Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kid Dancing At An NBA Game

      If you haven't heard about it by now, at a NBA game in Indianapolis a young elementary kid stole the show by busting some old school moves. I thought it was cutest little video guys! His mother even tried to stop him at one point but no dice mom, your son is a dancing machine! He ends with an adorable arm flourish and has everyone cheering. If I was there I would go and give that little kid a high five and if I was next to him guess who would had been dancing next to him? Me! I would employ that little boy as my mascot if that were me. I mean he is adorable, he can dance, he stole the show and my heart.

     This little boy had his 50 seconds on fame and let's hope that there are more to come. He pelvic thrusted, moved his little hips, it was too much cuteness for my eyes to handle really. This little boy deserves a serious medal for those awesome moves and let's hope when he sees this video in his teenage years he is just as awesome as he was back then. Though we can be sure he will most likely be too embarrassed by this in the future. XD

Later guys :D

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