Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do Me, Do My Roots - Eileen Rendahl Review


Title: Do Me Do my Roots
Author: Eileen Rendahl
Genre: Chick Lit

Book Synopsis:
After a couple of tough years, Emily is finally getting her life back together. She doesn't need to re-do everything at work 3 times, her 6-year-old daughter's soccer uniform is almost always clean the day of a game, and meals are pretty darn reliably on time, too. But hey, having your husband die of a brain tumor at 33 kind of knocks the starch out of you. But first her dad has an Event (only her mom would call a minor heart attack that, as if it's a Bar Mitzvah). Then her sister Caludia's ex-husband starts stealing their kids' Ritalin for the high (and wouldn't you replace that stash of pills with The Pill, to teach him a lesson? His -- ahem -- unexpected chest development was an unforeseen but howlingly funny bonus. Hey, they weren't even A-cups.) And her relentlessly upwardly mobile sister Leah has dropped her clone businessman boyfriend and has taken up with a rock musician. And now Jake, the best friend of Emily and her former husband, seems to be spending a lot of time at her house. Which she likes way too much. So much that it's kind of scary, not to mention confusing. So what's a girl to do, but get together with her sisters for the monthly color-the-roots and gossip-and-advice session, to make the world seem sane again? And if that's too much to expect, at least you know you have good buddies in life's asylum!

Book Review:
A hilarious story of family, friends, sickness, health, life and love Do Me Do My Roots had me from the beginning. Our main character and her sisters are a laugh riot, reminding me of best friends. Things spike up and down for them, even before the start of the book takes place brining heartbreak and hilarity before we realize the universe isn't up to us. The realness of the characters was what really caught me (along with other things), I loved that they had real problems and handled them the way that normal people would. Through everything falling apart, being duct taped together only to fall apart again family and love prevails giving a perfect ending. I kind of want a sequel though, just to see how things are going ;)

Favorite Quotes:

"Why do we have to talk about Thanksgiving? Did they move it? Have we decided not to celebrate it for religious or political reasons? Are we not feeling thankful this year?"

"Hannah Kauffman is older than my parents are. Her mother is older than Methuselah. In fact, Hannah Kauffman's mother might be older than Methuselah's mother."

"Let's just say that when I stood up next to her, she offered to perform certain, uh, services that she could perform in precisely that position, but would require her to remove her dentures."

"When you've been feeling a certain way for a long time - even if that way is sad - it's comforting because it's familiar. Learning to feel a new way - even if it's happy - is scary because it's new and unpredictable."

All in All:
A great story sure to warm the coldest of hearts with laughter and love, Do Me, Do My Roots is a laugh out loud and love read I would recommend to pretty much anyone! 

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