Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tectonic - Heidi Hutchinson Review

Series: Double Blind Study
Book: Tectonic
Author: Heidi Hutchinson

Book Review: 
Heidi has done it again. Looking back, I hated Shane in book one, completely and totally wanted him to fall off his snowboard and break his leg or something. By the time book two came around I was warming up to him and now book three has blown away all hostility of Shane and I'm a little sad I didn't claim him from the beginning. With her literary prowess Heidi has constructed a fabulous third installment in the DBS series. I felt for the characters, I felt their joy, their jealousy, their undeniable love, and of course their anger at Harmony (now I want her to break her leg). The character development goes beyond that of which is necessary making the characters very real and believable to me, making me love them all the more. I am going to sit and pretend to patiently wait to get my hands on the next book as I actually march around my house frantically until I get it. 

 Favorite Quotes:
 "'They have complimentary muffins in the common room,' Shane jerked his thumb over his shoulder. 
'He already got those,' Blake said, not standing as well.
 'All of them?' Shane asked.
 'Stop making me sound like a bear, there were only four muffins left,' Harrison said." 

 "Her dad said she drove like traffic laws were more of a guideline"

"'What hurts?'
'My feelings. Why do you keep stealing my chips?'"

"Thats what we do, as humans. We focus on the flaws and think that's all we are. But your faults are so small in comparison to the man you are as a whole."

"But there was always something missing from Harmony. Shane's eyes ran over her, trying to pinpoint what it was. Maybe her soul?"

"We can't make Harrison wait for food or he'll dissolve."

"'Macho bossy?' he asked.
'Yeah, you know, when you get all pushy and demanding and I give in because you're super hot, not because I agree with you. Which for the record, does not bode well for me in the future if we keep this thing going and all that jazz. Either you're gonna have to figure out how to make yourself less attractive, or I'm going to have to fight with you from another room. Why are you laughing at me?"

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