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Book Review, Giveaway: Remember When by Lindsay Detwiler

Title: Remember When
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2017
Cover Designer: Claire Smith

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This wasn’t how it was supposed to be….

They met at a wedding, Todd the only man wearing jeans, Jessica the beauty with a troubled background. Settled into married life after falling in love, they have so many things left to do in life. They think they have so much time… until Jessica and Todd’s average married life comes to a halt on a snowy back road. When their truck careens down an embankment, they find themselves in a life-or-death situation. With rescue seeming impossible, they cling to the only hope they have left: their love for each other.

As they fight for survival, their connection carries them through the biggest challenge of their lives. Memories and regrets swirl around the couple as they finally take a moment to reflect on what they’re doing in life.

There’s one big, icy question that haunts them, though: Is this where their story will end?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

It was an untraditional traditional wedding ceremony, but it was magical all the same. They’d learned early on that love wasn’t easy. Sometimes it meant you acted like a stupid ass. Sometimes it meant you messed up. Sometimes it was equivalent to running a marathon in what was practically a blizzard.

Everyone did it—got caught up in the routine, in the chaos, in the madness. In the midst of this crisis, though, she realized the little moments were what made them who they were… It was funny, tragic how it took something like this to show you what mattered.

Back then, they had been two people who naively thought life lasted forever, that they had so much time. They’d thought they were immortal, their lives irrevocably promised to them…. It took a devastating dance with death for Jess to realize life is lived in the seemingly small moments, the tiny memories most don’t even think about.

My Review:

This book took my breath away, squeezed my cold heart, and moved me to tears more than once, all of which are rare occurrences and rather amazing feats.  Lindsey Detwiler definitely has the word voodoo as I was immediately transported by her magical words and injected into Jess’s inner musings - I was right there with her while she was trapped in the snowdrift along with her precious Todd, who I positively adored.  Despite living in the tropics, I felt miserably cold all day as I read of their harrowing experience of being trapped for days in a vehicle during a blinding blizzard.  As they filtered through their memories, I was devastated as they recalled their periods of despair and thrilled as they exalted in their joys and triumphs.   I cherished their offbeat and unconventional lifestyle.  Ms. Detwiler’s poignant, amusing, and emotive writing tugged at my heartstrings and brought a smile to my lips as the characters reminisced about how they met, their first kiss, the first ‘I love you,’ their wedding and wedding night, as well as their trials and tribulations.  All of this is occurring while they are also battling the elements and suffering the injuries of a motor vehicle accident and dying by inches yet also desperately hoping for rescue.  I cherished their union, humor, and resolve.  Sigh.  Lindsay Detwiler has mad skills. 

Empress DJ


A high school English teacher, an author, and a fan of anything pink and/or glittery, Lindsay's the English teacher cliché; she love cats, reading, Shakespeare, and Poe.

She currently lives in her hometown with her husband, Chad (her junior high sweetheart); their cats, Arya, Amelia, Alice, and Bob; and their Mastiff, Henry.

Lindsay's goal with her writing is to show the power of love and the beauty of life while also instilling a true sense of realism in her work. Some reviewers have noted that her books are not the “typical romance.” With her novels coming from a place of honesty, Lindsay examines the difficult questions, looks at the tough emotions, and paints the pictures that are sometimes difficult to look at. She wants her fiction to resonate with readers as realistic, poetic, and powerful. Lindsay wants women readers to be able to say, “I see myself in that novel.” She wants to speak to the modern woman’s experience while also bringing a twist of something new and exciting. Her aim is for readers to say, “That could happen,” or “I feel like the characters are real.” That’s how she knows she's done her job.

Lindsay's hope is that by becoming a published author, she can inspire some of her students and other aspiring writers to pursue their own passions. She wants them to see that any dream can be attained and publishing a novel isn’t out of the realm of possibility.


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