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Book Review: Gentleman's Agreement by Ethan Radcliff

Gentlemen's Agreement

by Ethan Radcliff


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 ***Mature Content 18 and over please*** 

Chad Henderson and Jon Lasiter were best friends. Their taste in women always caused a problem. They always went after the same woman. Cleo Davenport was older and sophisticated, with a bevy of men at her fingertips. She was a high-priced Madam and Domme. Chad rejected the lifestyle and Jon embraced it. Both wanted the beautiful older woman in their bed. Could they reach an agreement that would suit all their needs?

My Rating: 


The reason I rated this book four stars, is because I found the blurb lacking. Yes, its nice simple and catchy. But it led me to believe that the book would end a certain way and when it ended in a different direction I was upset. Mainly because it was leaving out a key element. The other character that plays an important role in this book, and in the main characters story. I know that you don't always have to put all the details in your blurb. But you can give enough, so you don't lead your reader to only seeing certain roads.

My main question would be, if I mention this other character would the author think I am giving out spoilers? I want to rate this book 5 stars, despite the ending and the blurb. I found it captivating and exciting to read about this BDSM world. It was a pleasure to see, Madam and Chad struggle for power in their sexual relationship. To read about the strength of friendship between Chad and Jon. The sex scenes were spectacular, and I was found myself even more fascinated with the BDSM lifestyle.

Please read in between the lines of this blurb. There are other factors that will give Chad challenges and choices that he will have to face. Inner battles that he alone must fight. 

P.S Majority of the time I do throw in the rating for the cover and blurb along with the book because those key factors can bring in an audience. If a reader doesn't like either of those things, they will not read the book. More importantly, if a reader thinks they are being misled that will make them unhappy as well. 

About the Author:

Ethan Radcliff has been writing stories since he was a kid. He loves creating and tried his hand at art, but felt he wasn't good enough. Through high school he wrote erotic stories, kept them in a notebook and let a few of his girlfriends read them. He then began writing poetry, which he kept to himself, because most of his poems were based on erotica. His brain never stopped. He became serious about writing erotic romance stories a few years ago and wondered how hard it would be to break through the barrier as a male erotic romance writer.

He delved into the world of BDSM and took a personal journey through the lifestyle, which aided in his writing.

He'd been a face book user for years. He never saw anything interesting until he began to see all the writers and then some poets posting their erotic prose. Men who were writing erotic romance began to crop up. He watched and then began to post a few poems here and there. The response was good and then better. He was being noticed.

He can see a picture and write a poem. He can see an attractive women and conger up a sexy scenario. The jiggle of a full ass or heavy breasts can get him going. His mind is always is on an attractive face or body.

His thanks go out to Bitten Press LLC and the two lovely women who run it, for goading him on, telling him to go for it and he did.

His first short story is The Taming of Molly Jenkins. It's hot. Is it based on personal experience? All he can answer is, perhaps. The next short story is The Wait, Britt's undoing. There will be more. He has a paranormal erotic romance series, Desires of Blood which at the moment is six books strong. Stay tuned for some historical, contemporary and fantasy erotica from him. Yes, and he will continue with some great stories including some BDSM adventures. He has one book of erotic poetry published; it has been an amazing success.

Follow Ethan Radcliff as he continues to entertain you. He can write any genre and intends to broaden his scope as an author in 2015.

His thanks go out to all his readers. Without them he'd be still be writing notes in his composition notebook, waiting for that right moment. You made it happen for him.

~Ethan Radcliff 

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