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In Your Honor - Heidi Hutchinson Review

Review by Sam

Series: Double Blind Study
Book: In Your Honor
Author: Heidi Hutchinson

Book Synopsis:
He was as wild and unpredictable as a prairie storm. 
She was trying to pretend like he wasn't everything she ever wanted. How long can a storm be in stasis before lightning strikes? 
Double Blind Study is taking charge of their future. Coming off of one of the most successful tours to date, they start their own label and decide to get back to what they love the most: the music. But relearning how to be responsible adults can be a long road. 
Blake Diedrich has been running from himself his whole life. Being in a band with his very best friends has helped to keep him on the move during that time. But then Blake's past joins the tour and he's forced to think about all the choices he's made to get him where his is today. 
Lucy Newton, raised by her widowed rock star father, has a talent beyond measure. But she's placed her hopes on the back burner, putting family first. An opportunity arises that allows her to chase her dream but there's a catch: Blake Diedrich, the man who broke her heart too many times to count is part of the package. 
Pride is a destructive foe and Forgiveness is hard to accomplish. Friendship is powerful and Love is unpredictable. Every journey has a purpose, will Blake and Lucy come out stronger for it on the other side? Or will it destroy what's left of their shattered hearts? 
Warning: contains foul-mouthed rock stars, surprise appearances from exes, heart wrenching revelations and of course, fantastically loud music.

Book Review:
Heidi has not let me down with the next installment in my favorite series about a band I have read thus far in my life, and I have read quite a few! My favorite band mates are back, with a couple of new characters and older ones coming into the spotlight more. Romance buds, blooms and dies, secrets about the past are revealed and promises are broken again and again. I wasn't sure how much my heart could take, sitting there waiting for the happy ending. I kept checking how much percent I had left in the book in anticipation for what I would hope would be an ending that woud satisfy me, and satisy me it did. The characters are just as lovable as before, even more so as we learn more and more about Double Blind Study's members. My crush on Luke is still here (married or not I want him), and I opened my heart to add other characters to my heart break list. I don't know how to put into words what I read, I just know it's amazing and no combination of 26 letters can really capture how I feel about this amazing book. The perfect blend of love, loss, hope, repeat (that's a great song by the way, not in the book but I feel like it kind of describes this book for me).I want book three, I want it now!!

Favorite Quotes:

"As many times as you went wild as a prairie fire, Blake was the cloud burst that kept you from burning alive."

"Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone in order to see that you're capable of being amazing. And sometimes you have to be pushed."

"'She's got a wild side that's unpredictable.' Sway said over his shoulder.
Blake chuckled. 'You never spent more than five minutes with her. How would you even know that?'
'Because she's the only woman I've ever seen bring you to your knees. And you're the meanest sonofabitch I know.'"

"He'd reached the point where his heart hurt so bad he was convinced that it was a smoldering pule of ashes and his lungs were choking on the smoke."

"'Love isn't about deserving,' Triny countered. 'If that were the case, none of us would be able to experience it. It's a gift greater than we can understand. It's simply our job to obey it."

"'Promises are just words, anyone can make them. The actions of that promise is what matters.'
'Shit. You just went philosphical on us, didn't you? PLease tell me you didn't join a cult."

"That's what you do when you love someone. You let them follow teir dreams, because they're bound to come back, and if they don't - at last you'll have a rather bitter section of your best man speech at their wedding."

"Love doesn't follow the logical progression of time. It doesn't get old or weary. It doesn't quietly slip out the door one night while you're sleeping, leaving you free to love someone new. It's the fire that keeps you warm, it's the light that keeps you hoping, it's the star that guides you home."

All in All:
Another amazing installment in a series with so many potential directions it makes my head spin. I want to see every single on of those, so get ready for some serious writing Heidi!

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