Monday, February 6, 2017

Book Review, Giveaway: The Truth About Love by Anna Bloom

The Truth About Love

by Anna Bloom


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Eve Harris has always had a point to prove: where you come from doesn't matter, it's what you aim for that counts. She has it all planned; find the perfect teaching job, live with her best friend, Cherry, and never get dragged back into the destructive world of her youth.
The last thing she expects is to bump into millionaire heir Cameron Wallis on her last day on campus. Nor is she expecting to discover that when she gives him a chance to win her over he's nothing like the playboy the newspapers paint him to be.
Will Eve be able to let go of her judgments and embrace a spontaneous affair with Cam that isn't part of her plan? Or will the constraints from both their families prevent Cam and Eve from discovering The Truth About Love?
The Truth About Love Vol.I is the first novella in a serial About finding love even when you're least expecting it.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

The truth is I’m tired.  Job placement nearly killed me.  I feel like a thread of cotton that’s been worried and pulled at until only the finest, weakest fiber is left.  I’m that fiber, barely there.

Cherry got to go to some quaint little village school for her placement.  She came back glowing, and possibly ten pounds heavier.  ‘It was the cakes in the staff room,’ she keeps telling me.  Bloody cakes, the only thing they had in the staff room at my school were painkillers, wine, and child restraint manuals.

Cam gives another shrug and takes a sip of his coffee.  I mirror his action and take a deep sip of my own.  ‘My God, that’s delicious.’  I practically wet my pants it tastes that good.

My Review:

Gah – cliffhanger – I seem to be cursed with these vile and devilish connivances of late.  They should be outlawed immediately!   But other than a nastily abrupt ending, the story was a quick and delightfully amusing tale about a socially awkward new college graduate meeting the son of wealthy socialites and contemplating a possible relationship, as impossible as that seemed to her.  The writing was easy to follow, humorous, and entertaining with likable characters and a relevant storyline.  

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Anna is also hosting a giveaway on her author page to win an ebook and signed paperback of your choice -

About the Author

A book hoarder by heart Anna Bloom loves to write extraordinary stories about real love. Based south of London with her husband, three children and a dog with a beard, Anna likes to connect with readers, fangirl over her favorite authors and binge watch Supernatural while drinking lots of wine.

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