Tuesday, January 20, 2015

After and Again - Michael McLellan Review

Book: after and again
Author: Michael A. Mclellan

Book Synopsis:
Centuries after a cataclysmic event drastically changed the world, fifteen-year-old Zack McQueen stumbles upon a cave filled with relics from a nearly forgotten era. Relics that could both reshape his destiny, and forever change the future for all living things. Returning home, he finds his town in ruins, and his loved ones missing. Vowing to find them, he embarks on an epic journey of danger, love, and self-discovery that will take him to places that he’d never imagined possible.

Book Review:
It always seems like something military/war related that brings on the end of the world. In After and Again, we follow the trail of our hero Zack as he attempts to rescue those dearest to him. This book combined several different genres including adventure, romance, and even a western theme to the story, and did so quite nicely. I enjoyed the determination of our hero, and the fact that as the story played out we learned more about the blunders made in the past which helped explain why the world was as it was during Zack's present. One thing I did wish for was maybe more from the point of Zack's 'sidekick' Max. We get one snippet but it leaves me wanting to know more from him and his loyalty to our hero. With an ending that left me wanting to continue the tale, After and Again is a great read that probably has a little bit of something everyone loves. 

Favorite Quotes:
 “You go to hell!” the old man spat.   “Yes yes, if such a place exists, I will surely go there someday.

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