Thursday, July 7, 2016

Book Review: Think Before You Speak by D. A. Bale

Think Before You Speak 
The Bartender Babe Chronicles 
Book Two 

by D. A. Bale 

Vicki Bohanan is at it again, and this time, she’s sporting a whole new reputation. On the eve of preseason football, blackmail lands at her feet – and for a woman with an attitude the size of Texas, it’s gonna take more than a pigskin to plug her pie-hole.

Especially when the old reputation continues to nip at her like a never-ending hangover. A Texas Ranger, her undercover boss, and a patron affectionately dubbed ‘Radioman’ walk into the bar and keep Vicki’s head whirling like a ride at the state fair. All she wants is to move back into her remodeled apartment to escape the madness. So when her Aussie model sometimes squeezes invites her to San Antonio for a shootout at the Alamo – cameras this time – Vicki saddles up for a ride.

Then runs smack dab into an unexpected hitch by the name of Reginald von Braun. Reggie’s got secrets hidden behind secrets, and someone else has discovered the truth. With blackmail in the bargain, Vicki must determine the culprit who has threatened to expose Reggie’s past right when he’s on the cusp of finding a future.

All while protecting his revelations, hard to do when you’ve got that dreaded disease known as foot-in-mouth – and when you’re fighting off multiple men with an eye on your goods.

How many men can one woman fend off? As many as Vicki can handle in book two of the Bartender Babe Chronicles. Bring it on, boys.


My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

The nice thing with having a gay friend is that they love hugs and kisses from just about everyone - and you don't have to worry about them feeling you up like a testosterone-fueled teenager.

George must've been dredged from the bottom of their combined gene pool.

No, I don't cry in my beer, folks. That'd mess up the taste.

I'm a thirty-something divorcee with two kids.   If that's not enough to send a man running home in terror, I've got stretch marks to rival a roadmap, a butt that screams mom-jeans no matter what brand I wear, and boobs already well into a permanent southerly migration. At this rate, you might as well put me out to pasture or send me off to the glue factory.

My Review:

Think Before You Speak is yet another sparkling Bartending Babe story from D. A. Bale, who is my new favorite author. This gal has mad skills and has been found treasure for me this week.  I adore her clever and vibrant characters and dynamic and amusing writing style. This story held my attention throughout and also had a bit of frisky business with Vicki pondering her relationship choices, new and old, and among several potentials.  

My beloved and beleaguered favorite bartender was experiencing another chaotic and eventful period in her life, which began with a friend seeking her assistance in solving an extremely vexing issue that would expose his past and threaten his livelihood. Vicki's take-no-prisoners confidence and well-meaning blundering were endlessly entertaining, although while second guessing her rashness, she miraculously finds clues, ideas, and assistance from unexpected sources along the way. Her startling experiences in the midst of solving this new mystery brings about a humorous self-appraisal and personal accounting, something she has typically avoided in the past in favor of seeking out more pleasant pursuits and distractions. Vicki is growing up! Meanwhile, she deals with blackmail, more snide mean girl and elitist behavior, gang members, shootings - of guns and fashion, new and old relationship issues, and all while reconsidering her career choice and family concerns. Vicki's life is just so eventful and exciting - I am chartreuse with envy! I am hopelessly addicted to this new series and eager to see what she stumbles into next.

Empress DJ

About The Author

Sometimes life emulates fiction.

Life is filled with tragedy and Ms. Bale's writing reflects this reality. However, there is always a silver lining...even if one must spend their entire life searching for it.

In her previous career, Ms. Bale traveled the United States as a Government Relations Liaison, working closely with Congressional offices and various government agencies. This experience afforded her a glimpse into the sometimes "not so pretty" reality of the political sphere. Much of this reality and various locations throughout her travels make it into her writing.

She dreams of the day she can return to visit Alaska.

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