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Learn To Fly- Heidi Hutchinson Review

Series: Double Blind Study
Book: Learn to Fly
Author: Heidi Hutchinson 
Genre: New Adult, Romance

Book Synopsis:
Lenny Evans felt like her life was suffocating her. She would do just about anything to change that, which is how she ended up taking a job that landed her on tour with the biggest rock band in the world. 

The plan was simple: get a job, get out of town, don't get attached. But Lenny has never met anyone like the members of Double Blind Study and they easily adopt her into their makeshift family. Now, Lenny finds herself caring far too deeply for these tattooed misfits, daily bringing them closer and closer to revealing Lenny's true past and everything she's running from. 

Sometimes crashing headlong into the unknown isn't the worst thing

Book Review: 
If you're here looking for an amazing romance novel that will simply blow you away, you've come to the right review. 
I fell in love with this book before I was even 20% in. There was no, I'm hesitant about how much I like this, or oh well I guess it'll pick up later on or I'll understand what the heck is going on later. Nope, none of that. It was pure beauty from the beginning to end, as though the goddess of words had born these words and channeled them onto the page through Heidi. If that's he case then blessed be to the word Goddess because she sure knows what she is doing. If this had nothing supernatural and otherworldly to do with it, then Heidi please be my writing mentor because there is no way I'll be able to compete with something like this when it's time for me to publish my first book. Ok, seriously, now to really review the book. 
The characters were amazing, funny, sweet, sassy, guarded. Alive. It was like I knew them in real life, as though they had become a part of me and I apart of them. I fell in love with the characters more and more as I followed them along, loving every moment and savoring every word and phrase until I turned the last page. The plot was great, throwing two of my favorite things together, romance and music. She didn't muddle them up, drowning one in in the other. No, she brought both of them center stage, allowing them to rock out together. 
I was on my toes for a lot of the book. I thought one thing was going to happen but it didn't, or something completely different happened and I freaked out (I literally freaking out ask my mom I was yelling and waving my hands around like it was no ones business). If there is one thing I love, love LOVE, is being on my toes reading a book. The excitement of discovering new things about our characters, the feelings that ran through me every turn of the page, it was indescribable. 
It isn't a typical music related romance either, throw in some snow, snowboards, the Olympics, the children of Satan (trust when I say you will understand far too well what I mean by that once you read this book), and so much more that I cannot even begin list, and you've picked up Learn To Fly. 

Favorite Quotes:

"She had the kind of beauty that reminded Luke of sunsets and mountain vistas. Natural, wild and dangerous."

"'Sorry he can be pushy with pretty girls.'
'With girls in general.' Blake who was sitting ahead of Lenny, snorted. 
'I resent that,' Sway defended as he sank into Luke's empty chair. 'I have never hit on an ugly girl.' 
'Good job dude, I'm sure that little statement will convince her that you are, in no way, a pig.'"

"The real kicked for him wasn't his physical attraction towards her, though it didn't help matters. Nope, that's not what had him confused and upside down. It was the unpredicted avidity to crack open his chest cavity and show her everything. Invite her to climb inside his mess of a life and add some beauty to it."

"'Sometimes I get scared.' He winked at Mike. 'There could be bears out there.' Forward. 
'Oh yeah,' Mike verified. 'Luke picks up wild animals like nobody's business.'"

"'But I run with a purpose, it's not a fashion show for me. I plan on looking ugly and unkempt.'
'Good, better to scare away the bears.'"

"'Thanks Mama,' Blake hugged her shoulders. 'You made me feel like a man and kicked my ass at the same time.'"

"If I can't have heroin on the bus then the devil sure as hell shouldn't be allowed either."

"'You look like sunshine this morning,' Carl eyed her suspiciously. 'You didn't kill Ashton by any chance did you?'
'Not yet,' she said with a lopsided grin.'
'That woman makes my skin crawl.' Carl took a sip of coffee. 
'Are we sure she's even human? I mean, isn't there a separate classification for pure evil?'"

"'My coffee angel' Car greeted Lenny as she handed him a cup of steaming coffee she had bought with her from the diner. 'I thought you might forget since the plans were a little different.'
'I could never forget you, old man,' she flashed a smile. 'How did it go?' Lenny asked, she'd been slightly concerned for Carl's safety once Ashton found out they had ditched her. 
'I think she put a hex on me.'"

"'I like your spray tan. What shade is that? Overcooked yam?"

"'Geez, ma, you think you got enough pies?' ... 'I hope so,' Kelli answered seriously, eyeballing the tower of pies arranged on a tiered pie stand. 'We ran out last year, you know. It was awful, your father cried'"

"'Sway, you really would screw anything, wouldn't you? You have no standards.' Ashton said with disgust.
'Thats not true' Sway said sweetly, pushing his long stringy hair out of his face. 'I can honestly say that I have never wanted to bag you.'"

"'Pleased to meet you Tyler,' Duke said and then asked, 'what's your mom's name?'

"But rock stars fall in love all the time, she reminded herself. That's how they make such great music."

"Sometimes you have to run away to see if someone is going to chase you."

"'You're an idiot,' Blake said disdainfully. 
'Remember Blake,' Miranda quietly reminded. 'Use the feeling words. I feel...'
'I feel that you're an idiot.'"

"You were minding your own business and she tripped and fell and you caught her with your tongue?"

All in all: 
I could go on and on about how much I am in love with this book and I plan on marrying the entire band (don't you judge me they're all so perfect but Luke is kind of off the market so I have to be content with the others. *Sigh* What is a girl to do? ;) ), but you really have to read it to understand completely. So go but it, not now RIGHT NOW! Fall in love like I did, get lost in the magic, an learn to fly

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