoughts. Can she find the courage to battle on in her quest? And with her romantic life at an all-time low, will meeting the intriguing and attractive Callum Davy be just what she needs to renew her faith in love?

Meanwhile, Fen is also finding it hard to be brave. She's made it through to the final of TV show 'Battle of the Bakes' (thanks to Ellie entering on her behalf), but she's always shied away from being in the spotlight. How will Fen cope now that she's a famous 'celebrity', recognised in the street everywhere she goes?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Apparently alcohol kills brain cells slowly… But that doesn’t bother me because I’m not in a hurry.

I met Harvey at a speed dating event that Gran persuaded me to go to… I later found out he’d gone on the Greek jaunt in question in the company of my mobile hairdresser, Kirsty, who I’d thought was my friend. Presumably Harvey had lots of fun in the sun and a free haircut. (I know what I’d have been tempted to do with Kirsty’s scissors.) It was a double blow. I lost a boyfriend. But worse, I had to find myself a new hairdresser.

I’m Barry, your friendly local photographer. Available for weddings, christenings and contract killings. I shoot people.

The only time I ever saw that depth of affection in my ex’s eyes was when he was checking his own reflection in shop windows, which he seemed to do an awful lot.

And who wouldn’t enjoy being desired by an attractive man like him? Against the backdrop of a starry sky and the lovely party, that kiss should have been a dream come true. But it wasn’t. The reality was that our teeth clashed and his tongue was thrusting in and out of my mouth like a mechanical digger, which made me feel weirdly invaded.

My Review:

I rarely read serials but I have enjoyed all of Rosie Green’s wryly amusing and engaging Little Duck Pond novellas, each comfortable and breezily entertaining installment has featured a different worker or the owner of The Little Duck Pond Café which is a mainstay in a small British village; while also providing interactions and updates on those previously spotlighted.

This volume was written from the first-person POV of Primrose, a newcomer to the village, who arrived with a mission to find the sixty-year-old woman who would be her grandmother. This unknown, unsuspecting, and mysterious grandmother had given her child up for adoption as an unwed teenage mother and had no knowledge or awareness of Primrose or her plans. I adored Primrose, she was a quirky and sensitive little thing, yet she was also highly relatable despite her penchant for wearing unique, garish, and vividly colored outfits and hair colors. Primrose apparently applied her makeup with a trowel. I truly revel in Rosie Green’s distinctive brand of levity and writing style.

I fell into a rabbit hole session with Mr. Google and Wikipedia as I felt compelled to research Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes, and ginger parkin - which is a centuries-old Bonfire Night traditional food that is a sticky and rich cake made with oatmeal ginger, and molasses. And now my diet has been ruined once again by that palate tease known as Rosie Green, she is a bane for my waistline.

About The Author

Rosie has been scribbling stories ever since she was little.

Back then, they were rip-roaring adventure tales with a young heroine in perilous danger of falling off a cliff or being tied up by 'the baddies'.

Thankfully, Rosie has moved on somewhat, and now much prefers to write romantic comedies that melt your heart and make you smile, with really not much perilous danger involved at all - unless you count the heroine losing her heart in love.

Rosie's brand new series of novellas is centered around life in a village cafe. The latest, 'Bonfires & Hot Chocolate at the Little Duck Pond Cafe', is out now.

Watch out for 'A Winter Wedding at the Little Duck Pond Cafe', which will be published Christmas 2019.

Rosie is also writing a full-length, standalone book for Christmas 2019, entitled 'Snowflakes over Moondance Cottage'.

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Book Review: Escape To Giddywell Grange by Kim Nash

Escape To Giddywell Grange 
by Kim Nash

Amazon US / UK / AU / CA

Maddy Young thought she had it all.

Swanky city apartment? – yep. Fancy car? sorted. High-flying career? – tick.

Even if she’s lost most of her friends because of spending all her time at work, and can’t remember when she last had fun, it’s worth it.

