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Book Review, Giveaway: Reckless by Janet Elizabeth Henderson




by Janet Elizabeth Henderson


The new London office of Benson Security hasn’t even opened its doors yet and already it’s neck deep in its first case…

If the mission doesn’t kill him, his sexy partner just might.

Dimitri Raast and Megan Donaldson have a common enemy—the head of an organisation that specializes in human trafficking and sexual slavery.

They have similar motivation—Dimitri’s sister was taken by the organisation, and Megan’s sister is threatened by it.

They have the same goal—eliminate their enemy and save their sisters.

Given they have so much in common, you would think working together would be a piece of cake.

You would be wrong.

While Dimitri brings skills and experience from years as a US Army Ranger to their partnership, Megan brings a background in failed career choices and an ability to cause trouble wherever she goes. Yet, even with so much at stake, Dimitri can’t resist Megan’s particular brand of crazy. She’s wild, she’s sexy and she’s fearless. An irresistible combination for a man who lives his life completely in control. Now, after almost a year with one all-consuming focus, Dimitri finds himself torn between rescuing his sister and protecting the woman he wants - from herself.

Before she gets them both killed.

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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

  Just because I don't think anorexia is a lifestyle choice doesn't make me fat. You should try eating sometime, it might improve your disposition.   

Megan's stomach rumbled again. Loudly. This wasn't good. So much for not making a sound.   She closed her eyes, tried to calm her stomach and think thoughts that made her invisible. That's when she farted. It wasn't silent. Megan dropped her head to her knees. If the bad guys didn't get her, she'd die of humiliation.   

'Do I get a poison dart pen and camera shoe?' She really hoped she did. So far being a gun-for-hire did not live up to the hype.   

The two old men were dressed in white y-front underpants with white vests tucked into them. They still wore brown socks and brown loafers. They looked like the scrawny chickens you found hanging in windows in Chinatown... The brothers at least had the decency to look embarrassed.   'We were fighting.' Bill pointed at the two long poles on the mat.   'Ninja style.'   

It's no wonder he's taken to a life of crime.   There can't be many career options open to you when you're called Fritz.   

His head was shaved bald and tattooed with Nazi symbols. Very attractive - not.   His smile was a leer that oozed toxic waste.   

Does this mean you're starting a women-only part of the operation? Like Charlie's Angels? Will you be Bosley?  

My Review:

  Reckless was my first Janet Elizabeth Henderson read and I ardently adored her sense of humor. I enjoyed her amusing style so keenly; I sought out her Facebook page and giggled at her posts. Romantic suspense is not my typical genre as I am far too lazy to follow the complex schemes and action, but this one had been billed as comedic - so I hopped on. While I did get lost a few times in the complicated underpinnings of the crimes, various organizations, and the detailed tactical planning on bringing them down - I state again - I'm lazy - Ms. Henderson's quirky characters and their clever rapid-fire banter kept me more than interested. A budding romance and a few steamy sensual scenes were also well served and kept me invested in the story - hmm, funny how that always seems to work.

    Empress DJ

About Janet Elizabeth Henderson:
janet elizabeth henderson head shot

I grew up in Scotland, but now I’m living in New Zealand - married to a Dutch man whom I met in America. (It can get a little confusing in my household!) When I'm not living in my head, I'm a mother to two tiny kids, three pet sheep, three miniature horses, three alpacas, one dog, two cats, several chickens and an escape artist goat.

5 random things about me:

1. I accidentally mooned a crowd at a Bolivian wedding.

2. I've been chased by a gang of baboons. And I mean gang. They were organised and vicious. All that was missing was their leather jackets and tattoos!

3. I wrote my first novel when I was 22. It was a cross between Star Wars, Monsters Inc. and Tinkerbelle. Funnily enough, no one wanted to publish it. Odd that...

4. I was a portrait artist on the streets of Amsterdam for a time.

5. I worked night shift as a security guard at Stirling Castle in Scotland while I was in art college. The castle was on a terrorist hit-list back then. To defend it they gave me a flashlight, a two-way radio that only worked one-way and made me wear a polyester A-line skirt...

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