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Series Book Review: The Connected Series by KA Hobbs

The Connected Series
By KA Hobbs

(Book 1)

Sophie and Doug have the perfect life. Both have respectable careers and their relationship is growing stronger every day. With work requiring Doug to travel, they spend many nights apart. Late night calls, feelings of secrets hanging in the air; will their relationship survive a ‘blast from the past’? Hurt, betrayal, love. Will Doug be forced to choose? Can Sophie see past the hurt and give Doug a chance to explain, for her to understand? Is their relationship strong enough to cope with the changes life has in store for them? Will they be able to move forward?

(Book 2)

Life was changing for Sophie and Doug. Their relationship has been tried and tested in ways they never would have imagined. Adapting to how their life was now takes time and patience - a lot of patience. Are Sophie’s dreams of a happily ever after realistic? Could she be the person Doug needed her to be? And can Doug balance life in his new role and maintain his old one? Does love really conquer all? Find out where life takes Doug and Sophie in book two of The Connected Series.

(Book 3)

Release Date: Jan 12 2015

My name is Lauren. You’ve met my daughter, Abigail. She is pretty amazing isn’t she? I want you to understand a little about me, about why I did what I did. I took away Doug’s chance to experience those first few years of his daughters life, but I feel like in doing so, I lost the rest of them. If I could trade those first few years for the rest of her life, I would. In a heartbeat. 
No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I hope I can be forgiven for mine.

My Rating:


Favorite Quote:


“Since our worlds collided, it’s always been you, Sophie.  Every breath, every beat of my heart, it’s all been for you.  Without you, each breath is a struggle, my heart beats that little bit slower.  I need you like I’ve never needed anyone or anything before.”

“The sun, the stars, this place, it all pales in comparison to you.”


“Let’s go have a shower and get into bed, I want to worship you like the Goddess you are.”

“My mum told me soon after she met Doug, that soul mates will eventually run into each other as they have the same hiding places… I guess she was right.”

“God only lets us grow till we are perfect, it doesn’t take as long for some.”

“You are everything I ever want in life.  Your smile makes me smile, and your laugh makes me whole.”


“I’m that little gust of wind you feel when there is no window open, I’m that little shiver up your spine when you’re perfectly warm.  I’m that little drop of rain you feel when the sky is perfectly blue – and the sky will be blue for you today beautiful, but if for some reason it isn’t… It isn’t bad luck, it is all the Angels crying in happiness for you…”

My Review:

Oh swoon, that Doug is a sweet talker and is my newest BBF!  He sounds divine and appears to be multi-talented and more than worth the effort.  This series was my first time reading KA Hobbs and I am her newest, and probably her oldest, fan-girl.  Ms. Hobbs is obviously a talented wordsmith, and I am happy to have stumbled upon her works.  Her writing is entertaining, absorbing, and highly sensual.  I knew I was invested in the story when I found myself losing patience with the female lead – Sophie.  I wanted to smack her more than a few times for her selfish and immature behavior, which had become increasingly tedious… but thankfully she came around and the world was sunny and bright again.  But then… heartbreak and tragedy, and end of part one.  Sigh.  Lucky for me I had book 2 - Assured - to start right away, or I would have been in a world of hurt.   

I tend to avoid reading series until they are complete, as I am too impatient and also a bit forgetful… Knowing these truths, I am happy I took the plunge as I loved this series!  Ms. Hobb's characters are so memorable that I doubt I would have had a problem recalling them by the time the subsequent books arrived.  KA Hobbs is an exceptional writer and has mad skills!  I am enjoyed the storyline as much as the characters.  And there is also the fact that her sensual scenes sizzle and crack, and have me gasping.  And I love to gasp…

Broken was told through letters from a deceased woman, written to explain herself when she knew she was running out of time.  It would be extremely hard to write letters from a dead woman to her child and remaining relatives, and not be at least a little sappy.  Ms.  Hobbs did a good job of keeping the sap to a bearable level.  While it was sad and squeezed the heart, it was also touching, and even quite believable.  I had my doubts going in after being team Doug from reading the first two volumes, although I found myself appreciating Lauren’s sacrifice, and quickly began to care for her as the story unfolded.  

I would love to read more of this series, as far as I am concerned, it could go and on and on...

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About the Author

KA Hobbs lives with her husband in Essex. When she isn’t lost in a book or creating one, she loves to cook, swim and shop. Her happiest times are always when she is surrounded by family and friends. She is a little obsessed with the Tudors and would love to go back to that period in time. 

One day, while watching TV, a scene came to her, completely out of the blue. She could see the scene unfolding, could picture the characters so clearly. She couldn't get to her laptop quick enough and spent hours writing not only that scene, but lots of others too. She will happily admit to being grumpy when she doesn’t get to write, she loves her characters and spending time listening to what they have to say. KA Hobbs is currently working on other books in The Connected Series. Keep up to date with new releases from the connection series on Facebook and Twitter. 

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