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Book Review: The Crash Series by Stacey Brandon & Karen Bell

The Crash Series
Stacey Brandon
Karen Bell

Crash (The Crash Series Book 1)

Charli has a plan for her life. It does not include the hot guy at table four. This is the first time she’s seen him at The Crash, the bar where she works most evenings. From the moment he arrives with his power suit, condescending friends, and unnerving stare, he’s hijacked her thoughts. It doesn’t help that he keeps finding ways to insinuate himself into her life.

Logan has a plan for his life. It does not include the quirky little waitress at the new bar his friends discovered. He has a lot of obligations and very little time. If he needs a female distraction once in awhile, she isn’t the type of woman he normally looks to. Despite all of this, she has become what he wants most of all.

Working to overcome all the things threatening to separate them won’t be easy. Can they find a way to meet in the middle if it holds the promise of happily ever after?

This novel is book one in a series of three, but can be read as a "stand-alone" also. It's a new adult fiction with adult humor and recommended for 18+ 



My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Ronan is an ex-marine who's forgotten he's retired.  Sometimes working for him makes me feel like I'm going through basic training.

Crossing his arms over his chest and tilting his head to one side, he inspects me from the top of my ponytail to the soles of my shoes.  I feel like I went through the full-body scan at the airport.

It's only our second date, and if I ask, he will think I'm one of those women obsessing over their biological clock.  He'll assume I'm already drawing hearts, filling notebooks with a 'Mrs.' attached to my name and his, and ready to hire a contractor for that white picket fence.

"I have never met anyone so weird and unpredictable, or so beautiful and funny... And I've never wanted to know someone, inside and out, the way that I do you."  His lips come down on mine and I lose all sense of time.

My Review:

Crash was sparkling good fun; until it broke my heart, but I even then I still adored it.  These authors are mega talented and natural storytellers.  Even when the characters were being unreasonable or miserable, the humor and insight remained present.  The characters were feisty, sassy, delightfully flawed, textured, complicated, and remarkably endearing.  They squeezed my heart and never let go.  Their lively and clever banter was beyond witty and at times was elevated to verbal sparring.  The two best friends were well drawn and a dynamic duo of snark.  The romance was sweet and steamy with explosive chemistry.  

Empress DJ

Fall (Crash Series #2)


Liv is smart, sexy, and confident. Just ask her. She isn’t shy. Her photography business is starting to really take off, she has amazing friends, and there has never been a shortage of boyfriends. With so much to offer, why hasn’t she ever fallen in love?

Zac followed his dream and just opened his first restaurant. He is also about to marry the woman he has loved since he was in high school. He has his life right on track and couldn’t be happier.

When Liv is hired to photograph Zac’s upcoming wedding, she realizes why she’s never been in love before… She hadn’t met the right guy yet.

When Zac gets to know the photographer for his wedding, he can’t stop thinking about her. It doesn’t change his love for his fiance’… but Liv fascinates him and that scares him more than he wants to admit.

What happens when you fall for a guy that already belongs to someone else? 



My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

To say they look odd together is like saying those Hemsworth brothers are a little cute.

He's my idea of male perfection.  Even though he and I have never been introduced, this beautiful stranger has unknowingly played a starring role in many of my fantasies over the past year.

I've been told that I'm an acquired taste but I've always taken it as a compliment.  Who wants easy and uncomplicated?  That would be boring.

My Review:

I was loving the storyline and writing of Fall almost as much as I did than the first book in series, Crash, until - record scratch - the main female character turned stupid and stubborn and beyond frustrating.  But until then, I was reveling in the brash, brassy, sarcastically biting, firecracker known as Liv, although a little later her piggish and selfish tendencies made her less appealing than had I found her to be in Crash.  Although to be fair, most of the characters were living under more stressful conditions than they had been in Crash.  However, it may also just be my personal bias - as conflict and pregnancy are near the top of the list of my least favorite tropes. 

Empress DJ

Stacey Brandon

A Southeast Texas girl that loves being a Mom and Wife.... Professional photographer with a lifelong love of reading and writing. Deciding to start writing novels with her best friend Karen Bell has been one the greatest adventures ever and each day brings a new excitement.

Karen Bell

I live in Southeast Texas. I am a mother of two extraordinary sons and wife of 28 years. I love my fur babies, sewing and reading. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and as of 12/3/15, I have been cancer free for one year! I recently began writing novels with my best friend, Stacey Brandon and it has stirred yet another passion. I love my life, my family, my friends and I appreciate each and every day!

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