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Book Review, Giveaway: The Rarest Rose by H.A. Robinson

Book: The Rarest Rose
Author: H.A. Robinson
Genre: Contemporary Romance


"Elijah is a self-confessed workaholic, taking a forced break from his non-stop obsession with righting an old wrong.

Sarah is a reclusive artist, holed up alone out of fear for far too long, hiding from a history she can never divulge.

When their paths cross on a misty day in Cornwall, two worlds are turned upside down, and neither will ever be the same again.

But when Sarah’s past comes back to haunt her, it threatens to destroy everything she's built, and there's no guarantee that either of them will make it out unscathed."


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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

...a challenge was a challenge.  When my smart-mouthed assistant, Angela, triple-dog-dared me to go on holiday empty-handed, I couldn't turn it down - especially after her thirty-minute lecture on the consequences of turning down a triple-dog-dare.  I didn't think all my hair would actually fall out, or that my manhood would shrivel up to nothing, rendering me doomed to a joyless existence, as she not so delicately put it.

I felt a strange pang in my chest, where I was pretty sure my heart used to be.  I couldn't remember the last time somebody had looked at me like that.  If I was being honest with myself, it was a stretch to remember the last time somebody who wasn't the Tesco delivery guy looked at me at all...

It looks like Hiroshima in 1945 in here.  Are you baking or splitting the atom?

I'm a domestic disaster.  The only thing I'm any good at making is a mess.

It was a real life fairy tale.  But every fairy tale has a villain.

Unclench, constipation is bad for you.

She ate slowly, daintily, which was a little strange to me, having grown up with a vacuum cleaner for a sister.

My Review:

I wish I had been given a warning before I dived into this book so I could prepare myself, so I will give one to you.  Gird your loins for high angst and a few scenes of heinous abuse.  But if you turn away based on that warning, you will miss out on a smart and well-written, beautiful, heart-squeezing love story of salvation and second chances, although it is unfortunately also realistically marred with an intense history of violence.   The heroine of the story appeared to be the Queen of Indecision and Poor Personal Choices - past and present.  She frustrated me.  I felt empathy for her as she was so badly broken and deeply cracked, but I also found her to be somewhat tedious - but that may largely be due to my personal distaste for constant angst.  I adored Elijah, he was a tasty morsel and the source of all things clever in the narrative, and I reveled in and lived for the witty banter and verbal sparring he provided.  Some of the abuse scenes were too vivid for me and required a cursory skim - which is something I rarely do, but I felt too close to it and couldn't be turned inside out today - so I cheated.  However, the perfectly satisfying and lovely ending more than made up for all my prior discomfort.  Taken in totally, The Rarest Rose is another well-crafted offering from Ms. Robinson, although I must confess I greatly preferred and cherished her Max Colton more, but well, who wouldn't when it comes to the great and mighty Max? 

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Author Bio

H. A. Robinson is a jet-setting billionaire with a home on each continent, who spends her free time saving kittens from trees and babies from burning buildings. A graduate of Hogwarts and a frequent visitor to Narnia, she drinks coffee in Central Perk and tames dragons in Westeros.
In her dreams…
In reality, she’s a support worker living in a small town in Cheshire, who would almost always choose fantasy over reality. She’s been an obsessive reader from the moment she picked up her first Enid Blyton book, more years ago than she cares to admit, and enjoys nothing more than getting lost in new worlds and adventures from the minds of all the amazing authors out there.
She’s had the voices of characters in her head for as long as she can remember, and puts them down on paper in order to convince herself and the men in white coats that she isn’t crazy.

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