Monday, October 9, 2017

Foster An Author - N. Nieto

Author N. Nieto lives in a small town in north Alabama with her husband and 3 kids. She has always had a love for reading since she was a teen. Her love for writing, however, didn’t come until many years later. It all started with a dream that she wrote down and later published as her first novel in 2015. Since then she has published 7 other books and is always working on a new story sometimes multiple stories at once. She always says as long as one person likes her stories she will continue to write.

You can find her on social media and email her. She loves hearing what readers have to say so don’t be shy, message her and say hi.


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Olivia Gregg thought she had it all; a loving boyfriend, loyal friendship, and neighbors that didn’t try to bite her face off… Literally.

When Oliva finds herself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse with her best friend, Willow, she vows to do whatever it takes to keep her alive while they search for their boyfriends. But what happens when Willow no longer needs Liv to survive? Can Liv step back and let Wil take care of herself? Or will Willow’s independence cost them, not only their friendship but possibly their lives?
Read this epic tale of two kick-ass chicks who prove they don’t need a man to save them. They will be doing all the saving and Surviving This Life!

♡Love Remembers 

Ryan Nelson has everything he has ever wanted in life; his dream job, a warm bed to come home to at night and a beautiful fiancé that’s always there waiting for him. But what happens when that all gets taken from him in a blink of an eye? When Ryan is injured at work he loses thirteen years of his memory and leaves his perfect home, job and fiancé to go back to the only place he remembers and the only love he remembers. Will Ryan get his memory back or will he start over and make a new life for himself the way he always imagined, with his high school sweetheart, leaving everything and everyone he grew to love in those missing thirteen years behind?

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Jeremy’s Lies 

Have you ever loved someone with your whole heart? Even when all they seem to do is break it time and time again? Well unfortunately I have and I’m here to tell you it isn’t fun at all.

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Unseen Secrets - Exclusive - New Cover Reveals!

You cried reading Resurrected Secrets,  You were left speechless when Dispirited Heart ended but you will not be prepared for what’s to come in Secrets of A Shattered Heart!

☆With newly added scenes and added heartbreak, you do not want to miss this box set with its gripping tales of love, heartache, and obsession! Only $2.99 for all 3 books!
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 You met Timothy Green in the Unforeseen Secrets Series but you have never seen him like this before.

Catch N. Nieto’s short story, Revealed Secrets in Resolutions – A New Year Anthology to witness the beginning of Timothy’s madness.

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