Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Ready Set - For The Better (Dedicated to Taylor Swift) Review

      January 25th, The Ready Set released released their song For The Better (Dedicated to Taylor Swift) and as a description it was said that "Every time a celebrity couple breaks up, we all expect them to get torn apart by tabloids, news sites, and everything in between. Of course that can be entertaining for a while, and nobody expects these relationships to last, but I figured I'd go about presenting my thoughts on the notorious Swift/Styles split in a gentlemanly fashion. You see, I am a gentleman my self- a classic type of fellow. You might even find me sporting a monocle at times. That being said, I like to think of this little song as 'melodic commentary'."

      I like this song personally. It's not one of those break up sad songs that you listen to and cry your eyes out because you understand. This is one of those songs that should give you hope on the future for your love. We all know that Taylor has been through quite a few relations and at one point or another we all think she should try and write a song entitled "Maybe I Am The Problem" but hey you know this is one of those personal opinion type of things. She is a gorgeous female who has a lot of ahead of her. If a guy made you cry, don't stress it beautiful. Pick up your head your tiara is falling. She has so much ahead of her and I think she should focus on her and not some guy.
The music industry is probably not the best place to be when you are looking for someone. Taylor is an amazing person and in the end I hope she remembers that at the end of the day she has tons of fans who love her and will show her support no matter what. This isn't someone who is crazy about her music guys this is just my opinion. I like some of her songs I think she has something great waiting for her and she should always remember that.

This song will give you all hope in the bad times where you get your heart broken, if it's broken now it will help you heal it, if one day you get it broken remember this song. I give the Ready Set extreme props for such an amazing song. :D

Later guys!

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