Until she’s suddenly made redundant. Now she’s 37, jobless, and after the breakup with the former love of her life, unhappily single.

Enter Maddy’s childhood friend, Beth, the owner of Growlers, the doggy daycare centre at Giddywell Grange, on a mission to make Maddy see there’s more to life than work.

Soon, Maddy is swapping spreadsheets for volunteer duty at the library, daily Starbucks for cups of tea with elderly neighbours, and her Prada handbag for doggy poo bags… And with Beth’s gorgeous brother, Alex, back from the States, Maddy starts to think that Giddywell Grange might just be her happy place.

But when her old life – and her old boyfriend - comes calling, will Maddy go back to the job she loved so much? Or will she discover that the key to happiness lies in making others happy?

An uplifting romantic comedy that will warm your heart – perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley, Milly Johnson, and Katie Fforde.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Celine is my idol. She’s elegant, dramatic, stunning and just amazing. She takes no crap from anyone. She’s a badass. If I could be anyone in life, I’d want to be her.

We all have twenty-four hours in a day, Mads, even Richard Branson and Beyoncé. It’s what we choose to do with it which makes all the difference.

I’m so looking forward to reading these books. I love a good murder, the more gruesome the better. And Lei loves all these bloody daft romances that you’ve brought her too. Hope there’s no saucy books in there. I don’t want her getting ideas and ravishing me. I don’t think my heart is up to it these days.

Seeing something pink and white heading towards my face, I reached out and realised, to my absolute horror, that I had caught a pair of false teeth in my hands. I looked over and one of the old ladies in the front row was laughing her head off! I screamed and dropped them, which made her cackle some more. Hayley came over and apologised, saying that she should perhaps have warned me that Betty had a habit of laughing so much that her teeth flew out.

My Review:

I enjoyed this insightful and amusing British women’s fiction tale told from the first person POV of a designer power suit and high heels wearing corporate workaholic named Madison, “Maddy” to her friends. When her boss told Maddy to come in early before work to talk, Maddy had believed herself to be in line for a big promotion as she had been slaving away by coming in early, staying late, and working weekends for many years.  While looking at the desk she planned to be taking over and envisioning how she would organize her own possessions in the space, her boss quickly informed her she no longer had a job at all due to budget cuts or made “redundant” as the Brits say.   A stunned Maddy was immediately released to clean out her desk and informed to leave behind her laptop, phone, and that later the company car would be retrieved.  Yikes.  

Being at loose ends, Maddy found she time to spend with her long-neglected mother and tackle several lingering paternal questions and issues of her childhood, as well as pitch in to help her best friend, Beth, who required surgery.  In a vast departure from her Louboutin wearing corporate days, Maddy took on partial duties at Beth’s doggy daycare business as well as several unusual obligations to community projects during Beth’s long recovery.  Maddy began to realize she was happier than she had been in years and felt uplifted and fulfilled by completing tasks she would never have considered doing on her own, such as a singing engagement in a care home, delivering books to shut-ins, farm chores, and doggy wrangling – which included poo duty.  

Maddy’s evolution and eventual life-changing transformation were pleasantly entertaining and cleverly amusing.  I enjoyed Ms. Nash’s levity and wit as well as the strengths and skills she bestowed on her characters.  The storylines were relatable, easy to follow, and laced with humor and perceptive observations, and populated with an endearing and quirky group of characters.  

I addition to being delightfully entertained, Ms. Nash provided me with several new additions to my newly renamed “Brit List of Words and Sayings.”  Mr. Google and the Urban Dictionary were dutifully consulted for definitions for 1) having it off – which is British informal for having sex which some may consider rather rude; 2) lairy – which is slang for showing a loud or aggressive attitude, picking a fight, or being argumentative; and 3) pull my finger out – which amounts to stop dithering and get busy or “any lack of activity when something needs doing,” and I don’t believe I need to point out where that finger is supposedly lodged… do I?  ;)  

About The Author

Kim Nash lives in Staffordshire with son Ollie and English Setter Roni, is PR & Social Media Manager for Bookouture and is a book blogger at

Kim won the Romantic Novelists Association's Media Star of the Year in 2016, which she still can't quite believe. She is now quite delighted to be a member of the RNA. 

