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Book Review: Redemption in Love (Hearts on the Line #3) by Nadia Lee – Empress DJ

Title: Redemption in Love (Hearts on the Line #3)

Author: Nadia Lee

Genre: Contemporary Romance


All Amandine Monroe ever wanted was to fit in with her glamorous and wealthy in-laws and live happily ever after with her handsome husband Gavin Lloyd. Three years after the wedding, she's still nowhere near fitting in with her in-laws, and Gavin has given her everything -- except his heart.

When she finds out she's pregnant, she decides she can't raise her child in a home devoid of love. If she can't have Gavin's heart, only a divorce would do.

Gavin won't let the only woman he truly cared for walk away without a fight. He demands full custody of their child or a chance for them to reconcile.

Saving their marriage will require more than expensive gifts and a second honeymoon. If Amandine and Gavin can't overcome their pride and private fears, they'll have to let go of each other forever.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“She and Catherine didn’t seem to get along that well.  His sister Meredith had said it was because he was Catherine’s ex, though why that could ever be a problem, he might never know unless he grew a uterus.”

My Review:

I have come to adore Nadia Lee.  She writes about the wealthy in such a descriptive and enthralling manner, I find I become totally immersed in her stories.  So much so, that when I stop reading, I am a bit bewildered that I am not living in a mansion, or vacationing in Tahiti, or have a rich, toned, well-groomed, and flawlessly handsome husband that spoils me with private jets and servants.  Sigh…  As always, her work is well written, smoking hot, easy to read, smooth flowing, and emotionally palpable.  Of all of Ms. Lee’s characters that I have read so far, I believe most woman would identify with Almandine the most.  I enjoyed how the story and characters evolved.  If only I could evolve into a mansion, private jet, designer wardrobe, personal shopper, and Bentley owning husband…

Empress DJ

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