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Series Book Review, Giveaway: Hale Series by Marie James

Book: To Hale and Back  (Hale series conclusion)
Author: Marie James
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Blitz – 26th-28th October


Meet the Men of the Hale Series!

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While this closely knit group of six tries to settle into normal; drugs, money, and vengeance leave one man dead and another in jail for a wide range of crimes he did not commit.
Friendships and bonds are tested past the breaking point, allegiances are questioned, and relationships threaten to crumble.  From the point of view of all six characters we've come to love, perspective is offered on the hell that they are all experiencing, the love they've all found, and the sexy, fairytale lives they all wish to get back to.

This is the final book in the Hale Series.

Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content.

My Rating:

 Favorite Quotes:

Coming To Hale

“She’s now glaring at me like I drank the last of the wine and forgot to refrigerate another bottle, one of the seven deadly sins according to her.”

“I thought the kiss in the hallway was incredible.  This kiss.  This kiss was sell your first child just to get another perfect.”

“This man topless could end wars, everyone stopping their battle just to stare at his perfection.”

“I’ve never needed anyone as much as I need you, Lorali.  I can’t even form words to explain it.”

Begging For Hale

“This man’s going to make me lose my mind.  I’ve never been more sexually frustrated and satisfied at the same time.”

“He cracks a smile at me, ‘I ordered you the jambalaya.’  He says as I raise my water glass to my lips.  Loud enough for everyone at the table to hear, he continues, ‘I know how much you like the sausage.’”

“She has somehow gotten under my skin and has burrowed down making a place for herself in my life.  Deciding to be friends with benefits is possibly either the best or the worst decision we’ve ever made!”

“The hostility in her eyes is immediate, but she’s way too nice to say anything about it… She tucks his card into her back pocket, and I can see her looking at the one I have in my hands, knowing she want to tear it up so I’ve no access to him.  I giggle lightly and hand it to her.”

Hot As Hale

“My heart races uncontrollably when I even think about him.  When I see him, I can’t even speak.  The one time I did dial his number to place the first call to him made my hands shake so much I couldn’t even manage to hit the green circle on my phone.”

“I may need to pour this drink directly down the front of my pants.  It will take too long for my body to cool from ingesting it.”

To Hale And Back:

“She was the queen of bean flicking before she met Ian.”

“It’s then that I realized that I would follow this man through the gates of hell if he even hinted that he wanted me there.” 

“And I thought it couldn’t get any better.  Married sex is awesome!”

My Review:

Coming to Hale was my introduction to Marie James and she lured me in with her sweet couple and fresh and sexy style.  I was such a sucker for expecting the subsequent books to be similar, as they were not.  While the same characters continued on throughout the four books - and I enjoyed each in turn, the following books were more angsty, but also held more mystery and sensuality.  Begging For Hale had atomically hot sensual scenes.  Hot as Hale was a sweet and sexy story with a bit of suspense thrown in to the mix.  Detective Perez was the best kind of BBF as he was thoughtful, sweet, supportive, and insightful, and he cooks in every room. 

To Hale and Back started off as mostly sunshine and rainbows, as the three couples settled into their lives together and started planning their futures and continuing their careers.  With 1026 total pages read for this review, I expected a sweet and sexy wrap up as we cruised to the completion to this sensual series, but no… Marie James had a dark and bumpy ride planned for one of the couples.  Their reactions to the situation became rather uncomfortable and precarious, and I wasn’t sure their journey was one they could return from intact, nor was I certain they should have - considering the behaviors displayed.  Written in multiple POV, which I enjoyed, the story tied together well and held my attention, despite the occasional cringing.  No spoilers here, but although it was hard getting there, the ending did bring a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Empress DJ

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