Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book Review: September Sky - John A. Heldt

Author: John A. Heldt
Series: American Journey No. 1
Print Length: 409 pages
Published: January 1, 2015

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Book Synopsis: 
When unemployed San Francisco reporter Chuck Townsend, 45, and his college dropout son, Justin, take a trip to Mexico in 2016, each hopes to rebuild a relationship after years of estrangement. But their journey takes an unexpected turn when they meet a cruise-ship lecturer who has discovered the secret of time travel. Within days, Chuck and Justin find themselves in 1900, riding a train to Texas, intent on preventing a distant uncle from being hanged for a crime he did not commit. Their quick trip to Galveston, however, becomes long and complicated when they wrangle with business rivals and fall for two beautiful librarians on the eve of a hurricane that will destroy the city. Filled with humor, history, romance, and heartbreak, September Sky follows two directionless souls on the adventure of a lifetime as they try to make their peace with the past, find new purposes, and grapple with the knowledge of things to come.

Book Review: 
John certainly doesn't disappoint again as he crafts a new series that I have fallen in love with. Our main characters are two regular people who have regular problems who get thrust into the adventure of a life time. With twists like falling in love, robbery and even death I was on my toes tearing through the pages yearning to know what happened next. I felt the emotions of some of the characters, finding them to be funny, lovable and relatable, no matter time period they came from. I can't wait to get my hands on his next work. Most definitely a 5 star read. 

Favorite Quotes: 
"Do the prawns meet your approval?" Chuck asked. Justin washed down a mouthful of food with a swig of beer. "I'll let you know tomorrow when we come back for more," Justin said.

'Beware of men who make you smile. They will steal your heart and maybe a few other things.'"

"I should be careful around you." "Why?" Justin asked. "You're making me laugh. My mother warned me about men like you." "I thought she warned you about men who make you smile." "You're doing both," Emily said. "That makes you twice as dangerous."

When there are profits to be made, even the worst of enemies can be the best of friends.

It's like looking into the eye of God and seeing all that is perfect in an imperfect world.

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