Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review: Delayed Love by Sandra Richmond

Delayed Love

by: Sandra Richmond 


This is not your starry-eyed, love-struck romance. There are no singing birds or riding off into the sunset. There is no happily ever after. This is the type of story that tears your heart out, stomps it into the dirt, and very slowly sews it back together. Never to be the same again.

Harley left Branchwood, Colorado, at eighteen in hopes of never returning. But at thirty-six she’s forced to return to her hometown to bury her father. Can she come back home and not be touched by the painful secrets she left behind?

Ford devoted his life to the Hell Hounds MC, even when doing so cost him the girl he loved. He survived that loss though, and put it firmly in his past. But sometimes the past comes running back into town to knocks you right on your ass.

He wants the truth.

She wants to forget.

When the truth comes to light will they be able to work together and fix everything that went wrong? 

***Beware this book contains sexy, dangerous bad boys*** 



I have never read an MC Romance like this one. I was walking in blind, the blurb gave me enough details to want to read the book but not enough details for me to know what was going to happen. On top of that, the author wrote it similar to a mystery novel. You never got all the details at once, it was spread out. Like when you have a trail of crumbs for the dogs to follow.

I really have mixed feelings about this book. I loved the characters and their will-power to keep fighting against all odds. I loved how they still saw the light when they were surrounded by darkness. But was it unrealistic that they didn't have more issues with the traumatic events happening around them? Did it not take an effect on their mental health? Like I said I am torn, so the rating is only 4 stars.

But I would totally love to read the second book. I do want more of this world that Sandra Richmond writes about.

About the Author:

Hey, there! I'm Sandra and I'm 26 years old. I write Erotica Crime Fiction, among other things... you'll see. ;) Any who, I'm currently writing A Hell Hound MC series full of loud motors, jammed with sexy bad ass bikers and overflowing with 'Execution' :0 

When I'm not writing, I'm wrangling my beautiful offspring or my rowdy animals. Believe you me, the animals are much easier to deal with. ;) My life consists of dirty diapers, spit up and the occasional DOL. (Diaper Over Load.) followed by tiny hands tugging and pulling, screaming and yelling at me all day. So when it comes to my down time, I write... be glad I'm a creative stress :) Exe was born, among my other greek gods. :)

I also like to sketch/freehand when I'm on a word world overload and just need to break the barriers for awhile.

Then, finally, my inspirations... three little people who push me to my fantasy worlds, they will surely have me wrinkled and gray before it's my time. I love you babies with every breath in me. 



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