Friday, September 6, 2013

Covers Are Important!

The Cover
     Words from one of my favorite authors, Elle Casey, "The cover draws them in but the story makes them stay". This is absolutely true to me. The cover is pretty much the first thing you will see (unless you get the book from a garage sale and the cover is just non existant so you have to google image it or something but that is way beside the point). Images, have always been used to create feelings inside of us, ideas and so forth, and in the case of the cover of a book there is no exception. The cover does not even need to be something extremely elaborate, with things popping here and there (honestly too much stuff is a major distraction for me), but something simple can be just as eye catching. Covers like those shown below range from simple to stunning in art, but all drew me in with just the cover before I even discovered the name of the work.

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