Monday, October 30, 2017

Book Review, Giveaway: Beyond Reason - Lost Kings MC #9 by Autumn Jones Lake

Title: Beyond Reason: 
Teller's Story Part 2
Series: Lost Kings MC
Author: Autumn Jones Lake
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2017 
Photographer: Meagan Harding
Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs 
Makeup/SPFX Artist: Liv Zak
Cover Model: Jaxon Human

When the most toxic people come disguised as family, who can you trust?
Betrayal by blood cuts the deepest. 
Teller’s found his ride or die girl. The light Charlotte brings to his life has touched the darkest parts of his soul. But a devastating secret from her past resurfaces to threaten their future.
Every truth can be erased with one lie.
When a sinister truth is exposed, it forces Charlotte to question everything about herself. Even whether she’s worthy of Teller’s love.
The darkest betrayals never come from your enemies. 
With Teller’s love roaring louder than the lies, Charlotte can finally put her demons to rest. But has too much damage been done for her to prove her loyalty to the Lost Kings?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

I’ve never feared dying. Not living has always been my biggest fear.

That’s all it is, Charlotte… Talk. They really just like baby-making practice.

Although the patch on the front of her “property of” vest says Queen B. I assume the B stands for bitch. And I don’t think my assumption would offend her one bit.

You give me too much credit. I’m not that deep.

You light up my whole world, Charlotte. You’re the something I was missing and didn’t think I’d ever find. Anything that makes you happy, I want you to have.

My Review:

I have quickly forgiven Ms. Jones Lake for her abandonment and heinous cliffhanger at the end of Beyond Reckless, as she has more than redeemed herself with this deliciously written, deviously plotted, and well-crafted conclusion to Teller’s duet with Beyond Reason.  While I was gleefully entertained by both books, I adored Beyond Reason and the engaging storylines of this complicated couple.  I was staggered by Teller’s sweetness and gentle and thoughtful nature.  Ms. Jones Lake packed her cleverly constructed tale with entertaining banter, clever observational humor, amusing exchanges, cringing-worthy violence, twisted backstories, intriguing and suspenseful story threads, heart-breaking disappointments, and volcanically hot and erotic sensuality.  I particularly enjoyed the visual of the large, foul-mouthed, heavily tatted bikers attending a glitter-filled unicorn-themed birthday party, as well as their willingness to create a fairy wonderland in the woods to set a romantic scene.  I was quite taken with how affectionate and respectful they were of their life partners, sigh, but of course, it was fiction after all ;) 

Empress DJ

White Knuckles ➾
Beyond Reason ➾
Beyond Reckless ➾
Bullets and Bonfires ➾

Autumn was born and raised in Upstate, New York. She spends her free time listening to music, going to concerts and spending time with her family. She enjoys reading, writing, acting and horror movies. Her favorite books are mystery, thrillers, horror, romance, erotica and urban fantasy.


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