Saturday, January 6, 2018

Book Review: Crazy Sexy Notion by Sarah Darlington

Crazy Sexy Notion
by Sarah Darlington

Releasing January 8, 2018

My former best now a hooker... 

After a terrible breakup, the crazy notion hit me to look up my childhood friend. With half a country between us, I haven't seen Raven since the day my dad rushed in and saved me from the Sandy Hill Trailer Park. But I loved Raven as a boy, and now I need to find out if I could love her as a man. Only problem: her profession.
Come to find out—she's a prostitute.

Mickey Lawson
Yeah, I hate that guy.
Really, he's only a faint memory now, but at one point in time he meant everything to me.
My protector. My savior. My best friend.
I was ten.
Then he left.
Now he's back.
Fifteen years too late.

**CRAZY SEXY NOTION is a standalone.**

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

It didn’t help that this man had to be straight up handsome, too. Like Clark Kent handsome…  He even had on dark frames, as if he really were trying to channel Clark Kent up in the front seat. Good thing I'd always been a Batman fan.

I had a feeling I was about to see the side of him that turned smart girls, like Sandra, stupid.

His blue eyes were sincere and kind, staring at me like I hung the moon in his eyes. He knew the worst about me and…still, he’d only ever looked at me with adoration.

I knew my life was never going to be the same… You aren’t the little girl I remembered—you’re so much more.

My Review:

I have only read two of Sarah Darlington’s books, but I plan to remedy that as soon as is humanly possible.  She has mad storytelling skills.  Her characters tend to be uniquely quirky train wrecks, less than admirable and deeply flawed screw-ups, and some have even been absolutely obnoxious and cringe-worthy.  However, despite their countless poor choices, missteps, and transgressions, I tend to find myself a bit tense with conflict before pulling toward them and wanting good things to happen for them to balance out the poor hands they had been dealt, and such was the case with the low-rent/trailer-park raised waitress/part-time hooker character of Raven in this engrossing tale.  

Raven was jaded, temperamental, impulsive, easily angered, crass, and impatient.  She was also beautiful, highly sensual, and a survivor.  She was doing the best she could muster given her limited opportunities and heart-breaking history.  The writing and storyline of Crazy Sexy Notion held me captive, even when I wanted to give the exasperating characters a hard pinch or whack to the head I couldn’t stop reading and finished the book in a day.  Prepare for lots of expletives, characters you’ll want to smack, heart-squeezes, sizzling sensual scenes, and an addictive tale that proved hard to quit.  I can’t wait to see who and what Ms. Darlington conjures up for me to love/hate next.  

Empress DJ

About the Author


Sarah Darlington grew up traveling the United States (Navy Brat here!)—although, she’s called Virginia home for most of her adult life. She’s the proud mom of an intelligent 5-year-old boy with autism, who makes every day an adventure, and a 1-year-old red-headed little girl who is as fiery as her hair color. She believes in true love, soul mates, unicorns, rainbows, and that Hogwarts really does exist. Before having kids she worked as a flight attendant. And when she’s not writing, she’s busy plotting her next grand adventure (aka vacation).


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