Monday, September 2, 2013

The MacKinnon Curse: The Beginning- JA Templeton- Review

Series: MacKinnon Curse
Book: The MacKinnon Curse
Author: JA Templeton
Genre: Fantasy; Young Adult; Romance

Book Synopsis:
Novella written in Ian's POV.

Ian MacKinnon returns to Scotland after two years abroad and discovers the town of Braemar is no longer the safe haven he remembers. As strange events begin to unfold in the forest beyond the castle where he lives, Ian grows more concerned about those he cares about the most…and with good reason.

Book review:
This book is in correlation to the MacKinnon Curse series following the first one, so it's best if you read the first book in the series to really understand. Well, at least in my view anyway.
This book was very insightful in terms of the history behind so much in The Deepest Cut (first book in the series). Templeton does a fantastic job of creating a believable back story, or misplaced love, jealously, and evil. The characters were great, their back stories enhancing prior knowledge to the series. It made me feel like I really knew them. I felt emotions with them, their anxiety, love. It's a short, for those who have read at least the first novel in the series. It may be really great for someone who has not, giving them a sense of whether they will enjoy the series or not. 
All in all, it's a great back story, better than what I could have imagined for Ian, being well written and captivating. 

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