Monday, July 4, 2016

Book Review: Easy Little Lick by Sibylla Matilde

Easy Little Lick

Copperline #3

 by Sibylla Matilde

*** Mature Content; Strong Language; Strong Sexual Content***

Life is like an easy little lick, a signature flourish of my drumsticks to make a song my own. Something I can do in my sleep. Effortless and smooth. No drama... until I met her.

Cody Driscoll cruises through life with a constant, steady beat. Mechanic by day, he’s the drummer for the Bangin’ Mofos at the Copperline Bar by night. Tearing it up on the drums provides an outlet, a release that soothes the stress of the world around him.

But when the withdrawn and reticent Ilsa starts working at the Copperline, Cody catches a glimpse of something nobody else seems to see - a beautiful, tenuous heart. Someone to shelter and shield. Her loneliness strikes a chord that resonates through his soul, no matter how much she tries to push him away.

As her past comes to light, the promise of their love unravels. Cody realizes the extent of her tangled and tumultuous fear. Her secrets test his conscience, and he stumbles, unsure how to make sense of his stubborn honor in a world that isn’t always black and white.

The pulse of life can shift in the blink of an eye, and ugly fallout can bring a man to his knees. But can the lies that break him make him stronger?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

She reminded me of a shadow.  Silent. Moving around the outskirts where nobody would notice her. 

I saw sadness, loneliness, and a little fear.  I saw a fragile soul who appeared alive, but not really living.

She was emotion itself, the entire spectrum wrapped around me.  Peaceful and tumultuous, twisted together.  Desolate, yet content, as impossible as that sounds.

So once again, life was like an easy little lick, a signature flourish of my drumsticks to make a song my own.  Something I could do in my sleep.  Effortless and smooth.  No drama...

My Review:

From the initial three books I've read of this series to date, this one is my favorite by far.  Cody is totally swoon worthy, my favorite band member, and my new BBF.  He is just too precious!  I was unfamiliar with the term "easy lick" so it wasn't until the final page of the story and saw the definition that I realized the extremely cleverness of the title, being that Cody was the drummer in the Bangin' Mofo band.  Sibylla Matilde has it going on!

Ilsa's storyline brought Ms. Matilde's signature humor, steam, and heart squeezing angst; along with intrigue, tension, and an undercurrent of fear and danger.  Ilsa was an enigma, obviously on the run from something - I was thinking witness protection or the mob - but she kept her secrets close, which frustrated me at times.  The plot was passionate and sensual as well as sweet, tender, and all consuming.  I remained engaged in the story from the first page to the last.   I am totally grooving on this series and with only two additional books to go, I will be sad to see it come to an end.

Empress DJ

About The Author

Sibylla Matilde grew up in the mountain valleys of Southwest Montana exploring the dusty Old West gold country on the back of a horse. She attended a two-room schoolhouse beginning in 1st grade & had the same teacher until she changed schools after 7th. Beginning at about age 12, Sibylla discovered historical romance, feeding off of work of Jude Deveraux & Lisa Kleypas. She loves a book that can make the reader run the gamut of emotions, from the sweet glow of new love to gut-wrenching heartache. She is a true romantic & always has stories floating around in her head, living in a fantasyland until she writes them down to free them. 




  1. I think I'm gonna have to check this series out!

  2. Hummm, not sure about this, I'm not really into strong-sexual-based romance, but cool you liked it :)