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Book Review: Finding Sam by Taylor Lavati

Finding Sam
by Taylor Lavati
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Sometimes, the past isn’t supposed to be forgotten.

Sam is convinced he’s cursed. Everything he touches dies. He leaves his past behind and travels across the country, hoping the distance will save the loved ones he’s left. When his car breaks down, he becomes stranded, finding comfort in a stray dog.

Despite the fact that he refuses to build any relationships, the people of Sterling, Colorado wiggle their way into his heart. His adopted dog, Lucky, shows him he can handle responsibility. His new boss, Lenny, shows him he has purpose. His neighbor, Izzy, shows him he’s capable of love again. But can Sam find happiness after he’s lost it all?

Finding Sam, the sequel to the bestselling novel of addiction and attraction, A Reliant Love, is a tale of redemption, acceptance, and finding yourself.


“I shouldn’t be here,” I mutter under my breath.

“Like in this town or here in the kitchen with me?” She quirks her head to the side and crosses her arms over her chest. It’s defensive, but not, at the same time. More likely a precautionary arm cross.


“Do you not like me? I know I can talk a lot, and I’m trying hard to be positive in this awkward situation. Sometimes it’s just one comment too much that can set someone off. I’m sure you can tell, but I’m normally really upbeat and positive.” She nods like a hundred times.


“Anything can happen at any time, so you have to live every day like it’s your last. That guy just pisses me off.” She shakes her head, dragging in a loud breath.

“Listen, I’m not begging you to like me,” she says as she slams the refrigerator door shut. “It’s just that you’re new around here, and I saw you as a clean slate. I just want to be friends, so if you have a girlfriend, that’s fine.” She steps forward and grabs my forearm. I stare down at where our bare flesh connects. “Seriously, I’m not a relationship person. I don’t believe in relationships, but I do respect them. I’d never step on another girl’s toes. I just want to be friends.”

“I’m leaving the second my car is fixed.” My words ring with finality. Her hand falls from me as she steps backward towards the fridge like I slapped her.



Since I read both Reliant Love and Finding Sam, my thoughts and feelings are fresh in my heart and mind. I want to say that if you have not read Reliant Love, I suggest that you might not want to read this review.

In the first book I automatically assumed that Nathalie was the main character in this series. But it seems I was wrong, Sam is the main character and he is lost. Especially when he loses Nat. So he ruins everything and everyone.

This book is another chance for Sam, even if he doesn't want it. Everyone deserves another chance right? At least I think so. I am so happy that he was able to be happy in the end. Even if he got hurt along the way. Nothing in life is easier, whether it's in a book are in real life. Nothing is simple and we have to fight for the right to our happiness.

I loved these books. Thank you, Taylor, you have reminded that sometimes you just have to keep fighting.

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It seems to be a constant theme this week to read rip-your-heart-out romances instead of the normal dark romances. Seems I have found another author that can do the perfect job in butchering my heart. When this happens I usually take a break and try to cool off. But I am on a schedule for these reviews, so that means I will be picking up the next book and reading it. Hopefully, the next one has some kind of HEA, because at this point I am really needing one.

I have never done drugs or had any type of addiction. So it was a little harder to connect with the character and everything that was going on. But I still had the feels which is pretty impressive since I only get upset with the books I can connect too. I don't know what else to say about this book except it is not for the faint of heart. Next up is Finding Sam.  

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Author Taylor Lavati 

Taylor Lavati is the twenty-four-year-old author of the bestselling fantasy trilogy, A Curse Books. She writes contemporary romances, such as A Reliant Love and For The Love of Ash. She also writes a dystopian serial called The Last Legacy. More books under her name can be found under the "BOOKS" tab.

Raised in a small Connecticut town, Taylor now works locally at pre-school teaching children between the ages of 2 and 5 while writing in her free time. She loves to read--the author who most inspires her: Jodi Picoult.

She's a Gemini to the core. She married in August 2014, and has a pretty little fur-baby. She was on the varsity Ice Hockey team in high school. She performed dance at various arenas, like Disney World Epcot center and Madison Square Garden. And she's probably the most competitive person on the face of the earth (especially when playing video/board games with her husband).

If you play League of Legends, be sure to add me @Eclippzz (Twilight reference)

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