Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book Review: Sweet in Love by Nadia Lee – Empress DJ

Title: Sweet in Love (Hearts on the Line #4)

Author: Nadia Lee

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance



Brooke de Lorenzo knows Pete Monroe is off-limits. They crossed that line once, in a make-out session that rocked her world, but anything more would be complicated. Messy. Unbelievably hot. And deep down, she's afraid the younger man might just break her heart.

Pete's worked years to make sure he will be worthy of Brooke, and he's not going to wait any longer. He's going to show her what they have is very real, and that forbidden fruit is the sweetest and most satisfying. 

My Rating:

 Favorite Quote:
“There was a need for closure, and it was more or less universal.  That was why cliffhangers were always resolved, why people gritted their teeth and slogged all the way to the last page of books they weren’t enjoying, why quitters were reviled by society.” 

My Review:
I have no complaints about Nadia Lee, none, nada, zilch.  I enjoy her work start to finish.  Every piece has been well written, steamy, vivid in detail, and well depicted.  I am only sad that I have run out of stories, I have read them all, I now understand and empathize with  Kathy Bates’ character in Misery, who held her favorite author as a hostage and required him to write more sequels.   Who wouldn’t want a Pete in their life, a handsome, intelligent, funny, and successful man who has been carrying a torch for 8 years?  Eight years!  That alone signifies this is pure fantasy, as no man is that patient.  This novella matches the title, it is sweet but unfortunately short, I was so sad to see it end.
Empress DJ

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