Friday, November 15, 2013

Open Door (the legacy series volume one) - Christine Locke Review

Series: The Legacy Series
Book: Open Door
Author: Christine Locke
Genre: young adult, gothic horror 

Book Synopsis:
Even the most eerie haunting is just a secret, living in a darkened room with open doors, more shunned than unknown. All around it know it well yet wish to live as if they did not. Children whisper, adults hush, and legends grow. Everyone grows up acquainted, everyone learns to hide, and nothing blasts through the hypocrisy like the entrance of an outsider—unless it is the arrival of two of them. 

Carin White, 16 and in need of a summer job, agrees to help Aunt Helen move into her inherited property, Mallace Estate. In the mansion’s sprawling attic, Carin finds a large scrapbook with a familiar photograph. The first step on a perilous journey through dark secrets, meandering passageways, hidden chambers and murderous intentions, Carin’s discovery unveils her personal destiny and its required sacrifices. Mid-way through the story, a terrifying event compels Carin to make choices about who she is and how she will allow her world to see her. 

This novel does not involve vampires, werewolves, or fallen angels; it is a story about magic. An ancient but contained force enlivens Mallace Mansion, so the gothic house is a character in the story. The mansion’s life requires food, so it does occasionally consume a visitor. But such activity is kept to a minimum when a powerful woman controls the Legacy. Is Carin strong enough? Read The Legacy Series and find out.

Book Review:
Open door is the tale of a mysterious legacy that our main character has been on the run from for what seems forever, even if she didn't know it. And even if it's not really the legacy but the people involved she was running from, the same people she should be definitely afraid of. 
Our main character Carin, is quite lovable. She has no desire to cross her mean aunt, just trying to make a buck, making her relatable to a lot of readers. 
The little twists and turns along the way definitely kept me on my toes, and with an ending that threw me so off guard, I couldn't put the book down. You've got your not so nice aunt, an even ruder moving boy (who sounds absolutely nasty but hey this is just me), a mother on the move and a possible Prince Charming? Point me in the direction of book 2 is all I have to tell you. 

Favorite quotes:
"'Oh my gosh mom. You will not believe this.'
'Tell me.'
'Aunt Helen has a thing for the moving guy. For Rafe.
'Hairy armpits and the ice queen?'
'I couldn't make this up.'"

All in all:
I really enjoyed this book. It's not like other books I have read before, originality is always a good thing. Refreshing with lovely characters and great plot I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great read. 

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