Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Against the Odds- Senna Fisher Review

SeriesAgainst the Odds
Book: Against the Odds
Author: Senna Fisher
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Synopsis:
This is Book 1 of the Against the Odds series. Rebecca is finally settled into her mundane life when she accidentally meets Clayton, a brash lawyer who unsettles her world and demands to understand her and her secrets. He wants to know everything about her, but will he handle the truth about who she really is? Will her desire for him allow her to risk keeping a secret that has been in her family for generations?

Book Review:
Romance is in the air, fighting to bloom if only Rebecca will let it. We meet our two lovebirds as they meet one another, Clayton jumping to a bad conclusion about Rebecca. It's love at first sight, even though Rebecca is fighting it. 
What I liked about Rebecca is that she worries. Okay so at times it was annoying, but it made her more real, even if her situation seemed far out there. If she didn't worry, and accepted everything, it'd be a boring story and I wouldn't even finish it. 
I also enjoyed how this is similar and yet different than a lot of romance type stories I have read in the past. The stakes are higher, making it difficult to put the book down. 
However, I did not enjoy he dialogue. To explain this, I mean the way they spoke. The time is probably set present day, but the way they spoke was a little to pompous for me. They said out every word, it was too articulate for me sometimes to get really deep into the book. An aspect  that makes a great book for me is having a deep connection with the characters, and sometimes they just irked me in the way they spoke, that I couldn't really get the connection I wanted. This is not to say I didn't love the book though, I really did.

Favorite Quotes:

"'I love the way they talk with their eyes. It is so intimate.'
'Yes but also very frustrating. When I was a child, I would ask for something, they would 'discuss it' and then turn to me and say 'yes we agree' or 'no not at this time.' I would get so angry because I couldn't argue with their silent discussion. It drove me mad and it would make them laugh.'"

"'George, George, it is really him!'
'Not now woman. I am enjoying my steak. I don't want to think.'"

"Sorry Princess but you were about to be baptized in wine."

"Clayton, my friend here, has a belief that he is normal, but I want to tell you, today, that you are not. And Rebecca, my dear, you have all my sympathy."

All on all: 
I really did enjoy this book, even though the way they spoke was kind if a large turn off for me. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't have finished it. I recommend this for someone looking for a love story with outside forces working against them, greater than probably anything they could imagine. It's a great read, and I'm sure many people will enjoy it too. 

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