When she's not working or writing, Kim can be found walking her dog, reading, standing on the sidelines of a football pitch cheering on Ollie and binge-watching box sets on the TV. She's also quite partial to a spa day and a gin and tonic (not at the same time!) Kim also runs a book club in Cannock, Staffs. 

Amazing Grace was her debut novel with Hera Books and came out in April 2019.

Escape to Giddywell Grange is Kim's second novel and will be published on September 18th, 2019.

Connect with Kim on Social Media here:

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Book Review: Enchanting Sebastian by Kristen Proby

Enchanting Sebastian 
by Kristen Proby
A Big Sky Royal Novel
Release Date: September 24, 2019

The first in an all new stand-alone trilogy set in Kristen Proby's Big Sky world, Enchanting Sebastian will take your breath away! 

Turning thirty-five doesn’t mean much to most men. For Sebastian Wakefield, it’s the end of life as he knows it.  When your father is the King of England, thirty-five is the year that a marriage will be arranged, a suitable bride cementing a future you didn’t choose. The obvious solution for escaping the archaic laws of the throne is for Sebastian to leave the country. And where better to go than America? 

Nina Wolfe has spent her career avoiding scandal. As a Hollywood publicist and minor celebrity in her own right, she knows exactly what it takes to keep the media at bay—and what will send them into a frenzy. 

Prince Sebastian hiding out in Cunningham Falls, Montana is an unlikely story. Ending up in his bed, even more so. And keeping their arrangement out of the press might just be impossible. The ring on her finger is about to spark a firestorm that will change her life, and no professional spin will help Nina fit into the world of royalty. 

Only love could write an enchanting new beginning—if they’ll let themselves fall. 

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Just from her tone, I can tell this is going to be a doozy of a conversation. Pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip. “What are you up to, Mom?” “Oh, you know, just watching some television. I’m quite sure I have cancer, by the way.”

The women in Hollywood can be ruthless, but it seems these noble women are just plain savage. The mean-girl syndrome spans the globe.

It hasn’t been heaven. It’s heaven times a million. It’s like if heaven married chocolate and wine and they had spa babies. It’s the best ever.

His kiss is long and slow. Incredibly romantic. Is it possible to get pregnant from just a kiss? Because if so, I’m pretty sure I’m having triplets.

My Review:

I was a bit hesitant about picking this one up as the premise, cover, and title sounded a bit… I don’t want to say cheesy, but, yeah, that. But, on the other hand, I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed this author a few times now so I took the gamble and am now feeling so smart and proud of myself for my excellent foresight ~ snort. Enchanting Sebastian was a sweet, sexy, and entertaining tale with a comfortable balance of insightful musings, witty humor, and observant narration. Written in my favorite dual POV, the storylines were interesting, easy to follow, well-paced, and cast with endearing and enticing characters from British bluebloods to small-town Montana.

Kristen was born and raised in a small resort town in her beloved Montana. In her mid-twenties, she decided to stretch her wings and move to the Pacific Northwest, where she made her home for more than a dozen years.
During that time, Kristen wrote many romance novels and joined organizations such as RWA and other small writing groups. She spent countless hours in workshops and more mornings than she can count up before the dawn so she could write before going to work. She submitted many manuscripts to agents and editors alike but was always told no. In the summer of 2012, the self-publishing scene was new and thriving, and Kristen had one goal: to publish just one book. It was something she longed to cross off of her bucket list.
Not only did she publish one book, she’s since published close to thirty titles, many of which have hit the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists. She continues to self publish, best known for her With Me In Seattle and Boudreaux series and is also proud to work with William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins, with the Fusion Series. 
Kristen and her husband, John, make their home in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana.