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Book Review, Giveaway: Midnight Sky, a McKenna Chronicle by Elizabeth Miller

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Midnight Sky, a McKenna Chronicle 
by Elizabeth Miller

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Confused and upset by dark revelations, Charlise “Charlie” Carter ended her relationship with the beautiful yet damaged presidential hopeful, Colin McKenna.

But Charlie learns all is not lost, nor was her love given in vain. With a new understanding of how she came into Colin’s life, and his true feelings, their sensual affair continues.

Holding on to hope, Charlie gives him her heart and he’s promised to protect it and her. Yet real danger lurks at every corner, in every city and behind each door. Colin must find a way to keep her safe and by his side, all the while remaining committed to his bid on the White House.

While Colin wrestles with Charlie's security and the campaign, she struggles with new-found fame. Washington demands perfection and she is far from pure. Can Charlie remain true to herself and help Colin realize his dream? Or will outside forces tear them apart for good? Midnight Sky is a story of sacrifice and a love so true, it transcends public persecution and deep-seated insecurities.


Bare chest heaving, Colin kneels on the edge of the mattress staring: drinking me in with
those insatiable midnight blues. He doesn’t speak, he doesn’t have to. I can see everything written in the tight clench of his jaw, the tension easing as his gaze lingers over my body. He wants me, but it’s more than that. More than need, more than lust. The shadow covering his face is not enough to hide his love. I may be dinner, but it’s a feast worthy of a king.

An unexpected moan escapes my parted lips, yanking his gaze back to mine. He smiles a
feral smirk that grows as he falls to his hands and crawls over me until we’re nose to nose.

“I’m hungry bunny.”

I lick my lips and accept his mouth when he crushes mine. The hunger eating away at me
for days is released and reciprocated as we paw at each other. I’m desperate to touch, pet and claw my nails down his back. I feel his answering moan in the pulse between my thighs. It’s not enough, it’s never enough. Not with Colin. Snaking my hand between us, I unleash his belt. When I fumble at the zipper I settle for palming his erection through his pants. His mouth becomes more urgent, as does his tongue and hands.

But he breaks away, pushing up to his knees and pressing mine apart with the spread of his. The harsh sound of our labored breathing falls like the tails of a firework display all around us: explosive and ready to start of fire.

“No more games?”

“No…” I reach for his fly again with more success this time, moving under his briefs to
find his hard length. Taking back a little control my fingers glide over his penis and squeeze at the base. It’s not fair, so not fair, that he’s completely unfazed and hot as hell. A lock of hair has fallen on his forehead; no doubt released from its perfection by my grip. I want him everywhere. I want to become overwhelmed by Colin McKenna. My mouth filled with the taste of him on my tongue. Blinded by his beauty and held captive by his touch. I need to break through his implacable self-discipline and I just might know how.

“You’ve kept me waiting too long. Please…”

“Please what?”

“Eat me…”

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“I am the backyard barbeque to his ten-course meal.  A burger compared to his filet-mignon.  Can ground chuck ever become a steak?”

“I’m also quite intent on proving my ability to nod every eight seconds and pretend to care about the newest pair of Manolo Blahniks lining the great expanse of closets the size of my condo.  I’ve been practicing in the mirror.”

“We couldn’t be more different.  I’ve fought for everything I have and the only remedy for the silver spoon shoved up your ass is a lobotomy.”

“Every game I give you is a gift.  Your loss equates to incessant whining that would institutionalize the sanest man, and I don’t have time for a break in a padded cell.”

“From this moment forward, you will never be alone.  My heart will protect you, my body will cherish you and I will forever love you.” 

“I won’t lie, Charlie.  I was bummed when they assigned me to you, but now I realize you get into way more trouble than he ever will.  I may even get to use my gun one day.

“I’m ready to belong to you.”


My Review:

I am totally fan-girling and swooning over my latest find of author Elizabeth Miller.  I just finished reading her first two books and cannot seem to catch my breath.  I read and adored her first book, Midnight, and instantly dived into Midnight Sky, which is just Ms. Miller’s second time at bat - and she has another home run that is smacked right out of the park.  I enjoyed her plot development, story line, characters, and writing style.  Her writing is breathtaking, insightful, enthralling, and molten lava hot.   This installment had even more drama and steam than the first, and thankfully, there was a lot of both in each.  Suspense, romance, drama, smoldering sensuality, intrigue, witty banter – it was all tasty deliciousness to this old cougar.  I hope book three through infinity are in the works, I don’t think I could ever tire of this couple.   

Empress DJ

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AUTHOR ELIZABETH MILLER resides in Rochester MI with her very sarcastic husband and two young boys. In 2013 she decided to flex her writing muscles and began her debut novel: Midnight. Published in 2014, she continues writing the McKenna Chronicles with the second installment due for release in early 2015. Elizabeth loves to chat with readers.

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