Sunday, May 29, 2016

Book Review: 30 Days by J A Heron

☆• 30 Days by J A Heron •☆ 

This is a standalone, erotic thriller by J A Heron

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☆• Synopsis •☆

Dariana Walsh is the daughter of a ruthless gangster and heir to his empire. Not only does she feel trapped, but she has many questions about numerous incidents that have happened in her life so far. Particularly, what happened to her mother? Her father sees her as his little girl, but she longs to be treated like an adult. He wants to shape her, to become more like him, but she resists, the only way she knows how…

One of Wilson Walsh’s men – Chas – is not who he seems. He was sent to infiltrate, earn trust and walk away with Wilson’s most treasured possession, his daughter. He has a plan to take down the most unrelenting man to walk the streets of East London.

Over the next thirty days, blood is shed, friendships are formed and amongst all of the pain and suffering, surprisingly, love blossoms.



Have you ever read a book that pulled out your heart and crushed it? And you are so devastated by it you can't read another book? And you can't pull yourself out of the world the author created?

30 Days was that kind of book for me. I was not expecting the ending of this book and was so upset and distraught I needed to stop reading for the day and watch TV in order to cope with my feelings. I loved and hated this book... but in the end, it left me speechless. When I finally started talking - it wasn't calmly, in fact, I was yelling at my fiance. However, by now, he is pretty used to my rantings and random shouting at or about my books/kindle.

It has taken a day to finally be calm enough to write this review. Of course, I had to rate it 5 stars after having my heart ripped out. I guess I am just a sucker for pain.

☆• About the author •

Jane Is a self-confessed coffee addict and chocoholic. Like most women, she enjoys nothing more than snuggling with a good book, a steaming cup of coffee with a few munchies on hand.
Jane lives in a small town called Burton on Trent, Staffordshire in the heart of England. This little town where she resides is famous for making beer, the home of Coors Brewery. She has called this industrial town home, all her life.

Jane is a mother, a fiancée and loves to write books of all genres. She believes in variety and loves nothing more than to try her hand at anything her mind conjures up.

Her back catalogue includes:
Erotic romance ~ ‘Belleza’
Erotic romance ~ ‘Alias’
Erotic thriller ~ ‘30 Days’
Women’s comedy drama ~ ‘GirlsQuad – A Best of Friends series: Book one’

She is currently working on a dark horror, collaborating with another author, amongst other projects.

Jane believes in her work, she believes in her stories and she hopes you will too, she will be bringing you lots more tales from the heart. 

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