Friday, November 28, 2014

Unworthy - Joanne Armstrong Review

Book: Unworthy
Author: Joanne Armstrong

Book Synopsis:
Nearly two hundred years after a killer disease swept the planet, an island nation continues its isolated survival due to the ruthless dedication of its military. The laws and culture of the country are based on the survival of the fittest, distrust of disease, and control of the general population.
Marked to die.
Raised to survive.
Marked at birth as “Unworthy” to be raised, a young woman questions the necessity for the cruel practice, so many years after the Isolation was declared. She embarks on a journey which will uncover truths about her past and about her society which she could never have imagined.

Book Review: 
Right from the beginning this book was different from any other dystopian books I have read. It states the obvious that the human race ended up destroying itself (come on we all know that was gonna happen sooner or later), but it's what comes after that truly hold my interest. Joanne has created a dystopian world unlike any other I have read. She crafted the characters of Arcadia and Alex whom I felt a strong connection with as the story continues. They face the unknown, they face danger and meet the hands of death. I was drawn in as I turned pages, yearning to know the story of our characters and how it all turned out. With an ending I couldn't even fathom I was left wanting more (thank goodness there's gonna be two more books). 

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