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Book Review: Kissing Frogs by Kim Deister

Kissing Frogs
by Kim Deister

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs...

To say that Cassidy's love life has been a hot mess would be an understatement. Bad boys have been just that... bad. Love and fairy tale romance? She's over it. But her family won't give it up, so Operation Marry Cassidy is born, throwing one guy after another at her. So Cassidy has kissed a lot of frogs and not one of them turned into a prince.

But when Cassidy agrees to take care of her niece's beloved pet frog, little does she know just how much her life is about to change...

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

To say I was in a dry spell would be an understatement of epic proportions. It was a lot like calling the Sahara “a little bit sandy.”

Life in a convent was once again looking pretty good. Besides, at this point, I was an expert at the celibacy part.

Black boxers with the Jolly Roger all over them. Oh, my God! Is this like the pirate version of Underoos?

 My own grandmother smacked my boyfriend’s ass and had a healthy squeeze, too. Are you really going to deny me this? I should be allowed to drown my sorrows in raspberry turnovers.

The snort that emanated from her was less than ladylike, even worse than my cow-farting noise. She obviously didn't buy my claims of virginity and purity. I felt like I should be offended by her reaction, but it was best to just be amused. One never knew what else would come out of her mouth if challenged.

I didn’t know how it was possible for an intelligent chick to be so stupid, but I did it. When I got nervous, I got dumb and way too outspoken. Neither of these were terribly good survival skills.

My Review:

I absolutely adored 75% of this creative and entertaining storyline that was packed with clever humor, meddlesome family members, a cursed sexy pirate, a murderously enraged fairy, and a once jilted frog-kissing jeweler with abysmal luck with men.  The first half of the book kicked off an inventive and unique tale loaded with amusing and snarky inner musings, humorous descriptions and introductions of the quirky and eccentric characters, clever plot lines, and a sweet and steamy love story.  But the tale took a rather sobering and angsty turn into the complicated rules of fairy lore and magic with a period of tension and turmoil that I was eager to put behind me before it picked back up into a more pleasurable and interesting cat and mouse stage that lead into the final showdown with the scorned magical creature.  I greatly enjoyed Ms. Deister’s clever and inventive plotting as well as her engaging humor and enticing characters.  I look forward to reading many more of her innovative stories. 

 Empress DJ

About the Author

I was born and raised in a tiny town in the wilds of northern New York, a pretty, little college town called Potsdam. I grew up in a family of lawyers and teachers and bucked all the traditions. Before becoming a writer, I spent a lot of years wearing combat boots in the US Army. I spent most of my time in boots working as a Signals Intelligence Analyst (no jokes!) and a linguist. I also worked as a tech writer, an entirely different kind of writing, for Corning Glass Works. Now, I’m an Army wife and a mom to four sons.  Over the years, our Army life has taken us all over the place and I have been lucky enough to work and live in some pretty amazing places.  Now we live in Hawaii, just minutes from the beach!

I am a writer thoroughly in love with words. Reading them, writing them… I love that words can take you outside of your world and let the unimaginable become imaginable. When I’m not writing or lounging on the beach, I’m probably somewhere with my nose in a book

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