Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Review: Surrender by Tawny Taylor - Empress DJ

Title: Surrender              

Author: Tawny Taylor

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense


I was his. 

To touch. 


Any time he wanted. Abby is ready to agree to anything to stop her brother from going to prison, but Kameron Maldondo, the owner of MalTech Corporation, is asking for the unexpected. Enthralled by his commanding brilliance, she agrees to be his assistant, at his beck and call for whatever he needs--whenever and however he wants. What that means is for him to decide and for her to submit to. Frightened yet fascinated by what he promises, Abby becomes a willing captive to his caress, undone by his peerless touch, a quivering submission to an aching need for complete carnal surrender. . .

Praise for Tawny Taylor

"Scorching hot. . .a heady mix of BDSM and thrill." --"Romantic Times "on "Dangerous Master"

"Delicious taboo sex and intrigue. . .irresistible!" --Eden Bradley on "Darkest Fire"

"Absolutely delicious!" --Kate Douglas on "Dark Master"

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“Time crawled slower than a sleeping turtle.”

“When we were… making love… all I could think about was having you, taking you.”  Something flashing in his eyes.  “Keeping you.” 

My Review:

Hot.  Steamy.  Well written.  Swoon – I am new to Tawny Taylor but will be watching for more of her work.  This story gripped me from the beginning and maintained the heat and suspense throughout.  The writing was evocative, sensual, and emotional.  I had a hard time putting my kindle down when I needed to stop to eat, sleep, or answer my husband - after his 3rd attempt at getting my attention.  The near ending was a bit out of sync for the characters, but the result was exactly what I was hoping for.  Sigh, now I just need to find me a rich handsome man to work for.  
Empress DJ

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