Friday, October 31, 2014

Sweet Song of the Siren and Other Stories - William Peskett Review

Book: Sweet Song of the Siren and Other Stories
Author: William Peskett

Book Synopsis:
In his third collection of short stories, Thailand-based author William Peskett introduces us to a murderer who sees himself carved in stone, a writer whose dead wife returns to him through time, a robot community waiting for their saviour, a man who falls in love with part of his own body, a woman dying slowly of dementia and a troupe of wise-cracking monkeys’

Humour and melancholy, comfort and suspense, this collection possesses all of these qualities, sometimes within the same story. Most are set in Thailand and provide insights into the lives of the varied populations of that exotic land; others could have happened anywhere. But what marks them out is the diversity of the storylines, the quality of the writing, and engagement with interesting characters who have something to say.

Book Review:
I found these stories to be very unique. At times I found myself going through the stories yearning to reach the end and to know how they would end. Some of these stories seemed like things that could happen in real life, and others were fantasy that would be interesting if they did happen. It's a mash of different kinds of short stories so you won't get bored, some of them being so interesting I wished they were longer. 

Favorite Quotes:

we don’t always see what we want to see; it’s often what we fear.’

You losers couldn’t shout “help” in English if your dicks were on fire.’

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