Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review: Tell Me Not To Go by Victoria De La O

Tell Me Not To Go


Victoria De La O




Jeff Price is in a long-term relationship rut – nothing a move from Utah to Silicon Valley can’t solve. But when he meets Samantha, his sister’s best friend, his newfound freedom is threatened by their attraction. Headed for med school, and still gun-shy from her last relationship, Sam’s not in the market for love, either. The answer is simple: a ninety-day, no-strings-attached affair. What can possibly go wrong for two people determined not to fall in love?

My Rating:


Favorite Quotes:

I need to find a way to get out of this cafe, but it’s like I’m that girl about to get axed in a horror movie: I’m frozen.  Right now, anyone watching me would be screaming, ‘Run bitch!’  And they’d be right.  But I’m not myself right now.

I am, without a doubt, the good guy.  The one you want to bring home to Mom... But Sam looks at me like I’m the husband that’s going to screw the nanny – like I’m unpredictable and a tad dangerous.  No one has ever looked at me that way before.  It’s so annoying, and so incredibly hot.

I’m pretty sure I attract cheaters, the way an NBA player attracts skanks.

My dad’s version of sex ed was throwing condoms at me when I was sixteen and telling me to use them – every single time.

There is so much sagging flesh.  I know it’s normal.  I know I’m supposed to think it’s beautiful – to appreciate nature.  All I’m thinking about is that I better get my ass to the gym more often, because my clock is ticking and nature is cruel.

My Review:

I adored this cleverly written and delightfully amusing book and smirked, snorted and barked with laughter as I read.  The characters were adorably flawed, endearingly drawn, and smartly written.  This was my first experience reading Victoria De La O’s crafty words, but I hope to make this a habitual exercise.  The storyline was relevant and entertaining with sparkles of humorous and insightful details, witty banter, clever snark, and soul touching observations.  I need more of this in my life! 

Empress DJ

About the Author

Victoria De La O is the award-winning author of the Tell Me romance trilogy and a California native. In between writing books, she hangs out with her family, argues about films, and practices Wonder Woman spins. Get exclusive stories and news via her newsletter:

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