Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Review: Pieces of Paisley by Leigh Ann Lunsford


 Paisley Hull fell in love at sixteen; the forever kind of love: unexpected, passionate, consuming - her first. She never thought she could walk away from that kind of passion. Ignoring her heart, guided by her head, she never looked back. Blindsided by the beauty of a tiny, hazel-eyed vixen, Jake Grant fell head over heels in love, vowing to keep her protected and not let his past taint her. He may have been overzealous in his attempts to show her how much he cherished her but he never thought she would walk away without a fight. Nine years later, a now divorced Jake has a chance encounter with an engaged Paisley just a few short weeks before she is set to walk down the aisle. Wondering if they gave up too easily, the two embark on a journey through the jagged edges of their past. Can they overcome the obstacles to finally become one or is it too late for their second chance?



My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

“She holds up her finger signaling for me to give her a minute, and I am about to put my foot so far up her ass she will speak Skecher.” 

“I am not going out and seeing every couple in love and happy because I would want to take dull spoons and dig their eyes out.”

“Those words make me want to jump on him and do naughty things, but walking is really not overrated, and if I did what I wanted I wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow, and it is family night.  I don’t think my step-dad would appreciate me walking in the house bow-legged with a boyfriend who just got off deployment and is hornier than a four-balled tomcat.”


My Review:

Near the beginning of the story, I realized the main character is 16 years old – what?!?  I almost stopped reading as I don’t do YA, but I reminded myself that this is a Leigh Ann Lunsford book, and I loved Leigh Ann Lunsford’s previous works… so I kept reading.  Wow, good thing I did - this is her best work ever!  While reading – I cursed Leigh Ann Lunsford with a clenched fist – she wrecked me.  Her writing is sneaky, emotionally intense, irreverent, real-life, steamy, heartbreaking, thrilling, enthralling, and highly addictive.  She pulled me in and I was under her spell from the beginning.  Her magic caused me to feel the highs and lows of all the characters to a profound degree.  This story was hard to put down and even harder to quit… even when not reading, I continued to mull the story and the dynamic between the characters, as it stayed with me.  And while I don’t do YA and don’t have a full appreciation for angst, I readily admit that I loved this book.  I finished it and have since started another, but find myself still thinking about Paisley, and sighing.  I send both curses and kisses to Leigh Ann Lunsford, she has ruined me.   I will pray to the book gods and will make offerings of my precious kindle chargers if it means that she will keep writing. 

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Leigh Ann Lunsford is a stay at home mom turned author. She writes Romance/New Adult and loves her happily ever after in all books and movies. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs in Fleming Island, Florida. When she isn’t writing or reading you can find her stuck in front of really bad reality shows or watching Sons of Anarchy. Leigh Ann has a filthy mouth and a huge amount of sarcasm that knows no end. She hopes to give the voices in her head an outlet with many more novels to come.

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