Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Announcement! Announcement! - Nikki

Announcement! Announcement!

So, we all know that Sam just published her first book (so proud of her!), and I’m not sure how many of you are aware, but I’ve been working on my own novel. But, to start this post off, I’m going to buy her book today and enjoy it as soon as my homework is finished (college is a lot of work guys). But, there were a few other things I need to make known.

To start, sorry for my absence. I read quite a few amazing books this summer, but I lacked a laptop, so putting anything up on the blog was hard. Also, last year my posts began to slow as my mother was going through chemo, so I was trying to do a lot more than I used to have to do. I know it is no excuse, but I do want to apologize for my absence.

And now, onto the more fun part of my announcement! I’m working on editing my own book! I’ve had a couple of people read it so far (including Empress DJ). However, I’m still looking for more people to read it and give me thoughts and suggestions. In other words, I need some beta readers. If you’re interested, please email me at authornikkig@gmail.com so that I can email you the PDF or Word version (please let me know which one you would prefer).

Before you make a decision, let me tell you a little bit about the book.

Is it possible to miss someone you’ve never even met? For Ceto Daphne Ambrosia, it is. Living with the knowledge that her parents drowned left her with an emptiness in her heart, but while she does miss them, there’s something more, another void that can’t be filled by two people she never even met. And while her life is quaint, spending her days and nights swimming, she can’t help but feel like something is missing.

That’s when the dreams start. Floating in the ocean, surrounded by a monster. He gives her the answers she’s always needed to the questions she never even knew she had. Her parent’s death wasn’t an accident. They couldn’t have drowned: they were siren royalty, and so is she.

On a mission to regain her rightful place, aided by the boy she has always loved and the one she has always needed, Ceto must see through the lies and stop a seventeen year long war. Can she do it, or will she and her bonded die before getting to know one another?

Also regarding my book, I’m wondering what you’re supposed to do for book covers. I know that just taking a random photo offline is a bad idea, but I also know that not many of them are exactly what I want, so I was looking for artists who would be willing to do the work or if anyone knew of a reputable site I could go to for a custom book cover that is on the cheaper side.

That’s all for my announcement! Again, if anyone has any ideas or would like to be a beta reader, please just shoot me an email!

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