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Book Review: Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire – Empress DJ

Title: Consolation Prize

Author: Abbie St. Claire

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance


**Mature Content**
A woman who knows that the only guy she ever loved was a cheater and a slime-ball, but hates the idea of being the last one of her friends to be single…
A man who spent years chasing the beauty queen and always coming in second, takes a bet from his friends for a little action. Little does he know that when they up the ante, they also get to pick the girl…
That’s when Miss Pinkhaired Girl suddenly turns into Miss Blue Eyes…

Flynn Davis had spent years waiting on Courtney to give up the chase for the crown and settle down to married life and babies. When they broke up, he thought maybe he’d missed his chance to have the family he always wanted, regardless of how hard his friends, Drew and Allen, tried to hook him up.

Chloe Howard had her heart broken at Moody’s Bar when she discovered her boyfriend cheating on her. She left with tears, he left with a beer in his face. Now, at 29, she’s convinced the only males that give her any attention are her four-legged patients and they can’t talk back.

A bachelorette party brings her to Moody’s Bar once again. A guys night out brings Flynn. Because of a bet, they’re matched up whether they want to be or not, despite how hard they fight it. If only she could remember what happened last night…

My Rating:

Favorite Quote:

“My water broke in the middle of the night, and I was happy one of us remained calm.  And yes, that was me.”

My Review:

This is the second book I have read by Abbie St. Claire and I must say, I am now a total fan girl.  This tale is steamy, easy to read, contemporary, and immensely enjoyable.  I wish I knew this couple as I’d like to be friends with them, they seem like fun.  The only thing I can find to complain about is that I wanted it to keep going.  I wanted more of the same and was sad to reach the end.  Looks like I will just have to go one-click some more delectable Abbie stories to keep from pouting.

Empress DJ

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