Review Policy

Sam's Review policy

Hello there! So you would like for me to review your book? Well alright then! I have a few guidelines for reviewing them though so sit tight while I tell you about them.

When sending in and asking for a review I ask that you send this following information with it:
Links to your website, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter (I think you get the point here)

Book formats include:
Ebooks, Mobi, Audiobook (not too big on audiobooks), Some paperback/hardcovers for reviews (I also love to do ARC; putting some serious pizazz to get the book out there)

Preferred Genre's Include: 
Contemporary Fiction
Historical Romance
Young & New Adult
Please keep in mind that I do make exceptions to the kinds of books I will primarily review, especially if your book really interests me.

What to expect to see for your review:
Book synopsis
Book review
The Bad (this sometimes may be thrown in there with the book review)
Favorite Quotes
All In All

I do not review:
Erotica & nonfiction, I am just not a fan of nonfiction I am sorry. If you would really like me to review it though you can get in contact with me and we can talk about it. 

Where to find your review: I will post the reviews on the blog, as well as on Goodreads

You can request reviews by addressing email to me at

Empress DJ's Review Policy:

mobi preferred 
but can also do epub, pdf, and can even go old school and read paper - gasp.  

The rumor is that Empress DJ is an old cougar who likes the steam - there is a lot of truth to that rumor! But I also like Cozy Mystery, Smut, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Family Drama, Romantic Comedy, Smut, NA, some Paranormal Romance, and did I say Smut?  Although I don't care for outright porn, I don't mind erotica as long there is a love story and mutual understanding, and/or safe words involved.  No horror or zombies - unless they are really cute and promise not to bite.

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