Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evolution- Kelly Carrero

I just read a really awesome book guys. I read it in a day! This was a really good book that had me hooked. It is called Evolution and it is written by Kelly Carrero.

My Quick Synopsis:
The story follows a girl named Jade Sommers, who has her world turned upside down when she sees a gash in her ear heal up fast right before her eyes. Realizing that something is definitely not right, since everyone was telling her she should have died in what should had been a fatal car crash. Adding to all the craziness going on her best friend gets kidnapped and her mother is running around, avoiding any questions about her best friends disappearance.

Some of the Main Characters:
As I said before this story follows Jade Sommers. Seventeen year old girl who has had her world thrown upside down and realizes that not everything is as it seems. Her boyfriend Aiden Scott is there to help her get through this though, and things are not what it seems to be with him and his family either. He helps her stay strong however, a perfect boyfriend being there for her when she needs him (boys take note). Her mother is running around, and when you do see her she is like a whirl wind of emotions and thought all jumbled up. Her best friend is a lovely girl who sadly goes missing early on and this wracks our protagonists world, sending her into worry and fear over the safety of her friend. We also meet Aiden's siblings, lovely people I would keep an eye open for them ;)

My personal opinion:
I loved this book. I am not being mushy about the awesomeness of this book but stay on your feet when you read this you never know where this will take you. I don't think there was really anything that bothered me about this book but the fact that nosy neighbor didn't come forward about seeing Jade's best friend be kidnapped. The darn woman is too nosy for her own good and if I was Jade that woman would not be too happy with what I would have to tell her.

All together this is an enjoyable book that I think you should if you like something that keeps you guessing and waiting and keeps you thinking. Take a look in the amazon store, I'll post the link for you guys c:
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