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Book Review: Kelly Hill by Laura Gibson - Empress DJ

 Title:  Kelly Hill     

Author:  Laura Gibson

Genre:  Contemporary, Family Drama, New Adult, Suspense


Rachel is standing on the brink of a world about to change. Battling a dysfunctional family life and still trying to cover up her involvement in a scandal two years prior, Rachel can’t seem to think straight anymore. She’s just living day to day, trying not to succumb to the stress she covers up with a polite smile. When Kelly Hill saunters back in her life, Rachel feels her carefully crafted lies begin to crack apart around her. Rachel had made a deal with the devil and now Kelly’s presence is causing her to go back on her word, bringing secrets boiling to the surface where they don’t belong. But when a body is discovered on the grounds of Phillips Academy, Rachel knows she can’t keep running from the truth forever.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“Lacking punctuality was a character flaw that Rachel couldn’t or wouldn’t accept.  Rachel, was a woman of impeccable timing, whether it be planned or otherwise.  She always arrived at precisely the time she needed to be there and now these hooligans were making everyone late.  She caught the sigh in her throat again before she had a chance to expel it and shifted in her seat, waiting.  Always waiting.” 

“He was acting like a sulking little boy and now he wanted her to be just as upset with him as he was with her, that way they could get the fight out of the way and over with.  It was a vicious dangerous, cycle the entire family lived in.  They picked at one another to cause reactions and then delivered tremendous blows once there was any sort of conflict.”

“Rachel’s lecture mode was like feeling your brain slowly seep out of your ears, it was painful and it could bore to absolute death.”

“How do you tell a person that you loved them and because of that, you could hold onto them?  Was that too cliché?  Was saying the words too teenage drama chic?”

My Review:

I love how this author writes.  Her style is much like the main character, precise, crisp, exacting, relevant, sharp, and obsessive.   Her characters are well described and inhabited, I felt I knew them without knowing them.  The book slides back and forth in the time line between their present and 2 or 3 years prior when memories or significant incidents occurred.  I soon noticed that there is something terribly wrong, besides her odd personality, but you won’t find out what that is until near the end of the story.  Actually there are several things that are terribly wrong… which initially frustrated me, but I decided after the third chapter that I had to get a grip and just let it evolve.  By then I began to enjoy unraveling the threads and finding the mystery.   I had a hard time determining the genre for this story as it seems to be a hybrid or chameleon, and has fingers into several pies.  This is not a love story but I liked it anyway – gasp!  Yeah – it was that good!  And there was no sex at all – other than a few rather chaste kisses and some hand holding.  Beside a few expletives – just a few - this book could even be recommended to those of the Sunday School set that enjoy suspense and family drama.

Empress DJ

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