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Book Review: Tainted By Love by Gillian Jones

Title: Tainted By Love
Author: Gillian Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Womens Fiction
Release Date: February 13, 2017



My name is Hendrix Hills. When I was twenty-nine, I fell in love with a girl. We loved fast. We loved hard. But our love was tainted.
My name is Trinity Adams. When I was twenty-seven, I fell in love with a boy. We loved fast. We loved hard. It’s too bad my blood was tainted. Warning: Not your traditional HEA. May contain emotional triggers for some. There will be things that you won't like and some you will, but I hope you have fun finding out!

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My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

That’s the thing I hate the most. Pity. Never, ever, pity me. I’m a survivor. I am living. And all I want is to be seen – I want people to see me, not just see what they will soon discover resides in my blood.

I think Tillie’s onto me and my tardiness. She asked me to pick up a few bottles of wine, so I knew I had to get her early, being the one in charge of the most coveted goods in all of Thanksgivingland.

Listen, I’m in the mood for a little Bearded Burglar… Are you saying I’m too old to speak like that? I better stop listening to my young hires at the salon, they’re corrupting me. Here I thought I was becoming cool again. They told me I could pull it off.

Easy there, Life Coach, we haven’t even had a full date yet. You can tuck the Save the Date cards back into your breast pocket.

She is totally your kid. She pounded it back. You’d think it was a hamburger, or a bottle of red wine…

My Review:

Gillian Jones broke my heart. I am gutted but I am willing to forgive her as I am in complete awe of her mad skills and drawn to her magical word powers. I love her style. I adored Ms. Jones’ Pub Fiction series and admire her feisty heroines and vibrant characters. Trinity is no exception as she provides a strong and sassy leading lady for Tainted By Love. But Hendrix holds my heart and has taken the throne of the perfect Book Boyfriend. These alluring characters were endearing, appealing, and oh so sweet together. I fully appreciated the thoughtful and considerate education I received in regards to Trinity’s illness and the challenges it presented. I gleaned a treasure trove of new and valuable information without feeling schooled. The storyline was relevant, thought-provoking, emotive, engaging, humorous, steamy, and packed with amusing banter and corny puns. I will forever recall this heart-squeezing couple every time I see or hear of a tire iron; my brain has been indelibly branded with this association - and I am totally cool with that.

Empress DJ

About The Author
Gillian Jones

I'm a wife, mother, and a crazy Canadian, living in Ontario with the loves of my life-my amazing hubby and sweetest little boy. I'm admittedly addicted to my friends, red wine, and laughter. A lover of alpha males, hot sex, coupled with the perfect side of angst all topped off with the epic happily ever after.

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